[Apr 30, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Dallas TX)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by DarkSpecterAnon, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. We Do Not Forgive
    We Do Not Forget
    Remember NoNo the Clown

    The sad tale of Nono the clown, an unofficial World Wide Retallyraid will be had by all on this date. Pictures and information about NoNo the clown in France to tell the public about Scientology attacks on Peaceful Protestors.

    Red noses to add to your Guy Fawkes mask Optional, but encouraged.

    Discussion on special Signs/ Pamphlets/ Chants for the Scientologists about the tale of NoNo highly encouraged!
  2. By the way... any one got a lead on where to get Red Noses? Attaching them to Guy Fawkes Masks seems to be the way people are standing in Solidarity of NoNo.
  3. I'm sure local costume shops carry clown noses, but you'll probably find the best prices online, and there is enough time between now and the raid to order them.

    Update: Amazon has them for $1.30/dozen.
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  4. Anon998 Member

    If they're that cheap, can we trust one person to buy them? That way we don't end up with over 9000 clown noses.
  5. I can buy a pack.
  6. Actually... I'm not going to be able to be there now. Sorry!!
  7. NOOO!!!!1!!!eleven!

    hmmm then I'll pick up 2 dozen then, I'll be there.
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  8. Zijaha Member

  9. zudok Member

    oh man, hoping i can make it out to this one too. more concerned about new employment though lulz but we shall see.
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  10. Mantis Member

    sad day

    so i know we made alot of joke about axe posters and whatnot, was anyone wanting to seriously put something together. btw, where is the best place or site to get a guy fawkes mask from, i am planning on putting together in the near future, which may require a few.... plus other materials that i already have/know where to get.
  11. jan Henrion Member

  12. Mantis Member

    i cant read it either, but i enjoy the random little koi fish thing on the side panel of the page. the one where they swim frantically to follow the mouse, that entertained me for a full minute
  13. Anon998 Member

    This site has one. Just watch out, don't buy from Amazon or Ebay or fishy looking site, scilons are known for putting these masks on sale to namefag you.
  14. Zijaha Member

    OOH! If you click it you can feed them little fishy flakes!!!!
  15. Mantis Member

    OMFG!!!!!! reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally?????????

  16. Mantis Member

    thankyou 998, when i gets paid and have the monies, i shall indeed be procruing one
  17. jan Henrion Member

  18. Sorry... Once Again I have no idea what it's saying.....

    BTW.. Are you in the Dallas Fort Worth Area? Cause is this a pretty limited event here.... Unless you can tell me what the pages are about... I can't really say if it belongs here or on another thread.
  19. Zak McKracken Member

    jan is Swiss-newfag I think. Seems to be recruiting anons from all over the world to warn them that Scientology is bad, and to join the Swiss Resistance; or something like that.

    Jan: Welcome to Why We Protest forums!
    Your posts will be more effective in "general discussion" threads
    instead of local protest planning threads like this one here.
  20. Zijaha Member

    Will socks be there???
  21. Anon998 Member

    I'd bet she will.
  22. We're working on how to cut an Axe from a caek... So she better be
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  23. zudok Member

    I wanna get major lulz. Is there anywhere i can find an elron costume or would tom cruise sue me?
  24. >Wide-collared dress shirt, unbuttoned at the neck
    >Gratuitous ascot
    >Thinning hair
    >Greasy con-man demeanor

    That should about do it...
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  25. i am interested in joining the anon movement can anyone assist?
  26. Whats the plan? Where exactly (what building) are we protesting?
  27. zudok Member

    What ever and where ever we feel like. Dont forget the axecaek tho. There should be over 9000 people attending so thats good
  28. can i attend this?
  29. Anyone can be Anon and participate in Anon activities. My best advice, and the advice you will probably hear most often, is "lurk more." You can learn just about everything you need to know by listening in and researching Googleing. Most of the basics for getting involved can be found in the new members' area (HERE). The following YouTube video is also a great starting resource for IRL activities:

    (Just a note: Because the Dallas Org is set a significant distance off the main road and there is a public sidewalk running in front of it, we do not protest on the other side of the street, but the sentiment remains the same - do not behave in any way that could be construed as threatening or aggressive.*)

    This thread specifically is the event page for an anti-Scientology protest (raid) scheduled for April 30th in the Dallas-Ft. Worth, Texas area. If you live in DFW (or even if you don't, I guess, though transportation might be a bit complicated, LOL) you are more than welcome to attend this particular event, or any others that interest you. If you live elsewhere, there may be another raid like this one planned for your local area. The best places to check are the general event section (HERE) or the Scientology IRL planning section (HERE).

    If you decide to get involved and join up with the DFW cell, you can get an idea of what we do through the links in our general planning thread (HERE) and dedicated anti-Scientology planning thread (HERE).

    Also, hai there. Welcome.

    *CopyPasta, sorry guys! :D
  30. We meet in front of the Las Colinas "clock tower" (a large clock made of flowers, but conspicuously lacking any towers) along O'Connor Blvd, and usually stay there for about an hour or so, raising awareness along the main road before heading to the Org (451 Decker Dr.) to protest as a group.


    This is the layout of the Org. (Plus labels and helpful guide, no charge!)


    Just a friendly reminder for recent inhabitants of the internet: "tarp" is creative Anon spelling for "trap." Please do not walk into traps.
  31. Nice remix of my shitty protest map female! And welcome to the nw anons. Hope to see you around soon!
  32. I actually can't take responsibility for the maps; both are just borrowed from other DFW threads. They are nice, though! :D
  33. Oh, I wonder when the remixed maps were made, ohwell nice to see they helped
  34. I can't speak for the top map, but the bottom one is pretty old, probably 2009.
  35. So how many do we expect to show up?
  36. Mantis Member

    i like how there is a 'tarp" on the sidewalk, lol
  37. I made the top map and posted it in this thread.

    In the words of Peppy Hare:
    But I'll bring axecaek to the May Protest fo sho.
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  38. I died in rofls. Which I mistyped as rolfs for a second. rolf_msn.gif

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