13 August 2011 - London, UK

Discussion in 'Europe' started by A-non-non-anon, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Stop spamming that shitty vid everywhere.

    Ladies and gentlemen, considering the current climate in London are you sure that it's wise to hit the streets wearing masks? Perhaps delay 1 week? Your call, just pointing out that the police will NOT have a sense of humour.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Stop being a paranoid android for one day in your life STC
  3. Anonymous Member

    Have you considered a tour of duty with the planfags?
    They seem much more you style.
  4. I hate the planfags. I assure you I am serious, but my videos are not.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Wasn't STC.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Shit joke of the week: We'll STC about that.

    Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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  7. afternon Member

    OK, posting in public thread..

    Anyone think we may just need to modify our raid a wee bit in light of the rioting throughout London right now?
    Can someone check with our police liason about it?

    I've been in a demo that turned into a riot and believe me, it's bloody scary and riot cops generally get so hyped up they clobber the least fit person who is slow to run away!
  8. As the fastest member of loldon anon... This sacrificing of the week, does not bother me... On an unrelated note, anybody know if bluebell is still coming along these days?

    I have no idea.... Are people really making a mess, or am I just being trolled? Still not sure what to believe.
    I still want to raid, because I'm lonely and need my monthly dose of social contact to remain sane.
  9. afternon Member

    I can't believe you put that in a public thread!

    Well, Anons wishing to raid this Sat could alternatively meet for a few drinks, or follow the formula as per normal- with police consent, it'd be stupid not to confirm raid OK with cops at the moment..unless you really like the pain of repeated baton blows.
  10. Spangly Member

    I do not know who our Met Police liaison is.

    I'm not sure if anyone else has been doing contacting of the City Of London Police recently, as I've been kinda failing to do that during my period of not-raiding.

    I will contact the City Of London Police and ask if they have any particular input/advice that I should pass on to you guys.

    If nobody else quickly comes forward as having contacted the Met Police, then I will find a suitable general-purpose "contact the Met" email address or phone number and make similar contact with them.

    My personal opinion - albeit as someone who won't be attending either way - is that we should bump it back a week to give shit time to settle. Not because "we would/might encounter trouble", but just as a matter of tact-and-diplomacy towards the General Public. (Who are, after all, the ones we're trying to win over.)
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  11. Which bit of that post was unbelivable?
    I don't understand... Was being serious.
  12. Spangly Member

    OK, email sent to my usual contact at the City Of London Police requesting their input (but reminding that I am not leaderfag and therefore I can't "cancel" anything - just play messenger).
  13. greebly Member

    Did you speak to them then? or just another random "anon" post in respect to the spam in the riot thread.
  14. greebly Member

    Making a mess? your trolling right?
    Families homeless with no possesions or food.
    Children scared out of thier wits when their dad isn't home yet.

    Off to help clean up and/or help get some of these thugs IDed

    Good luck
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  15. afternon Member

    The bit about being're opening yourself up to all kinds of faggotry- especially giving OSA a "button"..
    (Hia OSA- how are those pesky body thetans?!)
  16. ok, greebly.
    Am not trolling. Your uncharacteristicly passive agressive response makes me have a sad though :(

    I'm a long way from london.... And I have bigger issues on my mind, then wasting my time keeping up with the eternally tedius current events that emminate waves of boredom from your little corner of the planet.

    I had no idea anything was happening at all, till Bifur starts cryptically laughing about burning cars on irc yesterday. And frankly, have not cared to do any further investigation beyond what details anons I have been speaking to have mentioned themselves.

    Because if anything major happened.... I figured somebody would see fit, to take the time to interrupt what I was doing and explain to me personally.
  17. Only our lord Miscavige could know the answer to that.
  18. You really are getting quite boring now
  19. That's a side affect from Ubermans.
  20. Anonymous Member

  21. ^ This

    Examplechanology.... Really is displaying excellent tallent as a troll here
    He puts out a smooth over-enfusiastic newfaggy persona. That glides over your tongue like the pubic mons of a 6 year old. While having the perfect consistency, to slowly wear you down. While maintaining an absence of anything offensive, or considered troll bait if you were to analyze any single posting individually.
    Yet, after eating your fill of his cherry scented posterior. Your left with an overly sweet and irritating aftertaste. That just leaves you wanting to clean out your ass with a soggy hedgehog.

    Overall I give him a well deserved 8.9/10.
    Will gladly be trolled by again.
  22. AnonLover Member

    Here's wishing UKfags well this weekend... and hoping all the riots & shi- has no unexpected impact on u guise <3
  23. That's what I was going for.
  24. And now a word from my sponsers at Pfizer...
  25. You realise that the only people who would willingly play that video are currently in a mental institution. Them and Xenu, may he live long and prosper.
  26. greebly Member

    eternally tedius current events

    Lurk moar

    Manchester today this time

    I am now taking ownership of the title "Passive Agressive" thx trap I'll remember that one.
  27. I've been in a few mental institutions... Lovely places.
    Everybody is so friendly. Apart from one crazy woman I trolled to the point where she finally exploded and flung the contents of a few of freshly boiled kettles at the nearest people to the room she had boiled them in.
    Oh, and the old codger who used to scream for attention all day everyday... Till I delt with her.

    The hide and seek is excellent too.... They have people who's job it is to check up on your every 15mins to make sure your not trying to hang yourself or anything.... It's great if you can evade them for a few hours... It sends them absoultely ditzy.
    Hacking opportunities abound.... Even in a locked down environment like that.. There are still opportunities to reign digital chaos upon the facility.
    Sitting by crazy people and whispering commands to them can have hilarious consequences.

    I think I also gained a Steam Achivement. After the time I was kicked out of one for bad behaviour and sent home. When I was supposed to be there under section.

    The drugs they decide you need suck though and make you want to read the daily mail.
    And the come down effects during the following month it takes to wean yourself off them again after getting home really bites.

    But I guess you win some and you loose some.
  28. Aw, I fail at judging effect and tone online.
    Hope your just having a bad day, and your not mad at me now.

    I still <3 ya anyway
  29. What do you know of my kettle-boiling abilities?
  30. If we postpone, I can't make it.

    Yet another example of these Looterfags fucking things up - We'll file that alongside CAUSING THE TEMPORARY CLOSURE OF EVERY NANDO'S IN LONDON on the "list of reasons I want to see every single one of them dying a long, slow, painful death impaled on the end of Trap's knifepole"

    My big question: If we delay till the 20th, will Manchester come down? If so, excellent, and let's Make It So. Needs of the many, and all that.
  31. If we delay this month. No, manchester will almost certainly not come down. Because they were earlier debating delaying their own if things do not improve sharpish.
  32. Hmmm.

    Greebs, Spang, any word from plod?
  33. WhiteNight Member

    Sign on the front of Subway's door:
  34. Dragononymous Member

  35. greebly Member

    No i have not spoken to any yet in regards to this protest.

    I've been busy with "eternally tedius current events" that have affected many friends, family and colleagues as Trap so eloquently put it.

    I will talk to them tomorrow also about the dox that were released on 1st aug at the national archive.

    and now this dragon is posting here too?
  36. Chill dude.
    I think you mis-understood me.
    No idea what's rattled your cage unless you feel like sharing.
    But "eternally tedius current events" Was in reference to following the general non-news and pointless theatrics of england in general.... And by this I mean the usual spiel of screwing the disabled and which party politician screwed who last week junk.
    It was in no way a reference to what ever you have going on in your own life right now. And definitily not any kind of attack against you... I find you far too much of a friendly, likeable guy to want to troll you about anything ^^

    Sorry, but which ever nerve I have trodden on tonight. It was unintentional.
    But please, snarky comments is just demoralising.

    Can we be friends again now please? :3
  37. Namenlos Member

    You should watch the news once in a while, Trap, it's pretty big news :|
    P.S How would I know you didn't know about important shiz like this? It's not just in London, it's spreading all over the place.
    /srs face
  38. WhiteNight Member

    Aluminium basebat bat sales were up 6000% on and Riot gear was in it's best sellers list. Shop keepers are forming gangs and protecting their shops. Thing is, last night in Birmingham some Asian shop keepers did that and so a guy drove his car into them and killed 3 of them. So he and his mates could loot the place.
    This is indeed srs bns

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