Any online Protests coming soon?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ActiveSoftware, Jan 10, 2021.

  1. Just wondering if there are any new online protests coming soon, as there obviously aren't any because of Covid-19.
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    Share any legal ones you find.
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  6. it sounds good idea against Far right and other Dangerous Cults out
    Pay back time . Yes you have all been very busy . In Ireland we Protest against Evictions and to end so restrictions with lockdown Also many Protesting about Housing defects Mica people Protesting there houses where falling a part .
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  7. In 2020 Many people in Ireland and other countries all took part BLM
    Protests all over the world not for Death George Floyd , but murder in Different countries Black people by Police Brutality and also show police Murders other people . The Black Lives Matter Ireland big Protest outside American Embassy many people there that broke travel ban . But it would not matter if we where all fined we all there for reason show support to Black lives Matter in America also we showing far right and Neo Nazis , corrupt Police they can't beat , Power of People who streets our Streets . 2020 was year many of us will never forget fight goes on Justice all over the world .
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  8. There are alot of online protests tango downs in #op safe Children . you find on Different social media IRC near you .
  9. If anyone wants to go after Racist Far right party in call Irish Freedom Party . Take offline for while so they can't spread hate towards immigrants or Black , Hispanic people , Muslim , community Refugees . You can find them under telegram , Facebook , Twitter , TickTock YouTube , Also some yellow vests .
  10. There is something you can join in with You find group become part campaign for #Free Julian Assange campaign , Facebook , Twitter , linkedin YouTube Telegram , Or some websites .
  11. Zen sursula Member

    Fantastische Stimmung beim Beginn des patriotischen Aschermittwochs in Ronneburg! 700 Gäste!

    Die Stadthalle in Ronneburg ist mit 700 Gästen brechend gefüllt, der patriotische Aschermittwoch des Widerstandes in Thüringen und Sachsen beginnt. Angeführt von Christian Klar und Frank Haußner, ziehen die heutigen Festredner, z.B. aus Sachsen Andreas Hofmann (DJ Happy Vibes) und Wolfgang Schmidl oder aus Sachsen-Anhalt André Poggenburg (Aufbruch Deutschland) und Robert Farle (fraktionsloser AfD-Bundestagsabgeordneter), sowie COMPACT-Chef Jürgen Elsässer, in die Halle ein. Es wartet ein spannender Abend, der ein klares Signal aussendet: Der Widerstand hält zusammen und startet 2023 richtig durch.

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    ⬛️⬜️ Germany: Königs Wusterhausen 20.02.2023 (Freedom Rally)

    Wir alle müssen zusammenstehen für Frieden und unsere Selbstbestbestimmung! und diese Krisen und den Konflikt zwischen "oben" und "unten" überwinden! Darum sehen wir uns am Samstag in Berlin! Nächster Spaziergang am Montag!

  13. Zen sursula Member

    Protestors make their way from Pfizer’s HQ to the UN chanting “Nuremberg!”

    Medical freedom protesters march from World Headquarters to the United Nations. Chanting “Nuremberg!” then placing white flowers outside the UN

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