13 August 2011 - London, UK

Discussion in 'Europe' started by A-non-non-anon, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Right.

    Given the almighty clusterfuck that was this month's voting, it's time for something different.

    The MegaRaid date is set in stone, which is giving people a chance to plan ahead.

    13th August is a Second Saturday, just like we used to; the logic is that with a marker put down now, it gives people two months to sort their stuff out, set up their rotas, buy cheap advance travel tickets, arrange day passes from their nuthouses, or whatever.

    The MegaRaid is going to be awesome; Let's keep the momentum going afterwards.
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  2. I second this. The voting has become cancerous and is hurting both our numbers and ability to be awesome.

    London August 2011 - Planning Thread

    11am - 12:30-1pm - Scientology H.Q Queen Victoria Street

    * 146 Queen Victoria Street, london - Google Maps

    Nearest Tube station is Blackfriars BUT BLACKFRIARS IS CLOSED UNTIL DEC 2011. Anons should go to St Paul's which is on the Central Line and walk down.

    12:30-1pm – 4-5pm - Dianetics Centre Tottenham Court Road

    * 68 Tottenham Court Road, London - Google Maps

    Anons will be traveling en mass to this location, getting off at TCR Tube station.

    Police prefer people to get off at TCR and walk up, or if you don't want to walk then Goodge Street Station, on the Northern Line, is right opposite the protest area. Check Transport for London for transport directions and information.
  3. afternon Member

    Sometimes a leaderless, shambolic thing such as Anon needs leadership!
  4. Anonymous Member

    Do what Manc does and have one every 2nd sat or something?
  5. Which is how it always used to be, before this votefaggotry started.
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  6. garlic Member

    Glad we sorted this out... so we wont go through the faggotry of this month happening too soon.
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  7. novu Member

    That's a shame, I've enjoyed coming down to London to raid for the last few months...
  8. You could just get your lot to move their raid week occasionally.
    After all, that’s how all this vote faggotry got started. Us making exceptions for you guys.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Mansion House on the District/Circle lines is also nearby.

  10. Anonymous Member


    Just like the Commonwealth Games, Manchester fucks everything up for everyone.
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  11. Magnonymous Member

    London could do third Saturdays. for raids...then Mankyfagz could come doon sarf on 3rd saturdays and if Lolfagz want to they could go oop north on 2nd saturdays?

    Meh, whatever...I dun really give a shit. Jus be fun to to get on the peace pipe with Novu again. lol
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  12. Didnt we all ready have a megaraid?
  13. Galanon Member

    We did. this is back to the regular monthly business. Also moar. You should lurk it.
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  14. Perikles Member

  15. WhiteNight Member

  16. so we going to this?
  17. so how many anons are coming?
  18. Likely few enough, you will not have enough places to hide.
  19. Perikles Member


    Edit: Being thoroughly retarded, could someone who knows how to mass invite set up a little convo, a la July? A few bits and pieces need discussion privately. Well, just one really, but as long as Trap doesn't know, all is fine.
  20. I can setup said convo in a bit. Just finished preparing a big bowl of rice and chopped sausage first though.
  21. Perikles Member

    Obiviously an invite would be nice...
  22. Oh, well you never said /you/ wanted to be a part of the conversation.
  23. Perikles Member

    I thought that was kinda implied...
  24. Mod Edit: Deleted link as the page no longer exists. Boy, please consult London anons before initiating events. Feel free to contact me or another mod if you are experiencing difficulties.
  25. cfanon Member

    Is it bad that I'm slightly turned on by how condescending that is?
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  26. Grimlock Member

  27. Shame that this is the day I'm going on holiday. Oh well, I'll be at the next one.
  28. Is it bad I'm turned on by how turned on you are by how condescending that is?
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  29. cfanon Member

    Yes :p
  30. Profanity Member

    Is it bad that I'm by how turned on you are by how turned on byasdfghjkl; fuck it.
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  31. Dragononymous Member

    I like your style
  32. cfanon Member

    When profanity gets confused, she always resorts to that.
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  33. Grimlock Member

    And that doesn't take much
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  34. Dragononymous Member

    What happens when she confuses someone else?
  35. cfanon Member

    True. Remember that one time with the dwarf, clam and snooker que?
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  36. cfanon Member

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  37. Dragononymous Member

    This has nothing to with our beloved zero or Profanity actually..
  38. I'm now intrigued and frightened.
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  39. Anonymous Member

  40. Namenlos Member

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