Anonymous Convention DC - Massive Update on p5!!

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by Hubbard-Telescope, Mar 5, 2008.

  1. Anonymous Convention DC - Massive Update on p5!!

    My dearest Legion,
    It is with great pride and the result of many weeks of hard work that DC would like to cordially invite you to the Anonymous Convention DC, 2008. This historic event will take place on 3/22 in Washington, DC. Space is extremely limited, so please see this post for more information: viewtopic.php?f=22&t=5981

    We regret to inform you that due to time constraints, we are forced to hold the convention in the same building as Church of Scientology's L. Ron Hubbard Birthday Celebration for members of the central east coast region of the United States. All are welcome, we are expecting a wonderful time. Please familiarize yourself with the rules, maintain Anonymous Code of Conduct, and be on your best behavior to result in Epic Wins.

    ~DC Anonymous

    Current RSVP 65/180(400)
  2. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    RSVP at, Space is limited!

    Don't forget, the Scilons love Cosplay! #anonycon

    Also, don't miss out on this opportunity to join the TubesOrg and help suppress the planet!

    "Liberated" Scilon Invitation
  3. madashell Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    Holy fuck what a great way to wake up.

    Checking flight prices
  4. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    lol, I imagine many people will, RSVP soon if you can make it, we need to know how many are coming ASAP so we can buy more room if needed
  5. Amomynous Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    Oh my!! Too bad I'm not closer. :(

    Looking forward to pics/vids!
  6. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    We're working on a live feed
  7. Amomynous Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    Sweeet! :D
  8. tamphex Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    Rock on Washington, ROCK ON!
  9. Re: Anonycon 2008

  10. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    Glad to see everyone is so excited, now all we need is a few hundred Anons to come :mrgreen:
  11. eclipsael Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    If I had money for a flight, I'd come in a heartbeat. :(

    Love the website, by the way. If I had the time, I'd set up something similar for our local group.
  12. Orderous Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    I'll basically use the same reply as in the ExScn Kids forum;

    EPIC IDEA!!!

    This is probarbly one of the greatest mindfucks Anon could ever pull on the Scifags. Pity I'm poor and in the UK, and therefore can not make it. To everyone who's going; Learn how to eat with a V-mask on.
  13. Re: Anonycon 2008

    Eye masks and hats should work and you can still eat, drink and be merry. Nobody knew who Zorro was.
  14. AnonBuff Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    oh snap! i might have an internship in DC this summer. i hear back in a week. this would be sweet.
  15. tigger Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    There's an e-mail address for Paypal donations to cover costs of room rental, etc. within the forum.
    I'm not going to give it out here because it's in the "not available to guests" section, but if you can't make it and want to help, that's an easy way -- like sponsoring the DC Anons.
  16. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    The email is

    The Scilons already know my face they may as well know my email too :)
  17. tigger Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    Alrighty then! Donate donate donate. Maybe our fearless Anons can have centerpieces of gold and catered food to gnosh on if enough fundage comes in.

    Wouldn't it rock to outshine the birthday party! Dress fancy if you like! Have a disco ball! Rickroll and dance! It's the Anonymous Spring Promenade.

    "I'm sorry, Mr./Ms. Scientologist, but the Swedish meatballs and crudites are only for Anons. Enjoy your dry cake and watered-down punch!"

    Okay, I'm getting carried away with enthusiasm, and I can't even get there, but you DC Anons have fun!
  18. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    We're trying to get a live broadcast so everyone can enjoy
  19. Hey-nony-nony Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    Oh my. This warms the cockles of my heart.
  20. Re: Anonycon 2008

    Oh man, there's no way I can go to this. Could someone bring me back a Longcat body pillow? :xenu:
  21. Re: Anonycon 2008

    If not (because I don't know how much you guys have to pay for an internet line), a post-event vid is fine too.
  22. anon91-19 Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    Awesome idea! Like many others have said, I'd love to be there but too far to drive and $ for a plane ticket is something I can spare at the moment.

    We have any Anons in the airline or travel industry that could gets us some pricing deals? We need to remember our professions can be an asset to anon as much as our passion :D
  23. orly Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    Don't forget to donate to the guys who paid to reserve the rooms, if you show up or wanna help! They don't come cheap, and unlike Miscavige, we don't have a base of people to leech dry for their delicious jew gold.

    EDIT: GROUP PRICING DEALS if people plan on coming from far away, are an awesome idea.
  24. Re: Anonycon 2008

    LMAO! Anonymous only accepts the best.
  25. Anon9000+1 Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    I came before i remembered I live in Alabama and am a broke college Kid :(
  26. Re: Anonycon 2008

    We'll wave on the live feed? What's to say Alabama can't set up their own. Get on it, Southern!
  27. P_P Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    From the other post:

    :guyfawkes: :tom: :anon: :lrhmoney:

    This is awesome! :mrgreen:
  28. Re: Anonycon 2008

    Unfortunately, unless they own the airline/airplane they are unlikely to get any deals except for themselves and immediate family, airlines are pretty stringent on controlling pricing.
  29. Uncle Anon Member

  30. Re: Anonycon 2008

    Oooh, fancy fancy hats!
  31. Re: Anonycon 2008

    This is amazing guys. I sooooooooo wish I could be there. Have fun :guyfawkes:
  32. Annie Omnes Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    All Aboard, America!

    All Aboard AmTrak!

    They got lots of fun things like compartments and a dining car -- Imma see what Acela costs...
  33. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    Acela is expensive but the metroliner is affordable. And you can find great deals on buses nowadays.
  34. DarkSim Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    Gold, just pure goddamn gold.
  35. ladybug Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    Anyone from KY? Can carpool and share room? I would love to go!
  36. Re: Anonycon 2008

    KY? Wow, I feel loved we're getting interest from so far away. GO KY ANON GO GO!
  37. SenatorXenu Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    "Liberated" Scilon Invitation
  38. ImaShark Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    If it wasn't for the fact that i'm totally broke, i'd fly all the way from Oregon to be there :guyfawkes:
  39. noman2313 Member

    Re: Anonycon 2008

    Anon9000+1: Too bad I don't live in 'Bama any more or we could carpool :(

    I wish I could be there, but since I can't - here's a vid in honor of the event:
  40. Re: Anonycon 2008

    Why yes, thank you. They are HUGE. :guyfawkes:

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