[Apr 30, 2011] Anonymous vs Scientology Rally (Dallas TX)

Discussion in 'Planning' started by DarkSpecterAnon, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Mantis Member

    'Ideas are bullet proof'
  2. Anon8915 Member

    We really need to organize a protest down here in Houston. It seems we're being over-run by Scilons.
  3. We just had another HoustAnon come posting around. Give me a sec.


    This Anon Recently came in from Houston. You two should get together, and see about recruiting and protesting. Best of luck to the both of you!
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  4. Anon998 Member

    I don't have really any music guys, so if any of you want to play music, please bring your mp3 player so I can play it on my stereo.
  5. What happened to your playlist of win?
  6. Anon998 Member

    I was using a streaming app on my iPhone, but it cost a monthly fee and really wasn't worth the price anymore. I could still use pandora though if nobody minds the fact that we can't pick out songs.
  7. Mantis Member

    i'll be sure to bring mine, though its mostly obscure techno and indi rock..... and muse and the killers, lol
  8. Mantis Member

    lol, love me some pandora, hahaha, but i got you covered my friend.
  9. zudok Member

    im not 100% if i can make it out tomorrow. i really want to try though cuz i start a new job next week so this may be the last chance i get for a while
  10. Anonymoush1 Member

    I live over in england | manchester
  11. Umm.... Great? Is that basically saying you are lost?
  12. Anonymoush1 Member

    No just saying we should protest in manchester.
  13. Yeah but this thread deals with Dallas, Texas, United States of America.

    This isn't a good place to talk to people that want to protest in Manchester England.
  14. Congrats on the whole royal wedding thing. Are you sick of the merchandise yet?

    Also you might find this page more enlightening.
  15. zudok Member

    Lame. Rain in the forecast for tomorrow.
  16. Dragononymous Member

    Good luck for today, although its still for tomorrow for you guys but who gives a cake.
    Do your best and dont forget to obey lord Xenu
  17. Start time of 2pm for the Frogs in France is roughly 8 am for us on SATURDAY. so actually it's more like t-14 hours
  18. zudok Member

    lulz WBC is trolling in waxahachie sunday at 5:15 at the civic center cuz of a fallen soldier. i know i know not another wbc thing but still...fuck them. i mean waxahachie really?

    they have an extreme case of butthurt cuz they couldnt see the wedding lulzy lulz
  19. zudok Member

  20. Anon998 Member

    This is why I bring 3 umbrellas to every protest. :p
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  21. zudok Member

    i wanna go so damn bad but shit im low on gas and noone wants to go so no ride even if i wanted to
  22. anonsoldier Member

    I hope you fags raged hard, because Paris was a shitstorm of AWESOME!
  23. Anon998 Member

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  24. Eff! I've been hoping for an opportunity to troll the WBC for months, and the moment I'm gone they actually show up, practically next door. DallAnons need to get out there make some lulz in Waxahachie. Srsly.
  25. zudok Member

    It was all over /b/ last night there will be lol. Not just anon either. Rednex haha they like to troll walmart parking lots in their big trucks but not tomorrow. Ill be there fo sho cuz this is hella gay
  26. zudok Member

    Bahahahahahahaaha my gf contacted (unfortunately) faux news and theyre gunna cover the funeral. Be there or be a fag. I can has lulzburger? Yes sir.
  27. Mantis Member

    oh, i'll be there, make em feel really welcome
  28. Mantis Member

    eh, news crews just feed these IRL trolls. probably shouldnt have done that, what you should have done is get a bunch of gangbangers together and say that the WBC called them every racial slur there was, and watch the party insue
  29. Hoping to Troll the WBC AND wants a stress test? I think you need to take off the bandanas for a bit and get some fresh air. Someone's been Anon a bit too long.
  30. Mantis Member

  31. U jelly of my dedication, Specter? :D
  32. zudok Member

    NAH they said they were already informed but still. Gotta love fox 4 haha
  33. zudok Member

    Oh yah apparently be there by 4:15 (hour early) so the family dont have to deal with godhatesfags fags. To whoever will be going: find where the college is and meet up there thats probably where my starting point will be. If you have axecaek you couldnt bring cuz you bailed on scifags.....i want some
  34. Nah not jealous, concerned. As the staff officer of the medical corps of the Marcabian Fleet, I order you to bedrest. You can't go trolling to many groups at once... you'll get sick and faint and then where would be? Knee deep outside the Org on the street needing an Evac? Better to take a break and not risk it.
  35. Mantis Member

    shush, she deserves to go down swinging
  36. zudok Member

    So westboro bitched out but many lulz were had. Stupid rednex kept thinking we were them even tho our signs stated otherwise. We kept getting flipped off n shit cuz uhmerikkka flag guys were across the road from where we were. I was the only masked one and my gfs aunt goes they were there i saw them with signs there was even one guy with a mask reminded me of kkk......orly? Lol we had drink the koolaid already (doubles for scifags) and god hates the phelps over 9000 times more...yup were with st00pid lol. Even had ppl from houston come it was nice they were cool
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  37. Mantis Member

    glad to see the turnout that was there, and it was you in the mask? lol, i obviously didnt reveal my anon username, but i happy to say that i may or may not have also been attending, and i was very dissapointed that the wbc fuckers were not there.

    btw, kkk didnt wear masks stupid aunt ladie, they wore hoods, with wholes cut out. lol, and lace panties under those robes, but thats a different thing
  38. zudok Member

    Hahah so did you see that guy pull up show his mask and flip us off? That was gay
  39. Mantis Member

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