Brexit: the UK goes full retard

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Internet, Jun 24, 2016.

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  1. Random guy Member

    I suppose if we go by the nomenclature of the debate and call the stay stuff for "Project fear", the out stuff could be called "project dream". Non of them were overly realistic. The difference now is that it's easier to thumb at the dreams that won't come true, than the fears that fail to deliver.

    In the end this referendum was Cameron's plot to quench the right wing eurosceptics of his own party, while for the leavers it was a stab at destabilizing Cameron so that they could manoeuvre themselves into a more favourable position. If you remember Johnson's waffling around in the beginning ("let's get out, so that we can renegotiate a better deal for our selves"), it's bleedingly obvious it wasn't about EU for his part. Neither was Cameron unambiguously pro-EU. Had Britain remained and the exceptions he achieved been implemented, the "free flow of people" the EU holds so sacred would be markedly affected for all EU states.

    When you read the economical forecasts (positive and negative) they talk about fairly small margins of economic change (>5%). The drama of this referendum is vastly overblown. What this really is about are the dreams: The dream of the "ever deeper integration" on one hand and the "Oh England, my Lionheart" on the other. The economy is going to shuffle on regardless.
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  2. Everything nicely put together:

  3. The Internet Member

    Screwing up research funding seems bad. Some years ago NASA funding was severely cut, putting a lot of researchers out of a career. Research work often goes on over many years so you can't switch jobs easily.

    I think the UK should have planned ahead for how various research groups would carry on if the UK were to leave the EU.
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  4. Vanityfair:



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  9. The Tories just passed Labour on the left. I am actually proud of them.


  11. The Internet Member

    Lol Independence Day. If Britain wants to trade with the EU it will have to reinvent the wheel, putting itself back under the thumb of various rules and regulations like before.

    Like blowing up a bridge then having to rebuild it again. Seems an inconvenience.
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  12. Imagine the billions of pounds you don't have to spend when the European Union weighs in and tells America or Google or Apple or Microsoft how to behave smacking Billion dollar fines on those companies.


  13. Even precious America can't achive this kind of Sway"

  14. The Internet Member

    The "hate speech" issue is a problem for me because I can easily imagine a rule against hateful speech being abused. Just imagine a Scientologist accusing protesters of "hate speech."
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  15. Can you Eleborate on that ?
  16. At this moment the UK enjoys the full "lusts"of being a full member of the EU

    So Brexit is NOT A FACT (yet)
  17. Mann Ace Member

    In the US, hate speech has no legal meaning. Hate speech is free speech. Free speech is free.

    If COS wanted to make trouble, all they'd have to do is say any criticism at all is hate speech.
    They'll claim talking about the RPF and Xenu is hate speech. They'll say criticizing Davy is hate speech. Whatever it takes to shut us up, they'll do it.

  18. You DO have hate speech restrictions in the US, if it would lead to killing.

  19. You have actually very strict restrictians on what Muslims can say wich is "trumping"(lol) your precious never used Constitution
  20. Mann Ace Member

    There are a very few restrictions. Incitement to riot, for instance, or making an imminent threat or Libel. But basically, I can make whatever joke I like, and not have to worry about being fined $42,000 for my impertinence.

    One of the best things about the US is the Bill of Rights. It states that our rights are independent of the gov, and the gov is there to protect them.
  21. Mann Ace Member

    If you say so, it must be true.

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  24. Sekee Member

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  27. The Internet Member

  28. Brexiteers are becoming ever more incoherent – could it be they don’t know their own minds?

    Brexiteers are happy to wipe out the UK’s manufacturers by calling for the unilateral scrapping of all import tariffs. Kiss goodbye to Port Talbot and the rest of the UK steel industry if they get their way
    What Uk steel industry?
    Most of it was blown apart by Thatcher in the 80s and 90s, she systematically destroyed it by allowing cheaper imports from the Asiatic countries to come flooding in thereby making British Steel redundant.
    Get your facts lined up before you opine.
  29. Even Winston Churchill poops on Brexiteers.


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