Bernie Sanders

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  1. He actually was a candidate for the Democratic Party (so not a democrat in republicans clothing per se)
  2. Asshole 1 what a highly original choice of name. You are to be commended for showing such courage in your expressionism.
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    On the flip side, so are the Republicans.
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    They seem now to represent the most conservative views in the Deep South and Greater Appalachian cultures.
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    Bernie Sanders aims to inspire revolution among young adult readers | Books | The Guardian

    Former presidential candidate’s Guide to Political Revolution is written for ‘the smartest, most idealistic and least prejudiced generation in modern US history’


    The Bernie Sanders Guide to Political Revolution is out on 29 August. According to publisher Henry Holt, the former Democratic candidate for the US presidency calls for young people “to fight for a progressive economic, environmental, racial and social justice agenda that creates jobs, raises wages, protects the environment and provides healthcare for all”.

    In a foreword, Sanders points out that, in his campaign for president, he received more votes from young people than Donald Trump’s and Hilary Clinton’s combined, and that “in virtually every state primary and caucus, we won the overwhelming majority of young people – black, white, Latino, Asian American, and Native American”.

    “It is my observation that the current generation of young people is the smartest, most idealistic, and least prejudiced generation in the modern history of the United States,” writes Sanders in the guide, an adaptation for young people of his bestselling adult book, Our Revolution. “This is a generation that is prepared to think big and move this country in a very different direction than we have been traveling for years. It is especially prepared to reject the value system espoused by Donald Trump and the rightwing reactionaries in Congress who support his ideas.”

    Sanders told Teen Vogue that his book would expose young people to “an unusual political campaign, the excitement of politics and what being a progressive is all about”, adding that “they have a responsibility to participate in our democracy and to help create a government that works for all, rather than just the few”.

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