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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by SoggySignage, May 25, 2013.


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  1. SoggySignage Member

    Edit: omg, I wrote such a good introductory paragraph but forgot to copy/paste it after I got autologged out. Like... I'm seeing this possibility that "we the people" have the power to distribute real, physical things throughout the population of Earth, given just a tiny bit of organization. And the organization could even be distributed, and I also think fairly anonymous too (until they finish putting up all the cameras that is...). Below is the scheme as I have it worked out so far.

    So imagine these conditions:

    1) I have over 100 super-cool things, but they're only super-cool if they are delivered to places where other people have them (each super-cool thing costs myself about $5)

    I wonder if:

    A. There are 10 anons in 10 different cities across the world/ Nation (plus some stationed on the moon)
    i. These anons are willing to go to a few building places and get to know the owner-types there, and then have 10 of my super-cool things shipped to there (thus protecting my sweet little anon-baby's anonymity).
    a. These anons are then willing to receive these super-cool things and get them to other stores near by.

    As a result, happiness occurs for all parties involved (minus the establishment). Potentially some of my own costs can be recovered by anons putting money back in my bit coin wallet (and they get to keep some of the wonderful profit that results as a side effect) but mostly happiness and beauty occurs and is the primary motivator for participating in the activity.


    1) Would you or someone you know be interested in participating in this scheme?

    2) Can you think of an even better, more secure way to distribute my 100 super-cool things across the world?

    3) Do you have any concerns about this plan thus far (it's 100% super legal).

    Details to emerge on an alternative thread as things become more cool. Hit me up at my email using PGP if you feel the need (unencrypted emails are automatically deleted):

    Public Key:
    Email: mod edit: address removed. OP, if your marketing strategy is to PA wwp to do your selling you may need to rethink your business plan
  2. Anonymous Member

    So... This wouldn't be some kind of bit-coin Multi-Level Marketing?
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    It's not an online service, it's a physical 'thing' that you can hold in your hands and can exchange with others. I wrote this a little abstractly because I want to maintain "the jump" for when I move into gear, but the idea is bring these particular things to shop owners and get them to sell them in a retail environment which eventually raises awareness of social issues we care about.

    Amway is an interesting business model, but as of right now there is only one product, and in the forseeable future there will be say... 4 new products produced per year, so the catalague would be rather small to be selling directly to end-users.

    I seem to have created the impression that I'm some kind of swindler piggy backing off of the hard work of the people managing WWP for my own selfish intrests. I'd rather be thought of as more of a friend and comrade, but I can understand the misperception, I've been very vague thus far. Right now, I have made plans for this operation to cost me in the neighborhood of 5k (and a great deal of my own personal time). It doesn't necessarily need to be an at-cost operation though, but that is one possible outcome I have already accepted and am willing to give to the world.

    Onto clairifications of my vagueness: above, when I said

    This would entail going to specific retail stores and talking to people authorized to make purchasing decisions. One could think of themselves as playing a salesman role for the Anonymous global hacking organization in this respect. If you're an honest person, believe me, this thing I keep referring to as a 'product' is something you would stand up for proudly. My apologies for keeping details to myself. I'm still feeling out ideas as to how it will be distributed, and again, I'd like to do the distributing without resistance and monitoring from organizations devoted to cruelty and oppression.

    It's starting to look like I'll need to scale this operation way down to a 1-3 person .
  5. SoggySignage Member

    ...ordeal. bumped my damn mouse pad and replied anonymously apparently...

    Also the reference I made to bitcoin above only because it's a popular way to move money around. I don't know anything about BTCMLM.

    I scheme only for peace!


    And thank you WWP for maintaining a digital space where we can manifest large ideas into the real world!
  6. Anonymous Member

    Is this along the lines of Buycott? To avoid evil empire products.
  7. SoggySignage Member

    Damn that's a beautiful idea. It reminds me of how the Civil rights bus boycott sourced ordinary people in the community (who donated their time and autos) to help boycott the bus service after the Rosa Parks action. Also reminds me of the premise of a peer based mobile phone network that could potentially cut AT&T out of the loop completely.

    Sadly, my idea isn't quite that cool, but that thought is worth expanding upon for sure.

    In a couple weeks I'll have this project in a less "fragile" state and I'll be able to post full details on it. This need-to-know state that the project is in is a major pain.

    Who knows, if things go well and I'm able to gathering enough interest from volunteers, it might lead the way into experimenting with distribution that does serious financial damage to the corporate world. It would be the shit if boycotting unforgivable sellers were easy and economically competitive.
  8. [IMG]

    Do not even mention the name Rosa Parks with your rat ass scheming, failtard.
  9. What specifically are you going to be selling / distributing?
  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. This is a cat turd cake.
  13. Anonymous Member

    This reminds me of when record stores were the go to go to place for burnouts to buy drugs.

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