Berlin: Sept. 20th, 2009. The Berlin Marathon Raid

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    Berlin: Sept. 20th, 2009. The Berlin Marathon Raid

    Sept 19th and 20th, 2009, the Berlin Marathon took place. It was – as every year – an event with different disciplines like the Halfmarathon, the Marathon for walkers, wheelchair competitors and for handbikers. Haile Gerbselassie from Ethiopia won the big Marathon for men the fourth time in a row. Damn, what a men. Atsede Habtamu Besuye, also from Ethiopia, won this discipline for woman. ‘Congrats. For those interested in those kind of sports it probably was a weekend full of fun.

    For most of the other people it was just another tourist event in Berlin, which is always cool, but not that unusual. Only for Scientology Berlin it obviously was a little problem: usually they build up an Stresstest-Booth every Sunday at the Potsdamer Platz in the middle of Berlin. And this Stresstest-Booth gets flashraided by Anonymous also every Sunday since the end of Winter ‘09. But this time the whole Potsdamer Platz was crowed with tourists and athletes, because the Berlin Marathon crossed the place directly in the middle. Maybe that where too much people to handle, maybe Scientology just get worried, that some of their members could use the chance of this big crowd to run away form the cult. One way or the other, they just didn’t build up the booth at the Potsdamer Platz, but at the Alexanderplatz, in the middle of East-Berlin, right at the bottom of the Fernsehturm (one of the two TV Towers in Berlin, the one in East-Berlin).

    Stressfree music vs. Stresstest
    When Scientology tried to run away from the weekly Flashraids of Anonymous Berlin in June and August ‘09, they did had used this place before, so it was no big surprise that later the day, we also arrived at this booth. It was no secret at all. It was a little bit more crowed this time, because the Marathon also took place around the Alexanderplatz, so we had some more tourist than usual. But besides that, everything was just fine.
    The weather was just sweet for the late summer. It was hot and everybody was chillin. When the first four Anons (of the later ten Anons) arrived at 3 p.m., some great street musician started to build up his equipment and then sang all the famous tunes of Bob Marley for maybe one and a half or so. That just fitted perfect in the situation. Later some breakdancers show their skills. (Yep, breakdancers, like in the ‘80s. They still exists somewhere in Berlin.)



    Probably because of the “events” for the 25th birthday of the International Association of Scientologists (IAS), the Stresstest-Booth was visited most of the time by three female members of the IAS. That was okay, they mostly just stood around and could watch Scientology Berlin fail. It was like always: most of the visitors of the Stresstest-Booth where people a.) who wanted to make fun of Scientology, b.) who wanted to tell them directly, that they are stupid or c.) tourists, who didn’t had heard of Scientology before, especially from the Arab World – now they know. But it was again nearly no traffic at the Streestest-Booth, on the contrary a lot of the passers-by openly supported Anonymous. So, the Scientologists tried to play cool most of the time, although they couldn’t hold it. Our mainhandler, Mr. Egy, again tried to talk to some Anons for whatever reason and was constantly getting in an argumentative deadlocks.


    Spot the difference
    As the Scientologists didn’t do anything lulzy this time until we called it a day at about 8.30 p.m., we had to make fun for our own. Therefore here’s a game for you: one Berlin Anon at the bottom of the Fernsehturm in August 2009 and the same Anon at the same Fernsehturm in September 2009. How many difference could you spot?

    August 2nd, 2009

    September 20th, 2009

    Moar Pix:
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    Re: Berlin: Sept. 20th, 2009. The Berlin Marathon Raid

    Bob Marley Songs and Scilons don't run? This is typical drug music! *lol* They have sauna for this with minimum 12 hours!

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