Anon does not want money system ?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, May 26, 2011.

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    Mod Edit: Link below is to Marty's blog.
    Fancy - Barb | May 26, 2011 at 5:27 pm | Reply

    Here goes the old free market theory again.
    I kept saying no difference in capitalism or free markets. People use it as a religion or something.
    Both eat up the resources of the planet that are limited.
    Both toss stuff in the trash can for planned obsolesces.
    Both pollute the planet and then you go back to what we have now. It is so simple to see but yet I had to read to learn myself.
    The money system as anon would say = big fat FAIL in this society of technology and population growth.
    How do you fix the billion that is now starving. Don’t tell me it is free markets for I will not believe that story. I get a bit cranky because for me it is simple to see and yet I know it took me a long time to see even when I was ready to see it.
    Click on the link on my name to see the way for it.
    Once the resources are burnt up for profit and the planet is polluted with radiation and chemicals then we will have to find a new home to do it all over again unless we change it NOW.
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    Zeitgeist SPAM. Reported.
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    Dirty Dirty SPAMMER! Go jump off a bridge!
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    I think the OP that the quote from Marty's blog comments that is saying that the term "big fat fail" is an a common term used by anonymous.

    Reading comprehension fail in a big way there anon.
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    The link in the top left corner under Mod Edit is to a Zeitgeist site.
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    The name yes, but the post is in response to a thread on Marty's blog. Other than the name, clicking anywhere else on that
    link takes you to Marty's blog.
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    OK. The link has been edited/modified since this morning.
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