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Discussion in 'Production Studio' started by Anonymous, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

  2. It would be so cool to see that video static animated, like on the HBO Video Logo.
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  3. maxada Member

    That's what I was thinking, too. I'll try
  4. WMAnon Member

    Hello Trajan
  5. Anonymous Member

    Optimus Princeps, but yeah...might as well be, haha
  6. Anonymous Member

    2hevp5d.jpg better? haha
  7. WMAnon Member

    Actually yeah. Any way you can get that silhouette to reach the bottom of the screen while you're at it?
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  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. Yeah, looking improved!
  10. Nishimori Member

    Very nice!

  11. aYnRaNd Member

  12. Etain Member

  13. aYnRaNd Member

    It is free to alter or reproduce in any form. [IMG]
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  14. aYnRaNd Member

    4 feet high x 3 feet wide. I am no banksy, but the message is very clear.
  15. Etain Member

    Thank you!

    Just need to know the medium (paint, chalk, whatever) and the 'title' if it has one. Or I'll just make something up.
  16. Anonymous Member

    I recall this COREarg doing anonymous themed art. Can't say where she is...
    But one of her last illustrations for Anonymous Argentina was actually pretty nice.
  17. Etain Member

    Finally got a chance to post this on the art page. It's been up not ten minutes and it's already been faved! :)
  18. Painkiller Member

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  19. WMAnon Member

    I like the general idea, the large V is kind of squished, though.
  20. Dragononymous Member

  21. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, it's squished on the image and fitted like if you used vaseline.

    Nothing that modifying the psd file can't solve. (May I suggest to give a washed color layer before the V, so the text pops out a little more?)
  22. WMAnon Member

    Now that I'm looking at it again, your sea of Vs is also stretched pretty tall, and the round anon logo is slightly squished. Also, V's hat is see-through on the left side. None of that is stuff you can't fix, especially if you've got one of the newer photoshops (content aware fill is a wonderful thing) and I really like the idea of it and your typography.
  23. Dragononymous Member

    Where's Nick when you need him
  24. V.I.R.U.S. Member

    I like it... Would have been cool if the picture was bigger though.
  25. occupyth3w3b Member

    s34tt13 4n0n5

    jRPz0.jpg [IMG]
  26. Anonymous Member

    - 10 for the firearm. Booooo.....
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  27. Anonymous Member

    Do cartoons created to support particular causes count?

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  28. occupyth3w3b Member

    I figure the AK might be to militant for some people, but -10 for somethin i created on my own?? I've only been using photoshop for maybe a month, so how bout the -10 back at ya
    is this one okay with Mr. Anonymous art expert?? YMBE8.jpg
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  29. Dragononymous Member

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  30. occupyth3w3b Member

    So then Che inspired art is prolly no good, right? Im gonna try and do something with unicorns and teddy bears oh and lots of hearts too!! bNg3t.jpg
  31. Dragononymous Member

    Last one is decent.
  32. maya11 Member

    Whet do ou tinke about theis neese monster?
    Curious about whether you will find the "the hidden writing", who shows he or she is cool!

    ..............^^^ ^^^
    ............. .. O F O
    ..................FF F
    .................FF F F
    .............F F FFFFF
  33. Dragononymous Member

  34. maya11 Member

    Never mind........... :):rolleyes: my little private humor......:D :)
  35. WMAnon Member

    I see you went for the knock-off mask. I like the composition on some of these shots, but the mask looks a little too small for your model's face and it's a little distracting. I like what you were going for with the Big Ben shot, but I think the angle is a little off. Do you have these available in high quality somewhere like imgur, tinypic, or photobucket?

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