[Apr 23, 2011] Freedom of Information Rally (Dallas TX)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by DarkSpecterAnon, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Come out and show support for Freedom o Information!!! Transparency and accountability are necessary for a functioning Society!

    I am totally open to all Suggestions about this rally. Places to meet, or time changes, post your thoughts here!
  2. The last protest seemed a bit too short, especially since we had something of a slow start due to general unpreparedness, so I vote we set the official time from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM or 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM.

    I'm also throwing in the Galleria as a potential location. The high traffic there, especially on weekends, would solve the exposure problem we keep running into downtown, and there are plenty of public sidewalks around main entrances to the mall, which would allow us to be seen without worrying about private property and getting permission from mall management (which, let's be honest, would be seriously unlikely.)
  3. Another chance to get out and speak the truth to people? I'm in!

    Also let's use this to build momentum for June 14th
  4. Umm why June 14th?
  5. President Obama thinks your emails are his business, whether you like it or not.

    What the actual fuck.

    So we aren't allowed to be informed about the official, political actions of government employees whom we employ, and who are supposed to answer to us. But the government can read our most private and sensitive communications at any time and for any reason, just because they say so.

    Never mind, though, the pizza delivery guy just got here and there's a new [non] reality show coming on the TV. Besides, America is the world's foremost paragon of liberty, Bill O'Reilly told me so. Someone pass the Bud...
  6. Cyberwarrior1 Member

    Road trip to DC! Who's in?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Just a thought here... Instead of fighting for freedom of information, shouldn't we be acting on the information we won to fight tyranny, injustice, and straight-up evil? It's like we're arresting a murdering rapist for the damage he did to the window when he broke in.
  8. The U.S. government is still seeking the extradition and prosecution of Julian Assange. Bradley Manning is still being tortured in a U.S. military prison, on U.S. soil, on the orders of U.S. political and military leaders.

    As U.S. government representatives have admitted, the disclosures in the Wikileaks cables are more embarrassing than damaging, yet the information is still being suppressed. The freedom of the press is effectively being abridged (hint: see the First Amendment) even when indirectly by threat or intimidation.

    If we do not seek to preserve the freedom of the press and freedom of information, our democratic institutions and aspirations will fail. How can you effectively exercise your citizens' rights without being accurately apprised of the situations and circumstances you are ostensibly affecting with your political action? The answer is, you can't.

    If we don't know the truth, we can't act on the truth. These cables prove most extensively that we do not know the truth, and we are not allowed to know the truth. That is a far bigger problem than any solitary act of foreign diplomacy our government could ever make.

    In a democratic government, ignorance and ineptitude make the state's own citizens its greatest enemy.

    You're mad about what's in the cables? Fine. Rightly so. Good for you for staying informed.

    You want to do something about what's in the cables? Fine. Do something. If you have a specific plan or idea, feel free to elucidate it, and if it is worthwhile, then others will very likely join you in action. Until then, and while you are busy carelessly ignoring the very important implications of the current freedom of information battle, NYPA. It's a lot easier to complain about what other people are doing than to do something yourself. Fact.
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  9. tequilanauta Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    What I'm saying is that it doesn't make sense to keep fighting for free information when we already have enough to charge many of the nation's leadership with high treason. Sure, we can learn about more crimes, but when are we going to do more with these bombshell truths than "be informed?" Are we going to wait till entire towns are wiped out? Are we going to wait till the empire has conquered the whole of the middle east? When are we going to take a real stand against tyranny instead of sitting on our hands till the occasional 30-man protest?
  11. The idea is to get other people that aren't aware of this Information... To join us, and to help take on THEIR government. For Example... When Dealing with Scilons... we don't need too much, because they are so small, that a handful of Anons are able to fuck with them. But in the case of our Government... this is both easier and harder. It's Easier because EVERY person we talk to has to deal with the Government.... but they are also sleepier.... THus the point of the Rally is to raise Awareness to others that they need to be aware of what's going on!
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  12. Well, Anon, let me be the first to thank you for your expert opinion.

    However, while I am sorry you apparently don't enjoy the FoI protests (even with 30+ people in attendance) you still don't seem to have offered any concrete or specific ideas.

    How about you get back to us when you have some of those?

    In the meantime, having now given our opinions, we will continue doing things. If you like, you can keep complaining about the things we are doing, but until you offer a more practical suggestion than "PROSECUTE TEH FUKKERZ!!!!!1111ELEVEN" (which I'm sure none of us disagree with, in principle) I'm afraid I just can't take you very seriously.

    But again, thank you, and I'm sure we all look forward to your future input.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    More practical suggestions? Fine; here are a few.

    Organizing a group to meet with local school boards and discuss the fact that the constitution and the universal declaration of human rights are no longer displayed in classrooms, the fact that schools are reporting biased accounts of US wars as history, and the fact that students are leaving government education with the impression that democracy is both good and our nation's government rather than the vile tyrany that everyone from Aristotle to the founding fathers warned us against.

    Using media such as youtube and social networking to promote well-produced videos of what we're doing so that more than three people will see what we're doing and actually care.

    Rallying around other local causes such as DART's constant violations of the open meetings act to pool our numbers with other organizations.

    Pulling off a perfectly legal stunt that will actually gain some attention, such as flash mobs in Guy Fawkes masks at the malls.

    Advertising the fact that there's no law requiring people to pay income tax, as it is impossible to write a law that levys a non-apportioned tax without a constitutional amendment.

    There are plenty of things to do. Think of everything the colonials were willing to do. Down the road, we may even need to tar and feather a bitch or two. For now, we can keep things legal while still having an effect. Look to the Britts. They've done some amazing things this year.
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  14. Cyberwarrior1 Member

    wow... very well said An0nym0usfemal3
  15. Cyberwarrior1 Member

    omg lmfao! I just thought about that!

  16. They've got a point. There are things we could do other than stand around with signs.
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  17. Zijaha Member

    Hi everyone, I am totally new at this but I want to get involved. I live in DFW, and I want to protest Scientology.... Is there a rally scheduled sometime soon? If not, is one in the works?

    Also, I want to know if there's a bigger national rally being scheduled...

    I'm sorry for asking so many questions...

  18. No National Rallys, as traveling long distances and getting Reservations make Anonymous Nervous.....

    As for Scilon Raids... Check out this Dallas Scilon Raids Thread, Discussion of scilon tactics and dates for Protests get posted there... Definitely want to subscribe. Additionally, The megathread with all our postgames and raid info of all types is in Dallas Activism Thread.

    These are good places to ask Specific protesting local questions.... Welcome to the boards!
  19. Don't be sorry, your questions (and participation) are welcome. :D

    There is a DFW area anti-Scientology protest scheduled for April 30th. (Link) That protest ("raid") will be supporting an international raid in Paris, France on the same day. Both raids are in honor of an Anon who was beaten up by a Scientologist while protesting in front of the Paris Org last month.

    As DarkSpecterAnon already pointed out, we have several planning threads going, and you can learn a lot from those. For more information on what goes on at a protest, you can check out the Dallas post-game reports in the IRL Activism > Post Game Reports section. (Link)

    Welcome again, and I hope you make it out to a raid! :D

    EDIT: Mega-Raids (the closest thing to a national raid Anon does) do happen from time to time (maybe once a year) but all the ones I've seen tend to get planned closer to the Fall.
  20. Zijaha Member

    Thank you very much, I am going to try my hardest to make it to a raid.... I might even bring a friend of mine who might also be interested in becoming Anonymous...

    But anyway, thank you for your help, I saw what they did to that Anon in Paris... Scilon bastards!
  21. Who likes the idea of flash mobs? We could all do the Guy Fawkes thing at malls. Just imagine going to each store one at a time and shopping (cash only). We would need to think of a way to use it to get the message out, too.
  22. Zijaha Member

    I like the flash mob idea....
  23. What if we came into a mall in small groups from all of the entrances, met in the middle, formed a group, and used a megaphone to say something along the lines of "You are being lied to. Secrets that steal your liberty are there for you to find. Why We Protest Dot Com."

    Edit: All in Guy Fawkes masks if possible.
  24. Hey not such a bad idea... except I don't think the Mall would let us do that inside the place. Also... we don't even have a place to meet selected... and the rally is this weekend.
  25. Cmeregirl Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    Organization fail...
  27. thatonenigger Member

    yo lets protest to make weed legal too that will get more people to join us at the protest..weed and internet go along great..who's with my idea?
  28. anonymous612 Member

    Shut up.
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  29. I lol'd.
  30. thatonenigger Member

    hey its a good idea tho right?? haha i think so
  31. anonymous612 Member

    No. Shut up.
  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Anonymous Member

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  34. So was there a protest and/or a post-game report?

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