Anonymous Wants to Teach Rape

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Anonymous, May 30, 2013.

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    i think they hate us lol made that we did their "job" for them
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  4. Yep, 'cuz they want their kids to have the option of raping or not, or of being raped or not.
    Isn't open-mindedness grand?
    It's still the land of the free ;)
  5. anonsoldier Member

    Ohio requires abstinence only sex ed. You can't effectively teach rape prevention if you can't even teach how safe sex works.

    If you're shaming the ever living crap out of kids when it comes to sex, calling anyone who holds hands or kisses a "slut", spreading lies and misinformation that TOUCHING someone's genitals leads to pregnancy, and that condoms fail 1 in 7 times, how the hell can you teach kids effective ways to say "No", to respect "No", or to not feel completely shamed and afraid to report a rape when it does happen?
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  6. Anonymous Member

    There rape prevention wold be advice to not drink, not wear short skirts, not go out late and never go to parties. That works right?
  7. Anonymous Member

    ^^^ That's the absitance birth control teaching I mean.
  8. Thread title wins "Worst Ever" Award. Nice going, OP.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Abstinence-only education is pretty much a failure in terms of efficacy:
    MC does seem to have the right idea though. If you are going to educate people on a topic, but do so in a manner that is deliberately leaving out huge chucks of relevant information because it is deemed ‘unseemly’ or whatever, then you are essential ‘diseducating’ them. Some benefits I would imagine that would accrue with comprehensive education in this field include:
    - Directly challenging the ignorance and misinformation that helps sustain ‘rape culture’
    - Empowering young people to recognise problematic situations, and to have knowledge of what will and will not be helpful in such situations as well as knowledge in how to seek out help when needed
    - Giving the kids the information they need to that they can make responsible choices
    - Teaching such material is making a strong statement as to its importance, which helps send a message to the community and to would-be perpetrators

    I wouldn’t think Anonymous would be the best bet for this, something MC recognises, but his tactic appears to be to shame the relevant authorities into doing something. I wish him well in this endeavour.
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  10. anonsoldier Member

    Basically, that does seem to be the point, to shame them into doing more. Because when the people who sit around and look at cat pictures all day think they can do a better job than you, you need to pull your head out of your ass.
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