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Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by SOJOA, Aug 14, 2011.

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  1. SOJOA Member

    Some of you may know who he is and his tag here. The activist I work with in my area went up to Toronto where the org bought Hockley Highlands. Adam believes that the org bought it so that they could hold troubled sea org members there so they cant leave. They went to protest and this is a video about his personal experience.

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  2. dingodog Member

    Great job Adam, it takes courage to speak up like that.

    Glad you are out!
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  3. pedrofcuk Member

    Go Adam! I'm a little disappointed your Dad didn't support you :(
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Thanks Adam for speaking out.
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  5. timthephoto Member

    horrible bastards @ the clam-shack, someone lemme know dad's phone# for treehouse love
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  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. This is why we protest......

    Congratulations Adam, it's really sad to see the control, abuse and threats used by this alleged "Church" to force people to produce and disconnect them from family for any perceived offense to the organisation.

    Thanks for speaking out, Adam, I hope you'll be back with your Dad under better circumstances when the cult falls and your Dad finally wakes up. I've got family trapped in Scientology for a long time who I hope wake up one day soon, also.

    No family should be treated like this, far too many have, Scientology's lies and abuses are catching up to them.

    What goes around can't come back around fast enough for these abusive fuckers.....

    Gl, Adam, stay strong........
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  8. Trotter Moderator

  9. timthephoto Member

    NO U!
  10. Trotter Moderator

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  11. timthephoto Member

    you don't have anyways so your refusal to help...

  12. Cool name Adam Holland, Good show Sir regarding the good work, Carry on.
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  13. dingodog Member

  14. Anonymous Member

    Sox or GTFO
  15. dingodog Member

  16. I'd like to thank Dan Courtney for coming out to the protest, giving us a lift, and for getting out this video.

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  17. Anonymous Member

  18. Anonymous Member

    daddy loves son, but clam-shack controls daddy, disconnect or SP Declare

    clam-shack motto "what's love got to do with it?" (by Tina Turner)

    son is aware of this form of control, mentions same in the vid

    scary how they control people but they do

    aka "thought reform"
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  20. Anonymous Member

  21. DeathHamster Member

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  22. peterstorm Member

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