Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by anonfishau, Feb 28, 2013.

  1. anonfishau Member

    #Chanology HUBBARDS birthday.13 March 13 11am Pultney St Scientology centre. #MAYDAY 01 May 13 11am Parliament House corner Nrth terrace / King William
  2. Anonymous Member

    A Wednesday, and a Monday?
  3. anonfishau Member

    It's important. I'm throwing sicky day. If others don't feel as strong then let the majority chose a weekend if they want. Sounds a bit sheepish though changing dates to fit in with the system. Don't u agree ???
  4. Anonymous Member

    if you want numbers, make it easy for everyone.
  5. anonfishau Member

    For the "numbers" Sat 16 March HUBBARD birthday. Sat 4 May MAY DAY. I will still go solo though too on 13 March
  6. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ This
    You gonna let them talk about you that way?
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