Anti-Surveillance Awareness Day

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by LegolasII, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. LegolasII Member

    When Edward Snowden revealed the scope of surveillance on the internet I had similar ideas that were already discussed in this thread (HOW TO MAKE NSA'S SURVEILLANCE USELESS): that is to overload NSA with huge quantities of random encrypted data.

    I don’t think anymore that this is such a good idea, since anything that would be big enough to possibly overload NSA, would also overload internet in general and inflict huge costs on all participants (bandwidth, storage, electricity, time…)

    However, I still think that it is important that general public starts taking their internet security a little bit more seriously. Not only because of government surveillance, but also because of general on-line safety.

    So, I think we should have Anti-Surveillance Awareness Day and the way to observe this day would be to:

    - Send at least one of your friends encrypted e-mail or communicate with him or her on some other encrypted channel

    - Send your other friends information or tips on how to stay secure on internet (for example links to sites or articles that discuss that – e.g. PRISM-BREAK). If you don’t want to send them directly, you could post it on your social network account (facebook, twitter…)

    I think it’s best if Anti-Surveillance Awareness Day is set on the same day as International Whistleblowers’ Day (whenever that may be – as far as I know there were different proposals by various people and organizations), because there is a strong connection between the two and this connection is spelled C-O-N-T-R-O-L: governments want to know everything about you so they can control you, but they don’t want to be controlled by you, so they prosecute whistleblowers who expose their dirty little secrets.

    Well, in a democracy people should control the government, not vice versa. Government should exercise its power over individuals only in a lawful manner, not on a whim and by illegal means.

    What do you think is the best day of the year for Anti-Surveillance Awareness Day & International Whistleblowers’ Day?
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  4. Rockyj Member

    My concern is for VERY novice tech shit beings like myself who are concerned about downloading shit that's states they will help you but may open them up to MORE even more collection of their data personal instead? Basically, how does anyone really know the good guys (anons) from the bad?
  5. LegolasII Member

    My choice of words was just a proposal anyway. If anybody has a better idea for naming this day, he is welcome to post it here.

    You can’t be sure of anything 100%. But I think that if you go with open-source software that is under scrutiny of many tech-savvy people, and do some research on that (checking various sources), then the chance of downloading some Trojan horse becomes low enough.
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  6. LegolasII Member

    One day of the year that could potentially be considered for International Whistleblowers’ Day is July 30, unless you think that this would be too USA-centric.

    U.S. Senate designated July 30, 2013, as National Whistleblower Appreciation Day.

    Here is the coverage of this Senate resolution:
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  7. Anonymous Member

    What about cost? Evidence is starting to come out that all this surveillance is VERY expensive. Perhaps we should work on estimating the cost for surveillance?
  8. LegolasII Member

    Excellent idea! Taxpayers should be informed on much of their money is being wasted for these extensive surveillance activities.

    OpNSA is a good start for this discussion, because they follow the money in politics (campaign contributions made by NSA private contractors to Congress members). Here is an article about that:

    OpNSA: Anonymous targets US lawmakers with close ties to intelligence community (VIDEO)
    Anonymous is targeting US lawmakers with ties to intelligence contractors by highlighting campaign contributions and vote records.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    I think we should start by demanding they show proof that this has been successful at something. We should demand to see a return on investment.
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  10. Andy Downs Member

    I would like to see a vid of a stream of General Michael Hayden clips showing his lies over the years about NSA, Clapper, Alexander as well.
    Small fact check notes like Hayden claims that Snowden defected to Russia when it is the fault of the US government he is there.

    Also a video showing if you order a computer, smart phone etc how it get rerouted via NSA to implant spyware

    An innocent person going to Amazon ordering some deal on smart phones, showing the phone going to the TAO facility and repackaged then onto your home. A visual of Alexander and or Clapper's face looking through the screen back at the buyer.
  11. helpmepls Member

    Great idea! I was thinking of something similar actually...well sort of. I don't know if it can be done since I don't have the knowledge in this area but I was thinking....

    Is it possible to create a program that would enter random ridiculous terms into Google?
  12. helpmepls Member

    Good point.
    Could be a peaceful, non-invasive protest of Anti-Surveillance Awareness Day where everyone goes to facebook, twitter, Google etc and posts random crap. What's real, what's not? Use their tactics.
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  13. Andy Downs Member

    Here is my question for those are are tech savvy.
    When you look at page 6 of the new Snowden docs via Guardian the slide talks about 'automated messages'
    The way it is presented makes me think that somehow the automated messages are separated and discarded. If that is true...would it not be safer to send your regular text messages via some automated system. the NSA still gets them, but they are sent to a separate location and not used for their main analytical programs.

    Or am I misinterpreting this slide?
    See page 6 of
  14. LegolasII Member

    Upcoming events relevant to this thread:

    - International Day of Privacy: 01 February 2014

    Or search for #IDP14 on Twitter

    - The Day We Fight Back (Against Mass Surveillance): 11 February 2014

    Spread the word about these two events.
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  15. HOC Member

    Here is another interesting coordination site to visit!
    Looks pretty nicely laid out.
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  16. Andy Downs Member

  17. Local Law Enforcement on-gong investigation:
    -STALKING(citizen group[GANG] aiding the police to watch 24/7
    -INVASION OF PRIVACY through inplanted ELECTRONIC SURVEILLANCE violating personal privacy
    -WI-FI, CELL tapping

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