26 Page New Yorker article about Paul Haggis and scientology Possible FBI investigation

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Triumph Member

    ^^^mnql1- you glorious bilingual bastard!

    worth watching twice!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    The document that you see on this page has the answer you see, from a spokesman for the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Click the highlighted sections of the document.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ lol!
    well everyone knows the pyschs were responsible for 9/11

  6. “the injuries that he (LRH) handled by the use of Dianetics procedures were never handled, because they were injuries that never existed; therefore, Dianetics is based on a lie; therefore, Scientology is based on a lie.” Tommy Davis

    Tommy is doing a great job!

    Read more
  7. BigBeard Member

    Okay, 'stars' for subsequent awards of the PH in the Navy it is. Which means the shore story about the DD214 being 'sheep dipped' is bogus, as anyone in a position to do it would know the correct information to use. What it looks like is someone saw an award with an oak leaf cluster, thought it looked like palm leaf and used that terminology instead of the correct 'star' or 'oak leaf cluster'.

    So it looks like the Tommy boy should be awarded a "Face Palm with Cluster F*ck" for pushing the Cof$'s supposedly "real" DD214 on the New Yorker so hard!

  8. Anonymous Member

    Of course it's only rumors, but there was some talk that TD blew a while back. He has to be experiencing a lot of cognitive dissonance about now. Maybe the statement to the New Yorker was one of those accidentally truthful slips of the tongue. I hope for his sake that he listens to his true feelings. He's fun to mock and I don't excuse his misdeeds but at heart I feel pretty sorry for anyone in that position--indoctrinated, threatened, undoubtedly under pressure from family and probably held in some contempt by all sides. Bottom line, he is what he does.
  9. Interrobanger Member

    Tommy Davis' quote was very powerful as is. You undermine your own position by cheaply clipping off the "if" and pretending the quote was a declarative instead of a hypothetical statement. The truth will bury Scientology. Stop muddying the waters with pseudo-quotes presented out of context.
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  10. Orson Member

    Yeah, that's the lulz right there.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    I agree. Let's not give scilons opportunities to point out how we twist their words...
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  12. Triumph Member

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  13. Cheappassion Member

    Ok, this report clearly mentions that JT has "...reacted in horror."
    That would be relevant to my interest...Can't find any dox.
  14. Tommy Davis is probably the kind of person who believes whatever he thinks is in his best interests, as long as he remains a Scientologist and their spokesperson it is in his best interest to believe and promote that LRH is a war hero who was injured in combat.
  15. MaidOfWin Member

    ALL OF THE PUBLIC was talking about this article at our raid today. Probs a side effect of protesting in the Yuppie Central of Washington DC, but oh my god. EVERYBODY read it. Including the blind guy. This was huge.
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  16. Triumph Member

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  17. Anonymous Member

    I believe this is in reference to Travolta being horrified that Haggis sent out his letter stating he was done with Scientology.
  18. Triumph Member

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  19. TinyDancer Member

    Tommy Davis and the Thunderdome.

    Welcome to my world.
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  20. Miranda Member

    I'm sorry, TD. I repent, O role model.
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  23. RightOn Member

    oh shi! forgot about the Thunderdome
    How about changing your initinals to HP then?
    Hiney Pancer?
    Winey Lancer?
    ok I will stop
  24. CarltonBANKS Member

    What's fascinating is that the Daily Mail (UK) deleted the allegations of inurement
  25. CarltonBANKS Member

  26. Smurf Member

    Tom enjoys the power & notoriety of his position & status and is almost willing to do anything to maintain it.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Reckon you could suggest a few "positions" for him to maintain, Smurf? ;)
  28. TinyDancer Member

    My guess is Tom Cruise no likey.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Scientology on Wikipedia.
    Has it been updated with the FBI investigation news?
  30. Anon1942 Member

    I believe the palm for the Purple Heart is for stubing your toe in the invasion of Clearwater. Or maybe for shooting your foot while shelling Mexico.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    or goofing the floof
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  32. Sponge Member

    By jove you're right sir, "inurement" has been disappeared! Did they partly cave in to threatening legal letters or did they just revise it because the average Daily Fail reader won't even know what "inurement" means? ;)
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  33. tikk Member

    If the original article suggested that the FBI was investigating Scientology for inurement, it would've just been incorrect; such an investigation would fall to the IRS.
  34. OTBT Member

    Something about urine, right?
  35. Sponge Member

    For context, here's that bit of the original, with the paragraphs immediately before and after it included.....
    (just to save people scrolling back to find the original)
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  36. Sponge Member

    Yes. DM pissing his incontinence pantaloons. Hope he's got his bicycle clips on. Could get messy.
  37. Squirrel King Member

    Palms are known on some medals such as the Croix de Guerre.
  38. CarltonBANKS Member

    I would imagine a Carter-Ruck Legal threat persuaded them to amend the article.

    Carrying over discussion to this thread also
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