ANZO NYE event leak and current scene (Sydney, Melbourne, & Perth)

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Zhent, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. Zhent Member

    You are probably a bit distracted with a certain other leak... but here is some news from ANZO. (commentary included)

    Sydney first:


    Wow, sure looks like Sydney is having a good time! Highest ever attendees! Highest ever since the last event I guess? They employed some clever photography, but a close look reveals there are less then 200 out there on the street, and the foreground is full of the usual Asian/Taiwanese contingent and SO.
    No matter how they try to spin it for a prominent Class V Org AND Advanced Org combined this is a pathetic showing. The Sydney field continues to be a hard-core group of a couple hundred clinging on to the remnants of their organisation.

    Oh geez and the plaque, does it really need commenting on?
    "No other org has had their plaque before construction!" , good grief they are desperate to get 'first evers'.

    And of course what would a Sydney newsletter be without more unobtainable fundraising goals - $2.7 million in three weeks, good luck with that! My records show they are raising around $100,000-200,000 a month, enough to get their Ideal Org up and running in 2014!

    Oh and more stupid fundraising games and awards (swords, really?), I bet that Debbie Cook letter will be hitting pretty hard about now.

    On to Melbourne!


    "Birthdaygame-landia", *facepalm.jpg*

    And would you look at those event photos! Despite Melbourne coming in second in the birthday game there are scarcely 100 attendees, INCLUDING many obvious staffers/SO (have a close look at the second shot!). Remember when reviewing Scientology propaganda material you must always asume the data has been tweaked to present them in the BEST POSSIBLE light (crowd photos are critical). To have these two photos showing less then 100 attendees is very revealing, more so in that Melbourne Ideal Org is suppose to be a bastion of expansion in ANZO. Looks like all that huff and puff about expansion were public who came in, did a few introductory courses then drifted away, certainly not wanting to be seen at a major event or go up the silly bridge!

    Whats even more laughable is the end photo taken at the Ideal opening showing the massive contingent of staff, I wonder where they were for the NYE event? (PS. Melbourne STILL can't find enough staff to reach old saint hill size!)

    BTW, I don't think it was mentioned in the newsletter, but Melbourne Day is on 1615 points for the Birthday Game 2012.

    All in all a dismal showing for ANZO, it can easily be extrapolated that total attendance in Australia was less then 1000 (Melbourne and Sydney are by far the most active Scientology centres).
    Less then 1000? But Vicki Dunstan said there was 250000 Scientologists in Australia! Why are less then 0.4% showing up to events?

    As small as it is, its just gonna get tougher in 2012 thanks to Debbie Cook.
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  2. Pique Member

    Nice update Zhent.
    lol at magnetic names "able to move up in status."
    More like 'able to be removed when fallen into disfavor' perhaps.
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  3. Anonymous Member

  4. A fucking plaque!!! Wow!!! Thank you, for the lulz, Zhent. You always deliver! ;)
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  5. Putting their bank details on a public flyer. I've not seen that in their propaganda before. I love the plaque, "New Civilization Builder" is the top of the heap.

    Curious thing - they have the plaque up before the donations are in. Does this mean that they are expecting no more donations? Or that they are not going to recognize further donations on the plaque? Or are they going to do another plaque every year or so...

    One thing is clear: That plaque is going to be a thorn in their side. It is a reminder of the ideal org every time they go in the org. That will make people blow.
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  6. Literacy skills continue to be on the decline:



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  7. Scientology reports massive gains in illiteracy training.
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  8. Guys, you need to word clear.

    Benefitial: an enhancement, especially of clothing, which is provides by fitting better.

    For example, Tom Cruise's newer, tighter codpiece proves itself benefitial when he dances with boys.

    When they refer to Scientologists "to push their benefitial works" they are probably referring to more effective fundraising when the reges wear pushup bras.

    Communulative: Given Scientology's stance on communism, I'm at a loss with this one.
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  9. Sponge Member

    I want to see misspellings of scientologist as "scientologits".
    I've made this typo myself before and sometimes decided not to bother correcting it because it usually fits anyway.
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  10. A 'communulative total' is where you add up the number of times you've attended Mass.
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  11. I'm sure the typo you are after is 2 hours sleep and a half a bowl of rice and beans away.

    Also, anyone suspecting that the PR people have English as a second language?
  12. Ackerland Member

    I was thinking the exact same thing.
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  13. Random guy Member

    Thanks for the head-up Zhent! Those titles and awards are monumentally tacky!
  14. TinyDancer Member

    You got there before I could.

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  15. xenubarb Member

    Is plaque outside? Cuz uhm...refrigerator magnets are fun!
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  16. Clamosaurus Member

    You glorious bastard, Zhent! You're a champion runner in the Robert Vaughn Young Relay Race

    It was 2006 when the I.O rubbish was trotted out globally

    About that plaque.....

    That 2.7mil being currently quoted as what is still needed sounds awfully like the very same number quoted by the CSAInc around 2007/8. I'll have to dig around my own OCMB posts to try find it. There's a bunch of contributors names in "Sydney's Ideal Org-The big Lie" if people want to check them out.
    I am well and truly dead-filed at CSAInc and am long out of the loop you appear to be in,Z, so it's great you are you and keep at it.

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  17. Zhent Member

    Wow that is tragic. I scan through these leaks pretty fast (makes my head hurt to look too close) so I don't pay much attention to the spelling.

    Heh. I might have to compare those old dono lists to current ones and determine who has quietly been dropped from the plaque.

    I have a detailed record from the last few years of Scientology Sydney's endless fundraising deadlines that have been quietly missed and then appeared again later even bigger and more unreasonable.

    Here is a choice example I recently posted on ESMB:

    From March, 2010. Of course they still have not started construction, and fundraising targets just keep getting larger.

    (BTW: Total costs have blown out from $12 mil to over $14 mil, I imagine a lot of that extra has gone to keeping the insolvent temporary org in business.)

    Anyone interested in the Sydney Ideal Org can review my megathread from the last couple of years here -
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  18. Zhent Member

    Not to be left out, here is the latest from Perth!


    Perth is a real sad case. You thought Sydney was struggling with fundraising? These guys have no hope. I kid you not they had a serious fundraising target of raising $5 Million in 7 weeks. This coming from a tiny Class V org (the field is like 50 people).

    Most of the newsletter is self explanatory in its off-source failure (hey, how does that Debbie Cook letter feel about now?), but I will point out one thing...

    For the section of "and there were demands", what they actually did was hold a mock hostage situation, where scientologists were bound and gagged and taken to a room with a video camera. The kidnappers then announced to the video camera (connected to the main regging room) that the hostage would 'get it' unless their regging demands would be met.

    Can't make this shit up.

    Also note how the newsletter failed to mention the New Years Event at all, must of been an epic failure too pathetic to take pictures of. (I would guess less then 40 attended)

    If anyone has some Adelaide or Brisbane leak-source please let me know! (Though I think those orgs are practically dead, lol)
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  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. grebe Member

    What is this I don't even...

    Do these people think mere assertion makes it so? That you can assuage anyone's worries about your dictatorial manner by simply *dictating* what people ought to think about you?
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  21. Zhent, FYI, the second post was free of misspellings but full of the fail that you identified! Lawl!
  22. xenubarb Member

    You guys are idiots. Revererse is a cromulent word that means you reverse and then you rereverse. Or something.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Any back story on this pic? Is a person the rubbish in this scenario? WTF
  24. AnonLover Member

    we are legion, can haz plaque?

    Also - you really cant make this shi- up. But FFS Perth, LEAVE THE KIDS OUT OF IT.
  25. AnonLover Member


    needs sum fawkes.
  26. RightOn Member

    OMG thanks Zhent
    this is a sad sad thread
    that is WAY too many people giving WAY too much money for zilch, nada, nothing in return
  27. Zhent Member

    Wow, CoS is so full of shit.

    I have been doing some number crunching, and while I can't do exactly what Gottabrain indicated, I can get something similar based on status levels.

    And just what have I found out?

    The Church of Scientology Sydney has raised AT LEAST over $13 million dollars, most likely in excess of $14 million. With their current fundraising targets they are actually on their way to $17 million dollars! This is over $2 million more then what CoS has said they have raised!!
    What a total farce!!! Remember a couple of years ago the development application was set in and the amount required for the Ideal org was $12 million. And now they are on their way to $17 million!!!

    Surely there is grounds for fraud.

    Speculation on where the money is going: Paying off the bills for the current Sydney Class V org, which per a previous stat leak is running deeply in debt.
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  28. This could be the case, but based on an exhaustive study of the Birmingham Org e-mail leak, Autumn 2011, I think no, not ESL cases.

    I believe that this kind of stuff is the product of people who have failed to obtain an adequate education. Caught up in the rush to "... clear the planet and save humanity..." they believe themselves to be of genius caliber. In actuality, they are people with very mediocre levels of intelligence.
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  29. No. It means to rev up the captive audience to donate.
  30. carsondude Member

    This flyer is funny. I'm amazed on the sloppy editing and proofreading. I really didn't think their literacy could get this bad. I guess they figure since Hubbard could make up words they can too.

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