13 August 2011 - London, UK

Discussion in 'Europe' started by A-non-non-anon, Jun 19, 2011.

  1. afternon Member

    I be also a bit confused... I'm guessing greebly is talking about doxing the rioters...?
    I dearly want to locate the vulture ministers, I'd be equally happy to don the V mask and help clear up- and see how the cult try to spin that into how awful these Anon SPs are!
  2. oic.
    That makes more sense.
    I'm sat around doing nothing important now. So just shout if anything happens that could use an extra mask or set of hands.
  3. Always good to see you with us
  4. Orson Member

  5. Orson Member

    As it involves this cell, it is appropriate to note here that this thread (quoted above) was requested to be deleted. In the thread, I asked for feedback if it should be deleted and received these replies:

    Based on this feedback, the premature 9/10 planning thread has now been deleted. If anyone disagrees with this decision, please let me know via conversation (pm). Thanks.
  6. I'd join you but I'm on my holzzzzzzzzzz for a week starting tommorow. Anything on the 21st or later and I'll do my best to make it down.
  7. Hitler Bear Member

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  8. Yeah, but you're just saying that because you're a psychiatrist.
  9. Need money. Now willing to sell used undies for £30/pair.
  10. afternon Member

    You say that in a way that suggests psychiatrists are must know that God is a psych, surely?
  11. Praise Xenu!!!
  12. afternon Member

    Xenu was an implant, he never existed, a bit like those volcanoes 75 million years ago!
  13. :(
  14. cfanon Member

    I feel that I haven't fagged up your thread enough. Sorry guys, I've been slacking.

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