A. J. Delgado article: 'Crying Rape Is there really a rape epidemic? Probably not.'

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by System, May 21, 2014.

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    Nah, what we are seeing here is that the understanding of what constitutes rape has changed through the years. The same has the willingness to report rape, and the visibility of those rape reports. Imagine how far Jane doe of Steubenville would have come with her story just 10 years ago. Go back 50 years, and someone would need a black eye and torn clothing to be able to claim rape. People probably don't rape any more (or less) today, it's just that it is now reported and we get to hear about it.

    Which is a good thing, off-course.
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  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    'Had her wallet stolen' for rape and re read It
  4. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    For good reason, it is hard to forget Amy — a reminder that, to the extent some in our society remain skeptical of stolen wallet claims, women themselves bear a share of the blame. After all, for every legitimate, actual stolen wallet claim there may be another that was not: a girl who cried stolen wallet.

    Liberals scoff and dismiss the idea that women sometimes falsely claim their wallets were stolen or just lost their wallet One activist in Canada recently stated: “People just don’t lie about” theft
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    Well, there's no denying there are cases of women falsely accusing men of rape. A false rape charge can ruin a man's life utterly, and some women coldly and calculatingly do just that. There are no less psychopaths among women, they are just less visible. Another problem is that "rape" is not a set category, but just a part of a continuum with flirting at one end and sexualized murder at the other end. Thus "rape" isn't always a clear cut thing, and it is a difficult subject to deal with for the courts, who by design has to deal with the duality of guilty/not guilty.

    Having said all that, blaming the current "epidemic" on false rape accusations is silly.
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    THIS. ^^^^^^^

    This is is a complicated issue, one that requires a greater attention span than the American public has right now.

    I was a teenage girl, and I looked like I was 18 when I was 13. I am fortunate in that I have a strong sense of boundaries and managed to work my way through several potentially sexually predatory situations without permanent scarring. Not every girl is blessed with the constitution and/or upbringing that gives her the kind of strong sense of self that will allow her to navigate those situations unscathed.

    Fuck those women that use their sexuality to screw men over. They are making it that much harder for the majority of us women that are conscientious, thinking human beings.
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  7. The barrier to reporting rape is pretty daunting.

    Police reports, often with unsympathetic cops.

    Physical examination of the most intimate kind.

    Most women would not go through the humiliation just to fuck with someone.

    I would think that modern DNA and other forensics would take care of any drama queens who went there for attention or revenge. (I hate that kind too, but statistically they are a small percentage who get huge press)

    I don't know why some men objectify women as sex toys and outlets of aggression. I certainly hope that is just an off-statistic that gets more press than the truth, although the rapey guys seem to be outnumbering the drama queens lately in the news...
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