13 August 2011 - London, UK

Discussion in 'Europe' started by A-non-non-anon, Jun 19, 2011.

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  1. novu Member

    There has to be a better solution than having the only 2 English monthly protests take place on the same day!
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  2. I'm all up for different days. But why cannot manc maybe move their raid for a change?
  3. Anonymous Member

    In 2008, the raids were on the same day worldwide. That's why.

    Half the problem with the recent votefail was Mancunians skewing the vote with false promises of coming down, leaving Loldoners unable to attend.

    Whatever happens, regularity of schedule is vital. Argue amongst yourselves re: September.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    In 2008 there were a lot more people.
    Not saying you shouldn't have a schedule, in fact I think it'd be great if you did, just think it'd be better if it was a day separate from mancfags.
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  5. Grimlock Member

    It would shut down more days for the scilons therefore affecting stats more. Just sayin
  6. This month I could only make the 27th but I'm not too bothered. I'll definitely attend any date on September though, providing nothing affects the trains too severely.
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  7. SeenTheLight Member

  8. Ohhhh.... Always wanted to work in a book shop.
    Sign me right up ^^
  9. Dragononymous Member

    Why not move the Manc Scilon base to London, like... right next to it?
    that would fix the problem...
  10. cthulhu*
  11. Profanity Member

    Edit button. It's your friend.
  12. *sighs* Darned newfags, they don't make em like they used to.
  13. cfanon Member

    Device has been modified.

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  14. Dragononymous Member

  15. No it's not. It was designed by the system RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE hippie bullshit RABBLE RABBLE what is the plan bullshit RABBLE government illuminati bullshit RABABABABABABABABLE RABLE RABABABLE RABLE stealing anonymous's ideas RABBLE 12 year olds thinking their taking on the government bullshit what is the pln RABABABABABABABLE RABBLE RABBLE
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  16. Does anybody else think he looks like the mental guy that can't talk properly out of those shitty police academy movies?
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  17. Cool Story Bro
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  18. If you'd like to know more on this story, ask a twatty witp fag
  19. roomful.jpeg
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  20. There's a 12 year old witp hippy wannabe just out of shot.
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  21. Anonymous Member

  22. Why are you getting so buthurt about them?
  23. I like to pretend to care about things that don't matter, see LONDON CALLOUT! thread for examples.
  24. SwordofTruth Member

    I'm sure if you were around in the 90's you would, streaming is your friend now.
  25. Namenlos Member

    Aww shit, can't make it this month :C
  26. You're just repeating what I said. Report to ethics immediately.
  27. Perikles Member

    Yay! So it'll be three of us!
  28. You've said that a lot recently.
    Are you sure you didn't get lost one morning and accidentally sign up for service with the wrong army?
  29. Nah, I'm from the GO and it's my job to pretend to be one of you to get y'all an unspecified amount of prison raep.
  30. Well, at least your honest.
  31. Wut?

    Imma be there, you best be there too.
  32. WhiteNight Member

    I'll be there faggots. Probably.
    Mag / Novu, you gonna be there? You know why I'm asking.
  33. I'm a be there. And I'll be wearing my raep face. So unless you want to fend me off alone. You best bring buddies.
  34. come_at_me_bro_sis.jpg
  35. Warning: this video contains singing of a very poor quality.

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