26 Page New Yorker article about Paul Haggis and scientology Possible FBI investigation

Discussion in 'Media' started by Anonymous, Nov 26, 2010.

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    This shit is now on Slashdot. Millions of hits a day.
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    Even if you don't want to read the rest of it, read about the FBI investigation parts near the end. Hey Scientology PI and OSA staff. Remember when you were told that it would be in your interest to get out and start talking to the FBI, cut a deal for information? That window is closing fast. Once it has closed, you will be prosecuted along with the leaders. Think about it.
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    The New Republic
    And Now, A Word From The Legal Department Of The New Yorker
    by Johnathan Chait
    read more here
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    whoa whoa whoa I missed this when reading the article the first time
    That seems so easily provable or disprovable and another of what appears to be a "core" statement by scientology. i.e. disprove that and it's just (another) reason scientology is a fraudulent sham.

    thoughts ... have ... mass? what the fuckkkkkkkk those idiots
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    "he shaded his presentation" means "he displayed verified official original documents with comments from named experts"

    as opposed to "provided a copy of a document which was declared (again, by named experts) to be a forgery, and provided as further proof an unnamed 'military expert' who could not be reached by the New Yorker"

    yeah whatever, try again when lrh cock isn't on your mind 24/7 marty
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    Scobee lays the smack down:
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    She is sassy, in a good way. Yup!
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    As with the Republic of Vietnam Gallantry Award I mentioned, the 'palm' for the Croix de Guerre indicates the level (Army, Corp, etc.) from which the award originated. It's not to indicate a subsequent award.

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    Makes sense. Would a palm to indicate a unit award ever be given in the USN?
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    Depends on how "thought" is defined.
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    No, a unit award would be a medal and/or ribbon with subsequent awards indicated by a 'star' or 'oak leaf' depending on the branch of service. The palm, for those awards that have one associated with it, indicates the level the recommendation for the award came from. Not that it's a unit award.

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    You’ve been reporting and writing for 40 years now. Obviously, you always have the standard of truth to bear as a nonfiction writer, but can you recall another piece that you knew in advance would be as dissected and subject to potential legal action as this one?
    No, this is unique in terms of the care we had to take in order to walk this very thorny legal path. You can see that the piece is beset with legal disclaimers, and we have innumerable legal letters from the Scientology lawyers and other people that figure into the story. All of those things had to be very carefully taken into account and gauged in terms of the liability that each word in the article might incur.
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    Sounds like the writing of this article could be a book in itself.
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    I think the Venusian freight train container load of dox that was dumped in front of him by Tommy Davis prettymuch guaranteed that there would be a book's worth in it.
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    The NOI response to the latest news.
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    The NOI?
  23. Triumph Member

    Nation of Islam/Louis Farrakhan

    their drinking the Scientology Kool-Aid
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    Good stuff here.

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    Just relax; don't fight it. The more you Wiggle and Squirm, the more it Hurts.

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    I'm sure that both sides were recording the whole time. It would be nice to get the audio/video footage.
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    I really really want the audio and/or video(w/audio) of this quote from Tommy Davis:

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    wait, wait wait wait, don't scientologist claim he was a medical doctor? or at least he called himself one... if so wouldn't tommy be calling him dr. hubbard?
  29. exOT8Michael Member

    No there was never a medical doctor claim, but he did use a ruse once to get access to a restricted library by paying 2 students to pass by the librarian and saying "Hello Doctor" to Hubbard who was standing there. LULZ but typical fake Hubbardism.
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    well there was that fake doctrine he gave himself when he owned that sequoia university diploma mill
  31. "Dr." Hubbard claimed to have cured himself of blindness and paralysis suffered during his self-declared, highly decorated heroic WWII military carreer (12 of 16 medals were bogus) using his Dianetics discoveries as I recall............. either that or Dianetics and Scientology were all based on lies from a fraud according to Tommy Davis.........

    Hubbard was not a medical Doctor but he did indeed purchase a phony doctorate in Philosophy froma diploma mill for a couple hundred bucks, the discredited Sequoia University.

    He`also may have spent many nights at a Holiday Inn Express.

    The good "Dr." L. Ron Hubbard dropped the Dr. title from his name after this con was exposed.

    He was not a nuclear physicist as he claimed also, if he simply claimed to be a fraud who wrote brutal controlling policies, he would have been right for once.

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Fraud
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    Actually, Hubbard purchased the diploma mill for a couple hundred bucks.
    They threw in the degree for no extra charge.

    Actually, cocks.

  33. exOT8Michael Member

    Fake doctorate was not medical.

    He was not a nuclear scientist either.

    LaFAILyette Ron Hubbard was a con man.
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    he also claimed to be a civil engineer and an educator.
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    We claim that he was a con man, a fraud, a misogynist, a hater, a criminal, sociopath, slave driver and an uncaring bastard.
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    Pill poppin', rum swiggin', wife beatin', friend cheatin', check bouncin', ass wobblin, race hatin', goat bombin', homophobic, coke sniffin', chain smokin', salad quizzin', warrant dodgin', no good conman.
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    Hubbard didn't own Sequoia. That was a conclusion of the UK investigation in the 60s which was later shown not to be true.
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    with two left feet
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    Your .gif just hypnerdized me. LOL

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