Addiction Canada Fraud (not Narconon)

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    How do I private message you

  2. Psw (Former Employee) – Alberta – August 10, 2016

    At times there were some very good caring employees who were there for the right reasons. But bounced or late pay cheques became routine. As staff left for whatever reason final paycheques not paid some times upwards of 5-10 thousand dollars despite roe stating monies were paid. Alberta labour standards claims when they request paper work it is never forthcoming. Court orders in Ontario ignored which I'm sure is the same thing that will happen in Alberta.
  3. Scammed 57 Member I am so proud that these staff members came forward I wish they would help me and some of the other clients who are not strong enough to do it on their own. He robbed us all $30,000.00 and up. This place was no luxury Recovery I can tell you that Staff did care But I am sorry there were some I think used us as an guinea pigs. really how I made 60 days is because of the ones that were compassionate my Counselor was my God Send he really was and many more I do not want to give names but the ones in this clip were all good human beings just trying to do their job and with a heart and stayed that long without pay that shows they cared, I have no idea about the ones that stayed do they even have an dignity or want to help their fellow employees Shame on you for staying especially when you know what this John Haines stand for!! It shows me maybe they are just there for money and maybe they truly are followers of John Haines and will back him up! Horrible do not take any more Clients before one dies seriously it will happen soon where is the money coming from to feed them, at this high end luxury Recovery Center! My A___S I know I am out $30,000.00 and still addicted to Ativan and in poor health from this place. Please help us to contact the reporter to tell our stories!!
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    You sound like a very angry individual what is your problem! This thread is helping more people to be aware I stayed personally 60 days in Alberta Sundre Facility I saw it first hand! No matter how sick I was I finished the program but medically speaking the so called Doctor was so confused he did not or could not even remember our medical issues, So unless you have first hand knowledge and experience it you should not open your mouth on this forum people are being taken advantage of and spending loads of money only to be scammed!
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    I would like to talk more with you and how do I start to get my issues reported I do not know where to begin please help me.
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    Scammed- to private message anyone here you click on their icon and one choice you will see is "start conversation"
    However this doesn't work for users that didn't join.
  7. Her problem is .., She is a Rehab Con Artist like John Haines. RangerDanger is Connie Thompson. She is Expected to be Arrested soon!

    Connie, John Haines, His wife Linda, as side from the Fake Doctors were the
    individuals who were responsible for this SCAM!

    MORE INFO ON ...,

    911 OR OR Intervention Canada 911
    DO NOT GET FOOLED INTO GOING TO 911 or Intervention Canada 911. These individuals are a part of John Haines Addiction Canada Rehab Operation. Going under a
    different name. See Below…,
    Intervention Canada 911 – Operated by Connie – Under OPP Fraud Unit Investigation

    Connie Thompson was/is a big part of this Criminal Fraud Investigation. Connie Thompson Says: “I have been involved
    in the criminal court justice for approximately 16 years. I have attended many bail hearings, sentencing hearings”

    Good, soon you will be Attending Your Own Bail Hearing! – Operated by Marla Goldman. Just a Front for John Haines and Addiction Canada
    ((See)) –
    October 29, 2015 at 8:51 am

    Addiction 911 (Marla Goldman ) and Addiction Canada ( John Haines )
    Director: John Haines – email:
    Lead Interventionist: Marla Goldman – email:
    If you have any information regarding this Investigation, Contact:Detective Constable:- – Health Fraud Investigation Unit-Anti-Rackets Branch. Telephone: 705.329.6463

  8. Employees Not Paid Again...,CTV News

    Another Name Change?

    Also Becareful of: and as well as

    There is conversation that John Haines is CONNECTED to, OPERATES the Above Facilities. He is doing it from the "Shadows" as he know that he's name John Haines, Addiction Canada means FRAUD TO Most People looking for Treatment.


    The only thing you can do is: Get a Letter from Any Rehab Addiction Centre that you plan to attend where it Says...,

    John Haines is Not Connected to them in anyway, Is Not a Silent Partner, and that they are Not Front People for John Haines and Addiction Canada.

    "One thing you can be sure of, John Haines is GOING TO JAIL'!!!
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    OMG I called and they are AC and the lies again!! This is getting scary say they treat depression as well I was told in an e-mail that they are not a mental health facility and maybe go find one because I suffer from depression and have for years. OMG they did not handle my depression well at all told me it was in my head! They just keep on getting people while they are at their lowest! I truly believe he is involved with Rice Lake Residents very posh looking that would explain where our $30,000.00 went and horrible food.. They just told me on the phone that they will cater to a nutritional diet and would like the Doctors name to get medical records . OMG they did not get mine my Doctor never once heard and he cannot get any records from when I was there. I cannot believe they are still allowed to to con people. Please if any one on this thread can direct me who to tell and get help with my story and see justice done!
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    PS Really they would never admit they are not connected to him I totally think he is involved with Life Changes Canada as well!
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    Can we talk more I need help
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  13. Scammed 57 Member

    So that is why she is so angry! Makes sense John may be on here himself trying to bash this thread He is really something a real con!
  14. Scammed 57 Member

    I called there and they said they have nothing or ever heard of this John Haines. It will be hard to catch him if he is associated with any other places due to the fact you really think they will admit they have him involved! He will get caught at some point but they say he has money tied up up in another places so it is hard to get at him, I called Rice Lake Res. they assured me they are not involved with him and that he is in trouble and has been so he has nothing or at least they are great con artists like him!!
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    Please let me know how you can help me and how we can connect private, I need some help please
  16. Scammed 57 Member

    I need to know how to contact you private for help! Tell me how to
  17. Media Contact Info.

    There are two ways to reach us with your story.You can email us directly at, with your name, contact information and details of the story you would like us to look into - or - you can use the story submission form below.Your identity will be kept confidential, unless we do a story and you agree to participate.

    You can mail your comment, question or request to the following address:

    CTV Edmonton18520 Stony Plain Road
    Edmonton, Alberta T5S1A8
    Or give us a call at 780-483-3311
    (Our switchboard is open 8:00am - 5:00pm weekdays - Please leave a message after hours)

    Global Edmonton
    Viewer Contact:
    News Tips:
    You can e-mail your comments or questions to Every e-mail is read and acknowledged by W5's producers. Due to the volume of mail received if you have a specific question or story proposal please be patient.

    Yes, John Haines is here every Two Minutes checking on what people are saying about him. Nothing has Changed John. You're still A Crook, and you are GOING TO JAIL!
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  19. Scammed 57 Member

    I have not seen any activity on her lately I am starting to think that perhaps John Haines himself is on this thread and making up all this other followers! Could this be true! I will not stop til my story is heard and I am contacting all news media I can If you see this John this is a Client you scammed and I do not take that well! You took our $30,000.00 and what the heck did you do to it a $1000.00 for detox daily you told me come on you did not even pay those people and your so called Doctor screws up not only mine but others tapers and feed us garbage food while in detox not to mention what we were fed up at the house you may think this is a joke but Alberta Health Services and my new psychotherapists is shocked and will help as well!!
  20. John and Connie are 'Partners" in this Scam! Connie is RUNNING SCARED!!! The OPP Fraud Squad Investigation is well underway, and be assured, MORE ARRESTS ARE COMING!!!;)

    I want to Commend You Scammed 57, for all that you are doing to get the Message Out about Addiction Canada & Rehab Conman, John Haines.

    You know, what you are talking about, because...,
    You have First Hand Experience at one of his Bullshit Rehab Centre(s).Other people are also saying the Same Thing to the Police. Yes, More, Many More Complaints are STILL COMING IN TO THE POLICE!!!

    There are many people out there, (who you may Not be Aware of) who are working to make sure that Rehab Conman John Haines, & his Side Kick Connie Thompson, Goes to JAIL!!!:)

    The Court case is going to take a little while. He is back in Court with his Two Fake Doctors, on Aug/25/16.

    More to Come...,
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    I have had all my friends many on Face book forward the CTV news caption from last week and told a bit about my Story I have even talked to my Ability Case Manager at Alberta Health Services about my health concerns and they are looking for a way for AHS to get involved. My health is still poor and the addiction to the Valium the RCMP will be calling me back and I will tell what I saw after 60 days in the place high end OMG I cannot believe he is still trying to con people into believing all this I also told Bev MacKay that they are indeed treating and taking Clients in Utopia I have all the e-mails for proof from his legal assistant who does not tell the truth as well!! I truly believe with all my heart he is involved in these other places mentioned and that is where he is putting all the money! So we get garbage at /30,000.00 so he can keep these places going. John Haines should be more careful perhaps someone enter one of these places under cover and get you once and for all!! I cannot believe that the investigation Fraud looking after this has never did this as of yet! This would really get him cause all he wants is the money so come up with it go in they get no medical records or back ground I know John you do not!!! As long as you give your cash your in!! I am pretty sure this will happen and soon and get him again proof of what goes on in especially in Foot Hills it is small you hear everything I mean everything. We are not crazy you are for thinking we would spend 60 days there complain to you face to face and you act so sure of yourself you did not fool me However I had no time to waste on an uneducated man such as yourself that you were not aware what ws going ON! JOKE I heard lots John and I wrote every night in my book what happened and how my health wa like whatever by your so called Doctor which you told us knew benzos OMG he use to ask us questions that was funny I told you a GONG SHOW for sure that is what got me through it never knew what entertainment would come the next day! Not to mention seeing other poor Clients released to the house and watch them struggle and ended up in hospitals before they died. I am never ever going away I will and do whatever it takes for a refund of some of my cash back and I have now your Nurses who saw it as well and I keep in contact so you are at the end!! Karma comes back when you hurt Clients who are desperate at the end an need a recovery place at once and you tell them OH yes we are highly trained in Benzos and then your Legal in Utopia says WE ARE NOT A MENTAL HEATH PLACE!!! Maybe you should find a place that can really help you! We area a Recovery Place so because I suffer from depression that matters I wanted off the benzos and yes I have depression most people HELLO JOHN suffer from another illness with they are addicted to some other drug!! Did you know that! Tell and educate your high trained staff as you call them Mental Health is a serious issue and they do not like what they are hearing!! Hope you read this today you will end up closing one day here as well cause I will make sure what happened to me does not happen to another!! I do not need to be cruel and call you names I just want to let you know you scammed me and told us lots and did not deliver and believe you stole our money to support your investments or pay your debits cause you were not paying your staff so where did my $30,000.00 go John! Not on Food, not on my health. not on housekeeping, Not on the outside of the place so run down Luxury A BIG JOKE on me believing you! Especially the nutrition John do you know how important that is to a person in recovery and how it can help recover!! HOT DOGS outdated food sometimes hardly any!! BIG LIES HOW DO YOU GO TO SLEEP AT NIGHT MAYBE YOU ARE STILL ON DRUGS AND DO NOT KNOW RIGHT FROM WRONG. if you did there is no way you could do this if you had a heart and a conscience. Any Human that could do this to to sick people in need of help and take advantage of them this is just horrible and should be made to make it up to them especially when we work hard for our money and give $30,000.00 to you!! Buyer beware but if you do not go through it personally you would think the person is telling somewhat the truth. Partiality at least! Like I said yes if you go and do not want to help yourself no matter what you spend will help but I worked hard and wanted help and stayed 60 days and no after care. Maybe send me to one of you high class placed that I believe you are a silent partner if not owner like Ricelakes!!!

  22. Addiction Canada Injunction Utopia Court Order – Feb. 19 by Justice E.A. Quinlan
    According to the order filed Feb. 19 by Justice E.A. Quinlan, the property can only be used as a school until a rezoning has been completed.

    “The company, meanwhile, says the property is only being used for educational purposes, which is permitted under the current zoning.”

    If you are CURRENTLY Attending Addiction Canada Utopia, and are Receiving Any Kind of CARE, You need to NOTIFY ESSA TOWNSHIP IMMEDIATELY. THIS IS A BREACH OF THE COURT ORDER – Feb. 19 by Justice E.A. Quinlan, Agendas/15-12-16 Council Agenda.pdf
    Utopia Township Minutes; Addiction Canada
    a. Retention of Russell, Christie, LLP
    Recommendation: WHEREAS the Township of Essa has applied for a Court Injunction to obtain an order for Addiction Canada Inc. (ACI) to cease and desist the drug rehabilitation that is being undertaken at the property located at 8058 8th Line, since the property is not zoned for such drug rehabilitation use; and
    WHEREAS the Township of Essa was using the law firm of HGR Graham Partners to act on the municipality’s behalf in connection with this injunction; and

    Township of Essa
    Regular Council Agenda
    December 16, 2015

    WHEREAS the landlord alleged that Marshall Green of HGR Graham Partners was in a conflict situation in connection with this legal proceedings; and
    WHEREAS Marshall Green has decided that it would be in the best interests of the
    municipality if this file was transferred to another law firm rather than ACI and/or the Landlord using this alleged conflict of interest as a tactic to delay the injunction proceedings in Court;

    NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the law firm of Russell, Christie, LLP in Orillia, Ontario be retained to represent the municipality in connection with the Court Injunction involving Addiction Canada Inc. and that HGR Graham Partners be requested to transfer
    their file in this matter to Russell, Christie, LLP.

    ——–Utopia Township Granted INJUNCTION; Cease & Desist Court Order Against Addiction Canada, John Haines——–
  23. is it Rodney?

    Lapointe, Rodney Bruno (2011-11-25)

    Rodney Bruno Lapointe (1996) of the City of Sudbury, was found to have engaged in professional misconduct for: failing to serve a client, by: failing to keep her apprised of the status of her matter; and failing to tell her that he had come to the conclusion that she did not have a cause of action; misleading the same client, by: telling her or leading her to believe that he had commenced an action on her behalf telling her that the action had been successful telling her that as a result of the successful action, she would be receiving funds of approximately $98,000, when, in fact, he had not commenced any action or received any funds on her behalf; breaching an order, which suspended his rights and privileges as a member of the Law Society, including his right to practise law, by continuing to represent a second client; failing to serve this same client, by failing to account for the $1,500 given to him by this client; failing to serve a third client with respect to his uncontested divorce matter, by: failing to complete the work he was retained to do, including filing and serving a petition for divorce failing to advise this client of the status of his uncontested divorce matter failing to account for the $700 given to him by this client; failing to deliver this same client’s client file and refund cheque to another lawyer despite his client’s verbal direction; failing to serve a fourth client by failing to account for the $940 given to him by this client misleading the same client, by: not telling the client that his wife had been granted a divorce on an uncontested basis, when, in fact, the divorce had been granted; failing to serve a fifth client, by: failing to complete the work he was retained to do, including commencing an action against the vendors, real estate agents, and/or inspectors failing to account for the $2,000 given to him by this client; failing to serve a sixth client, by: failing to move this client’s divorce matter forward in a timely fashion not returning numerous phone messages from this client failing to account for the $1,000 given to him by this client failing to serve a corporate client, by: failing to provide a final report and related documents with respect to a mortgage transaction failing to respond to numerous phone messages left by employees of this client; failing to serve a lender client, by: failing to provide a final report and related documents with respect to a mortgage loan failing to report and provide all required documents with respect to a general security agreement on assets owned by a specified corporation; with respect to a mortgage loan related to a specified property, failing to disclose to a second lender client all material information relevant to the transaction, including the fact that his purchaser/borrower client received a credit of $20,000 on closing from the vendor; failing to notify his clients of his suspension, effective February 23, 2009; failing to cooperate with and respond to Law Society investigations into his conduct, by: failing to provide his complete written representations to a client’s complaint despite the Investigator’s two written requests failing to provide books and records stored on his computer, despite the Investigator’s verbal request and written request failing to provide his client file related to a second complaint, despite the Investigator’s verbal request and written request failing to provide his client file related to a third complaint, despite the Investigator’s verbal request failing to provide his client file related to a fourth complaint, despite the Investigator’s written request failing to maintain complete books and records on a current basis, from approximately January of 2008. By Decision and Order dated November 25, 2011 the hearing panel ordered as follows: The Lawyer is suspended for a period of two years from the date of this order. For clarity, this means that the Lawyer cannot practise law, nor provide any legal services, not exempt from paralegal regulation. Should the Lawyer return to private practice after his two-year suspension, he must practise under the supervision of a lawyer with at least 10 years’ experience, for a period of five years. The Lawyer shall pay $10,000 in costs to the Law Society. (Counsel for the Society, Elizabeth Parenteau / the Lawyer was assisted by Duty Counsel)


    Lawyer Contact Information
    New Search

    Contact Information
    Full Name Rodney Bruno Lapointe
    Licence Type Lawyer (L1)
    Real Estate Insured
    Status Status definitions Practising Law - Employed (Practice Restricted)
    Business Name Addictions Canada
    Business Address 125 Edward St
    Aurora Ontario
    L4G 1C3
    Phone 905 727 6802
    Email address
    Trusteeships Prior practice disposition information available, details are here.
    Current Practice Restrictions Current Practice Restrictions on file,
    Current Regulatory Proceedings None
    Discipline History Discipline History on file,
    Offers Services in French? Yes

    Rodney Bruno Lapointe , Lawyer, Practising Law - Employed (Practice Restricted)
    Current Practice Restrictions

    Orders and Undertakings: The Lawyer has the following restrictions on his(her) ability to practise law:

    • must be supervised by another lawyer: should the Lawyer return to private practice after his two-year suspension, he must practise under the supervision of a lawyer with at least 10 years' experience, for a period of five years
  24. Intelligence Member

    Go to the Private Conversation you started and see a reply from me...

  25. I agree.
  26. zpp Member

    Hi all - if you have been affected by John Haines, Addictions Canada, or Vita Novus, please do not hesitate to email me MOD EDIT EMAIL DELETED..I'm looking into these allegations and it's possible we can help. Please message me for further details.

    Kind regards,
  27. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Zach
    invite people to message you on your channel here. Then you can exchange emails. We don't let people to post emails for a couple of reasons. First -you never know who's email it is ( someone's ex? Your boss?) and second- emails can be used as a honey pot collecting people's IP.
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  28. zpp Member

    Understandable. Please message me through this website as I will be monitoring my inbox daily. I work for an Ontario based law firm. Thank you.
  29. Scammed 57 Member

    So how do I get in contact with you. Please let me know as I am still trying to figure out this thread and to message others etc. Hope I can trust you.
  30. Scammed 57 Member

  31. Scammed 57 Member

    ok how do we get in contact I really would like to!
  32. Scammed 57 Member

    he was on the CTV new again this evening they are investigating Foothills and GLendon I will get my story out I have e-mailed the Anchor he still says they give the best Care and are restructuring AC for the better" Oh my what us Clients that you hurt John I have people that told me more My metal Health and well being was taken advantage of and that is no joke how about staff supposedly having relationships right under our noses but Oh No I suspected something was up well W5 will love to hear this one John I want my $30,000.00 back for what you did and all the lies you told us. Do you really think you could take a persons health and well being for granted and get away with it! Not with me I will not run not when I owe that kind of money and trusted you with my heart only to be scammed. I must tell you when a new Family would come oh the place was so pleasant even fruit put at a times!! I and other clients laughed cause we knew someone must be coming to check it out! Sure enough! Only after 60 days do you find out the truth. John Haines Cult takes over! They tried to make you think you are crazy and it is in your head cause you are an addict and not thinking straight believe me were more qualified and more educated them some of them His so call Doctor was an Assistant would ask us stuff and screw up our tapers all the time the poor nurses would say he made the taper does he not remember! He did not half the time I watched every time he gave me meds to be sure and also tried pushing sleeping meds on another Clients, I am just thankful I am alive, Oh John do you have any remorse for what you have done and continue to do! PS I am not running away and have e-mails to prove it especially about Utopia as well!
  33. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi Zack. While I admire your enthusiasm, direct solicitations aren't allowed. The link to the video is news and people can contact you using the info in that video. Please post what you can as the cases continue ( including the name of the law firm) just no direct contact information or advertising. Let your work speak for itself.
    Court papers are posted here so try that.
  34. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I have messaged Scammed 57 the steps to contact a member here.
  35. zpp Member

    Hi there - I would like to point out that wasn't me - another member posted the solicitation.
  36. Scammed 57 Member

    I am glad that they posted it what is the matter with some of you are here! Are we not all on this thread for a reason!! John Haines is the matter here stay focused people! if there is information that is new and can help another Client out what is the problem people! At the end of the day if will all come out! he cannot continue to do what he has done to Clients like myself and ones I saw that were harmed by not being looked after by his so call Doctor!! if he knew what he was doing we would not be on here, Right!! As he says all the time! I am telling you others on here actual human beings ( that matter) where hurt mentally and health wise at Foot Hills then they try and get me to go to Glendon or Utopia by his staff in Utopia!! As if a joke I want to live and recover from what I experienced at Foot Hills with a real Doctor and a real Therapist not have further damage or be brain washed by the GONG SHOW!! Seriously stop this bickering about who posted what and making assumptions that someone posted whatever! get down to business this is not a joke people I lived it and so did others we are pain disappointment that we were scammed into believing this man and his high end Luxury place in the beautiful Foot Hills, serenity nutrition meals we can accommodate any diet! Please is anyone on here taking any of this serious? This man will not stop til we stop him and I for one have moved on for myself and my health but I will not allow him to get away with this as long as I can help and tell my story. Maybe it should have read Addictions Canada luxury Cult recovery where we can take care of kinds of addictions by brain washing you into thinking you have more problems than you think!! We cam medicate you more so you will not feel, feed you garbage so you either lose weight or starve with a no name chefs!! Add to your allergies by bringing a dog to add to your health issues while can provide you with more medication for your allergies to help you sleep more so we can get away with almost anything!! Maybe having relationships behind close doors while you think we would not notice come on we are more educated than that!! I think you are all on some kind of meds if you really think for one minute we did not know what was going in the intimate luxury place nestled in the Foot Hills of Alberta! LOL, not funny but sure a scary place to be when you are trying so hard to get help while they think your crazy and do not know what they are up to! Just give us $30,000.00 and up and we can transform your life for good! Relapse no problem we can pick you again and do it all over maybe the second time around you will not get back up!! If you get out alive. Sorry People get it together on here and take action this is serious stuff! It is our lives we gave to this place and his brain washed staff some! Some really did care but they got in trouble from the principle!! Cause they had a voice!! It is 2016 and he is not Hitler and we are not in Germany this is happening right here right now in Canada!!! He will get caught id people take it serious and listen to us which seems to be an issue every time I try to get it out. E-mailed CTV News tried to contact RCMP whose side are they on!! Makes you wonder! Maybe they are all scammed as well. Never know today just what really is going inside the news media and the RCMP. Then they post What is going on inside Private Recovery Centers in Ontario!! Make you wonder who to trust if this man can get away this long taking money from us and getting the lowest of the lowest care for $30,000.00 cannot pay his staff cannot but good food run a place that is so run down and get away with it, Well I cannot say anymore people it is a HORRIBLE if not for those Nurses we would not have been looked after!! They deserve their pay for their long hours their dedication to us Clients to be able to pick up the So called Doctor mistakes and help us when we are at the lowest they all angels. Then what about the Clients I guess none of matter because it was private and he can do whatever he wants! Does that mean someone can go out create and Air line service pretend his pilots are the best! Just an example but I am hoping you will all get the picture this is serious!! Some one please take us serious and help us out get our story out there maybe w can actually save a life now would that be nice!! cause I do not believe the NEWS or THE RCMP CARE, But I will not for one give up I am a fighter and you do not take my money mister and treat me like some wild animal and think you can get away with playing with my mind or my health! There done for now Have a great weekend John and all your loyal staff that will soon get burned and maybe worse for allowing you to do this, and not doing anything to help!! An explosion will happen soon!! Every one gets the Karma at one point or another IT IS THE LAW OF OF THE UNIVERSE!! What goes around comes around!!
  37. In Ontario, Many people Complained to the Police for Years, before any Action was Taken Against John Haines, Addiction Canada/Vita Novus. It took the Ontario Police, (OPP) just over a Year to Arrest John Haines, after they Raided His Home, All His Rehab Centres, & Arrested the Two Fake Doctors in Caledon, Ontario, in April/2015.

    Can't speak for Anywhere Else, but in Ontario, People Like, OPP Detective, Bev Mackey ( and other Police Officers who Were/Are Involved in this Ongoing John Haines, Addiction Canada Rehab Fraud Investigation ) Do Care!

    It was because of Their Investigation, why John Haines Was
    ARRESTED/CHARGED, in Court Again on, August/25/16. What I can tell
    you is this, In the Very Near Future, You will See on TV/Internet..., Addiction Canada, CEO John Haines, ( and others) Arrested for Fraud ( in Alberta)!

    The Police work under the same Justice System, that Criminal, John Haines is working under. The Justice System is Slow, and They can't Say Anything about their Investigation, until we See The Above News Line, about "Haines being Arrested".

    HANG ON, MY FRIEND(s)...,;)


    AND HE WILL!!!

    TAKE YOUR 30,000 THOUSAND, AND MULTIPLY THAT BY A FEW HUNDRED PEOPLE; YES, He's SCAMMED a LOT OF PEOPLE. ( at least 6.1 Million according to the Police). But We Know It's A LOT MORE!

    KARMA, a funny thing...,

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