August 29 - Dallas,Tx PG - There Will NOT Be Blood.

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by NoScope, Aug 30, 2009.

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    August 29 - Dallas,Tx PG - There Will NOT Be Blood.

    Had a good raid with me and Duke Icognito there for some backup. I showed up around 9:30 and started making my new sign and DI showed up around 10:00 with some drinks to help with the Texas heat. After finishing my sign and DI parking, we went out front of the org and did our thing.

    We had several conversations with scilons and public alike, yet sadly I wasn't quick enought on the draw to catch them on camera. I began asking if Ann O'Connor would come out and have a comm with me, but I guess she wasn't there.

    I saw Zack on the balcony and he came down and stopped his van at the end of their driveway. He asked why we were there and we explained it was to help people. I guess he couldn't answer that cause he just waved us off and drove away.

    One guy in a truck stopped in the middle of the road and asked about the cult and we had a good chat with him. Thats one more civilian informed. And two joggers came by and thought we were protesting a christian church. The cross fooled them I guess.

    Jim Johnson showed up several times in his pizza van and had a new passenger everytime. The biggest incident we had was with this guy who was walking into the org from the street. He started saying we were a cult over and over again, and then another lady joined in saying that she was a church of christ member. I caught the end of that part on tape.

    At the start of the raid, a lady in a silver minivan was saying that the cult was hosting a blood drive that day and proceded to set out a blood drive sign. She asked us why we would scare people away from donating blood, to which we replied that we were informing people about a dangorouse cult and she should have done her research before having a blood drive at a cult headquarters.

    Later in the day, I became suspicouse about the blood drive because noone who came out into the parking lot or onto the balcony was wearing a bandage on their arm. I guess they were either lieing about the blood drive or just too stengy to give any of their own. Who knows?

    Here's my new sign :D
    and here's the blood drive sign she put up

    This is the first video with the lady who was church of christ. I told her it was a blood drive and she said, "Not here". Thats when I was like WTF!

    New vid, this is continueing from the one above. The CoC lady is being escorted by the door greeter and she won't talk to us anymore. Thats ok though, cause me and DI like to talk.

    Oh, and congrats to DI for having his first scilon pic taken. He was exited that epic camera guy came down his steps and took pictures of us.

    P.S. I know I sucked at holding the camera steady, and most of the vid is an upward shot of my nose, but screw you it was hot and I really wasn't paying attention to were the camera was pointing.

    NoScope. :)
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    Re: August 29 - Dallas,Tx PG - There Will NOT Be Blood.

    O shi-

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    Re: August 29 - Dallas,Tx PG - There Will NOT Be Blood.

    To show my support for the little girl (if she exists), I went and donated blood. I asked the nurse about the four quarts an hour/day, and he said she would have to be in a major surgery for that much blood a day, if it was an hour she would be dead.

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    I saw my gf drive byin the black charger.
    Maskless. I like it.
    NoScope, I like your hair all grow out like that, too.

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