Applied Scholastics @ Toronto Word On The Street festival Sept 25, 2011

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by HellRazor, Sep 12, 2011.

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  1. HellRazor Member

    Scientology front group, Applied Scholastics, will be at the Toronto literacy festival, Word On The Street, on Sunday September 25, 2011 at Queen's Park.

    Harpoons needed:

    Nicola Dufficy – Festival Director

    Kristen Gentleman – Marketing and Special
    Events Coordinator
    Meghan Junke – Special Projects Assistant and
    Volunteer Coordinator
    Tel: 416-504-7241


    Raid anyone? Their tent will be in the northwest corner of Queen's Park, near Hoskin Avenue.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for finding this. I won't be in town for the event but have already sent a few e-mails, specifically to real educators. Literacy and $cientology don't mix unless you want to sound like a fucktard.
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  3. TorontosRoot Member

    I will be down for this, what time does the event start? When does it end? We need to be there to get the cult warded out of the park in every possible peaceful way we can.

    Big signs, I might gather a few large boxes to make into a collapsible sign, if they're white. Pizza boxes, the plain white type, would be good. Or just paper. Whichever is easiest to acquire. Lulz will be had. Indeed.
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  4. HellRazor Member

    Bump. Moar harpoons needed.

    Harpoon launched. Let's see if I get the same boilerplate.

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  5. AuntAnonymous Member

    I got the exact same reply from Kristen.

    At the very least, one more person is aware of the sneaky cult and that there are critics watching.

    Wish I could be there to enturbulate a bit but I am far, far away right now.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    This is begging to be raided. It'll be fun to watch the Scilons get all paranoid wondering when we show up.
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  7. xenubarb Member

    I've seen pix of them incorporating a 'free stress test' space into their booths. Y'all should be alert for this, and be ready to poon with FDA dox, the patter card, the e-meter.

    Has nothing to do with literacy and everything to do with Scn recruitment.
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  8. tippytoe Member

    I have to wonder if they would be so accommodating and inclusive if the publishing arm of the KKK or Aryan Nation wanted an exhibit.
  9. Anonymous Member

    ITT: prologue to EPIC LULZ
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  10. Anonymous Member

    How many are going to show up for sure?
  11. Anonymous Member

  12. Anonymous Member

    FDA dox don't apply in Canada. I have no idea if the Health Canada has weighed in on the issue of its complies to medical device regulation or not.
  13. Anonymous Member

    /r img and txt of stress test patter card(s).
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  14. DeathHamster Member


    ”Hello! [handshake] My name is_ , What’s your name? [tells] ”Nice to meet you!"
    [put cans in hands]

    "Here is how this Works. I am going to ask you a question, you don’t have to say anything and we’re going to find out what is causing you the most stress in your life. When the needle moves to the right, that shows stress.” [point to the needle so they know to watch the dial]

    [Tum the meter on and get the needle on the dial]

    ”Think of different people and situations in your life.”

    ”There! [point to the needle falling] That’s stress! What did you just think of?"
    [Make a big deal out of the read and say this with impact so that it impinges on them]

    [Get in comm. If no real ruin, give them a good and appropriate ack and say] ”Think of something else causing you stress.”

    [Get in comm. If still no real ruin, check over the following areas, one at a time, if they haven’t already come up: work, family, relationships, health.]

    [If you have still not found a ruin, then look a them with good TRs and high intention and say,] "Let me ask you a question, what is the one thing that is really messing up your life?"

    [once you have found the ruin, ask] "How long has this been going on?", How is this affecting you life?" or "How does this affect you?" to make it real

    [once done, give them a very good acknowledgment and take the cans away and show them the Dianetics book] "Let me show you something. Have you ever heard of this book?” [Put the book in their hands and have them read the first two paragraphs of the inside flap of the cover. Let go while the read it. Take the book away when done.]

    ”What you just told me about, Where... [repeat the ruin back as exactly as possible] ...this book will show you exactly why that happens and how to fix it." [When you say, " to fix it,” put the book into their hands and let go.]

    [Then immediately without comm lag, start to hardsell the person Make it your own.]
    [Continue to hardsell the person as long as needed until they get the book.]
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  15. kittypark Member

    I was looking for info for the Halifax side, and even though they are here it looks like Applied Scholastics wont be set up in Halifax, correct?
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  16. TorontosRoot Member

    Never been to Halifax, I hope they do setup for a lovely lulzy raid. :D Soon that is.
  17. HellRazor Member

    It's Friday. I have not had a reply from The Word on the Street to my email about A.S. :(
  18. Anonymous Member

    They must be quite busy, or some Scilons are insiders in the free event.
  19. kittypark Member

    i hope they do so raiding can begin but also hope they dont because, obviously lol. they do have A.S office here though. I never really physically been at the Halifax A.S but google maps shows it to be a persons house, just like the CO$ building here
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  20. TorontosRoot Member


    Applied Scholastics will be at booth LL9. Did recon, as shown on the updated more detailed main map. Didn't get time for photos as I was in a hurry to go somewhere.
  21. TorontosRoot Member

    I CANNOT BELIEVE I MISSED IT! Never will stay out late before a flash sunday raid.

    If anybody did show up, did the scilons pack up and leave?
  22. kittypark Member

    how did it go?
  23. Anonymous Member

    I was there with my three-year-old so couldn't really do much. I did walk by a few times to check out what they were doing.

    One thing to note was that the whole event was really busy and yet there was never anyone at the Applied Scholastics booth apart from the six+ staff members. Also it was more or less the only empty booth.

    Meanwhile another booth was trying to offload "Mission Earth: The Invaders Plan" by sticking it in a bag with another six books and selling the bunch for $5.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Addendum: No sign of e-meters, stress tests or overt signs of Scientology promotion. They were being the Applied Scholastics that "has nothing to do with Scientology", clearly.
  25. Anonymous Member

    Was the unrelated children's publisher Scholastic there? I've always been curious about if they have done much to not be confused with Applied Scholastics. I wrote them once and received a short reply that they (Scholastic) were not connected with Applied Scholastics.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Scholastic was indeed there.
  27. TorontosRoot Member

    Any video footage or photos?
  28. Anonymous Member

    Thanks, it has been 6 years since I wrote to them about Applied Scholastics being confused with them.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Narconon =/= Narcotics Anonymous
    Applied Scholastics =/= Scholastic
    Youth for Human Rights =/= real human rights organization

    I see a pattern developing here.
  30. Anonymous Member

    3 years ago my sister told me her daughter had applied for a teacher's job at a "Applied Scholastics" school. She was disappointed she didn't get the job because the interview seemed to go well. After I told them it was a Scientology front they were both glad she wasn't hired by them. She has her first job as a teacher now at a real school.
  31. TorontosRoot Member

    Someone needs to figure it out. I ar not able to. (no explanation for it either)
  32. TorontosRoot Member

    That is horrible to hear, and frightening.
  33. Anonymous Member

    If a scam sounds legitimate it has a better chance of success.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Scientology =/= Science
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