A Guide for Anonymity Against Your Tyrants

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Jan 26, 2011.

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    With Egypt flipping its shit and trying to follow Tunisia, this is a sign of more to come and how more countries will stand up against their rulers with the idea of freedom in their mind. The freedom they have experienced while logged online. Let us help them continue to connect to the free flow of information and avoid surveillance. I propose a new minimalistic yet concise guide for people who need anonymity to protect their life. This should include every leak of privacy one can encounter online. I'll begin with a starting list:
    -Tor and free, safe VPNs
    -Changing user-string agents
    -Eliminating EXIF data before sharing photos
    -A list of internet tracks to delete/survey (i.e. cookies, flash cookes (LSO), browsing history, download history, auto-fills, saved passwords)
    -A short briefing on how to make unrelated user names and strong passwords and security Q&As
    -A short briefing on how to avoid scams. (basically saying don't trust random individuals that asks for money, no matter how legit they seem)

    I hope to see this list grow! It would be a good start for a definitive guide. This would be translated to thousands of languages so anyone can have access to this information. I know there are already countless guides for anonymity but a lot are outdated and this would be a good spot for a centralized guide.
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    Maybe a centralized info page with the Google Translate drop-down API to view in every language.

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