Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

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    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    A large German education group goes on record to state that they and their employees have no connection to scientology.

    Google translate, from German

    Google Translate

    Info - Wie finde ich das richtige Institut? - Familie - Berliner Morgenpost
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    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    YES I HAVE. I asked them point blank during a parent/teacher conference and even even followed up with an email to the principle and superintendent. All replies said no and asked why...I emailed them back with some cherry picked links to Mr. Hubbards skullduggery.
  3. RightOn Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    Applied Scholastics is listed on the WI Summer Day Camp Website

    Applied Scholastics Academy - Janesville - Our camp offers an individualized program to fit your student's needs. We take field trips twice a week and spend a lot of time with outdoor activities.

    Academic Camp
    Day Camp

    Age Range Capacity Average Cost
    2 - 18 49 $100 - 200 (week)

    More About Camp
    Applied Scholastics Academy - Janesville is a non-profit, non-religious private school that offers summer and year-round programming. We offer truly individualized programs for students aged 2 to 18. Our program is proven to improve a student's academics substantially. We also provide an opportunity for a student to excel in areas of excellence. We have an Environmental Education focus with 2 field trips per week. We offer a well-rounded program for students of all ages and abilities.

    Special Needs
    Attention Deficit Disorder

    Religious Emphasis

    Language Studies

    Outdoor Activities
    General Outdoors

    Arts and Crafts
    General Arts and Crafts

    Camp Address Winter Address
    466 Midland Road
    Janesville WI, 53546 USA
    608-359-1737 (tel.)

    The school is also isted on the "NO CHILD LEFT INSIDE" webiste:

    listed under Wisconsin.

    poons needed to this website!

    ALSO!! how can they say they can accommodate special needs kids?Kids with Asthma and attention deficit?
    Where are their credentials? I think this is a HUGE lie to to tell parents?
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    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    Good catch.

    Important to note that this is not the same issue as Applied Scholastics in the public school system via No Child Left Behind. You may be interested in making a separate thread for this academy.
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    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    yeah I know it's different, but didn't want to start a new thread and get yelled at
    If the mods think this deserves a new thread by itself, they can post it

    I would imagine this is not the only "day camp" that Applied Scholastics has?
    ok edited they have more listed on this DAY CAMP site:

    Applied Scholastics Academy of Salt Lake City
    547 W. 3900 So.
    Suite E
    Salt Lake City UT, 84123 USA
    801-685-9648 (tel.)
    801-685-9649 (fax.)

    Salt Lake City, UT (USA)

    I also found another listing for summer camps
    "Progressive Academy"
    which uses Applied Scholastics

    "Progressive Academy combines study and practical experience to create a unique learning opportunity for summer students. Meaningful experiences strengthen the students’ natural curiosity and desire to learn. Students discover that learning is not just reading out of a book, or to get marks . . . Learning is for life!

    Each week of our summer program is based on a theme. Throughout the week our enthusiastic summer learners are engaged in a variety of meaningful learning experiences. Students utilize the Applied Scholastics™ study skills in the context of our weekly themes, and discover that learning and study is all about understanding and being able to apply what one is learning.
    Each week may include an off campus field trip – to the Street Performers Festival, the river valley, The Works and perhaps a splash park.
    In a relaxed and interesting atmosphere, with wonderful teachers, our summer students gain confidence in themselves as learners and find inner motivation that we hope will last the whole school year!

    Mailing Address:
    Progressive Academy
    13212 106 Ave
    Edmonton AB

    CAUTION! May want to use proxy for link below !!!
  6. auchraw Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    Learn to learn by looking up words in a dictionary?

    Their results are atrocious by any academic standards. Fitting pupils for life in the SeaOrg and not much else.
  7. HellRazor Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    Canadafags are well aware of Progressive Academy, an Applied Scholastics/Scientology private school. We think that only Scilons send their kids there. The summer program is new, I think.
  8. RightOn Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    Delphi Academy is listed on the Tampa Bay Summer Day Camp website

    Delphi Academy™ of Florida, has a Summer of Fun + Academics for ages 2 – 14. June 30th - Aug 22nd a four week minimum required. Activities include swimming, academic help, field trips, weeklong adventures. Call now to enroll 727-447-6385 or visit Delphi Academy of Florida |, address 1831 Drew Street, Clearwater. © 2008 Delphi Academy™ of Florida. All Rights Reserved. Licensed to use Applied Scholastics™ educational services. FOTG

    Tampa Bay Summer Camp Guide for Kids | Families on-the-go Magazine
  9. RightOn Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    Nonpublic Schools Approved By The Maryland State Board Of Education
    Applied Scholastics Academy of Maryland
    13925 New Hampshire Avenue
    Silver Spring 20904
    (410) 428-6306
    Grades 2 through 8
    Maryland State Department of Education Nonpublic Schools
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    what is the

    may want to condum up for link below!
    Private School Crusaders
  11. HellRazor Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    Looks like a lacrosse team.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    COS schools listed on that site
  13. HellRazor Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    ... among many others, including Catholic schools. This doesn't look like a target.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    ok here is a funny one...
    Appled Scholastics listed on a Tai Chi link page

    Add Your Tai Chi Links
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    AND all these lings on the same page listed under Misc.

    Bridge Publications Inc
    Hubbard College of Administration
    Solving the Drug Problem Through Narconon
    Reducing Crime Through Criminon
    The Way To Happiness - Restoring Moral Values in Society
    Applied Scholastics: Opening the Doors to Learning
    Association for Better Living and Education (ABLE)
    The Official L Ron Hubbard biographical site
    The Official Dianetics site
    Scientology Applied Religious Philosophy

    man they snake their way into everything!
  16. Anonymous Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    No, that's not funny at all. (See Will Smith's use of martial arts in New Village Leadership Academy, Karate Kid movie, close links between "Chinese healing," woo, vague spiritualism...) Scientology's Harlem mission org set up next to a center who practices all these things.
  17. HellRazor Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    Scientology needs Tae Kwan Leap

  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    Mods please move this to a front groups thread if there is one?
    I couldn't find it.

    I found this Scilon's site very interesting:
    Cheryl Duncan and Company Public Relations
    she is also listed in the sci data base:

    Cheryl Duncan Sponsors for Total Freedom Impact 100 2002-06-01
    Cheryl Duncan All Clears in the United States From Clear to Eternity Newsletter 2006 2006-11-01

    She is also listed in the 2004 WISE directory:
    Category: Public Relations
    Cheryl Duncan
    Duncan, Cheryl
    215 West 90th St., #5-F
    New York, NY 10024

    Some snips from her website
    PR Counselor Handling Entertainment, Books, Social Betterment, African American Affairs and Crisis Communications

    Social Betterment:
    Congressional Black Caucus's State
    of the African American Male Conference
    World Literacy Crusade
    Citizens Commission on Human Rights
    A Day of Presence (Katrina relief) ????
    Surgeons of Hope
    Africa-America Institute
    Atlantic Yards Community Benefits
    Youth for Human Rights
    NYC Administration for Children's Services

    Dianetics by L. Ron Hubbard
    What is Scientology? based on the
    works of L. Ron Hubbard

    Isaac Hayes (memorial service)

    Answering the Call:
    Ground Zero's Volunteers

    Isaac Hayes' Birthday Salute to Soul

    Our network of experienced public relations professionals handles high-quality, positive entertainment, publishing and social betterment projects for a wide range of clients-in markets around the country. With broad expertise in public relations and the drive to make things happen, we are known for producing real results. Since 1985 our President & CEO, Cheryl Duncan, has helped shape the images of artists, authors, non-profits and for-profit companies, securing media coverage for them nationally and internationally.

    Cheryl Duncan & Company Public Relations

    If this is no use,, then cocks and all, but this person seems to be involved in an awful lot of stuff. Don't know COS is pushed
  19. Belladonna Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    That's because this wasn't meant to be a research thread. It's about the current events of public schools, now, and what schools have Applied Scholastics in them. If you would like to start a thread in Front Groups you can keep a cleaner, more readable OP and we can link to it here.
  20. OTBT Member

  21. Belladonna Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    It is the Colorado Dept of Education's list of approved SES (Supplemental Educational Services) providers (ie: tutors), by school district. Applied Scholastics is an approved provider for the entire state of Colorado, and this is broken down by which districts use them.
  22. AnonLover Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    bumpity for future reference - this thread is nao relevant to my interests.

    Australia, Germany, & Belgium got the motherchurch in their crosshairs and is applying pressure at the top. The canadians got gobs of shitstorm brewing on the narconon frontgroup angle. And UKfags got ax dropped on CCHR frontgroup tentacle on whatchamacallit commission front.

    So methinks us Amerifags need to step up to the plate and do our part and apply pressure to another one of the frontgroup tentacles. And Applied Scholastics exploiting the NCLB funding for SES providers in our under privileged school districts is mighty fine target to hit.

    GTFO of my public schools... lets make school's closed to scilons influence. We start focusing on this now, there is plenty of time for dropping SES banhammers where infiltration has occurred for the 2010-11 school year.

    DRAFT info pack for raising awareness and pooning community/state educators in states where ASI is on the approved providers list:
    AppliedScholasticsExposed2.pdf (Updated)

    (^^work-in-progress, i need to finish the opening sections & verify contact info list @ end to ensure that no other late coming approvals for 2009-2010 snuck in under our noses since the fall of 2009 like happened in DC schools. final version coming soon)
  23. AnonLover Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    bump 4 UPDATED INFOS nao available!

    Near Final Info Pack: AppliedScholasticsExposed2.pdf
    • still needs copypasta placeholder text in opening sections revamped into a trageted intro,
    • Feedback, suggestions & grammar nazi edits = DO WANT!

    Wiki page expanded: tl;dr Highlights of Key Info from ^^Info Pack
    • [WIKI][/WIKI]
    • Spread this shi- and use it to man your poons!

    Also wanted - can i get a cross post w/ the above info & word that 2 new states have been added to the list, for our Atlanon brothers over on The Tipping Point forums, with a similar bump to the originating thread here: Applied Scholastics is losing ground
  24. AnonLover Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    crossposting important stuff that came up on the DC schools thread that i still want to address to finish the info pack & give it a proper intro at the beginning...
    Currently the opening section is just some copypasta from materials that were sliced/diced into excerpts that i want to replace with a short synopsis of the above comment.

    Plus I want to add a blurb to the 2nd section, where it reveals who Bennetta Slaughter is, and add something into that about the ASI Cockburn cultie from St. Louis who files & follows thru on all the SES Provider applications and is listed as point of contact for every state with a current approval. This is what we know on her so far:

    anyone else got any moar dirt worth knowing on Mary Cockburn?

    I was able to find a mary cockburn on facebook, but i dont know if its her: Mary Cockburn | Facebook

    I also found a Mary Cockburn connected to Purdue Unniversity in 2007 that i hope to hell aint her either:
  25. AnonLover Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    So who is the current CEO/President of ASI in St. Louis? Inquiring minds want to be sure...

    The previous CEO Bennetta Slaughter seems to have left that post and moved on to other things in 2007 per her blog here: My Story | Bennetta Slaughter's Blog
    It would appear that is G. Craig Barton, who is mentioned on Occupied Clearwater - $cieno Incognito and indexed on here: G. Craig Burton but the latest mention of him in RHill's dox is 2007.

    Completions on Barton are also slim G. Craig Burton - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project

    His linkedin page doesnt say much aside from holding both President and COO positions, and the dates of his present position kinda fuzzy cuz it obviously combines the two job titles into single position: Craig Burton - LinkedIn

    His name as COO was also the contact given to CO education board on the SES Provider List for 2008-09, same with WA state in 2008-09 provider list,

    but nowadays that point of contact is always listed as Cockburn in all states where ASI is an approved provider. and her title is typically listed as Federal Programs Manager

    Also - lots of other scilons by the name of "Barton" involved in local AS schools/programs in some shape or form. 'sup with that? Do we know of any from this scilon Barton clan that are definitely out & amongst the exscn camp?

    Can anybody know (or can find) anything more current on Craig Barton? Can we be sure he's still in charge and holding both President & COO titles?
  26. AnonLover Member

    Re: Applied Scholastics in Your Public Schools Now

    our brethren over on The Tipping Point forums reported errors in adobe 8 with my last draft pdf of info pack altho it worked fine in adobe 7.

    my bad - it seems to be my brand new pdf tool needed updates loaded after initial install that didnt showup automatically.

    I'm working on verifying i got that glitch resolved, meanwhile here's the latest greatest nearly-final draft of Applied Scholastics info pack as a msword doc in case anyone else here on wwp had same problem in adobe acrobat 8: (EDIT - Mediafire keeps goofing my uploads)

    ^^Initial intro section still under construction, and awaiting findings of research being done on this related thread:
  27. AnonLover Member

    bumpty - the ^^info pack project spawned from this thread in late spring of 2010 that never got completely finished before the school year ended & SES approval season rolled 'round, has been resurrected & finished for spring 2011 due to some ambitious MOFags appearing on the scene with an interest to knockdown ASI's approval in their home state turf likes been done elsewhere.

    so yeah - took me over year, but mai doxmeister researchfag masterpiece is now complete!


    Applied Scholastics Exposed Info Pack 2011 (ver3)
    Related thread for new/current infos:
    Applied Scholastics - Infodump & summary thread - background and current events 2011

    Related wiki page with the list of SES approval states updated for current 2010-11 school year stats:
    List of States Using Applied Scholastics
  28. Anonymous Member


    awesome work and collection of dox
  29. Don Carlo Member

    Proof that Applied Scholastics = Scientology and is poorly designed, by Dr. David Touretzky

    Proof Church of Scientology International controls Applied Scholastics

    Church of Scientology International lists Flag Command Bureaux as one of its subordinate groups at page 6-7
    "Flag Command Bureaux" [Exh. No. 69, Excerpt]...includes - the supervising authority "Flag Network Coordination Committee" (FNCC):

    Flag Network Coordination Committee controls Association for Better Living and Education, (ABLE) , page 3-26,
    ABLE says Applied Scholastics International is "a Social Betterment Corporation of ABLE International." .
    ... "acknowledgement is made to L. Ron Hubbard Library for...copyrighted works" and an entire page praising founder L. Ron Hubbard .
  30. AnonLover Member

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