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Discussion in 'Canada' started by NoxAnon, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. NoxAnon Member

    Hello all. I've noticed that there seems to be little to no evidence of Anonymous vs. Co$ in Calgary. I know it's not a huge center for the Scilons, but they are here, and they are affecting lives.

    I'd like to get things rolling again in Calgary and the surrounding areas, perhaps with a number of initiatives such as Anonymous is Here photos, YouFoundTheCard, and other events leading up to a general protest or rally.

    I'd also like to make our presence known on the University of Calgary and Mount Royal campuses this fall. A lot of international students go to these institutions as well as uninformed young people, and there is a troubling amount of pro-Co$ feeling in the faculties of these places, especially the Religious Studies departments.

    We have the opportunity to start a dialogue with people in Calgary, and I think this coming September is perfect.

    Come on, Anonymous, join me in showing that the fight is still on, we are everywhere, and we will not stop until the Co$ is exposed to all for the criminal organization it is. If we give up, they win.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    There was a vid on YouTube of Anons in Calgary protesting a few years ago. Whatever happened to those Anons is a mystery to me. At least there is no Church AFAIK in the city but you are dead right when you say there are Scientologists in Calgary. I am sure that they want one in their city. You go girl/guy. Start slipping in those YFTCs and whatever else in books and other places. I hope more people will pick up on that and help in exposing the cult.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Welcome NoxAnon. Nice to see some Alberta presence. Sounds like you have some good ideas going on, hope you can recruit yourself some help.

    I'm curious about this statement:
    Can you give any background?
  4. Anonymous Member

    Comment: All the best from Vancouver Anonymous!

    The city continues to maintain an org and Van Anonymous enturbulates at least once a month.

    I endorse your ideas with the Anonymous Is Here Photos, YouFoundTheCard, etc. Excellent stuff to do in the absence of a big-time org.

  5. NoxAnon Member

    Thanks Anonymous, you know what they say: if you don't do it, who will? I'm willing to lead the charge, I can only hope others will follow. I feel that this could make for some great media coverage once we get going. There may not be a Church AFAIK, but there sure is a Narconon. Gotta start somewhere.
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  6. NoxAnon Member

    Anon: As far as the faculty thing goes, I can tell you from personal experience that tenured staff seem to be advocating acceptance of the Co$ as a "legitimate religion" and do not address the unpleasant facts. Students are left with the impression that the Church is just another new religious fad rather than something dangerous. I find this unfortunate. A few of the tenured profs are quite adamant about it, but as far as I can tell are not affiliated with the Co$.

    This site is out of date but the prof who wrote is still feels the same way as of last term (i.e. the Co$ is a legit religion, he's speaking from authority):

    Auntie Social: Van Anonymous does good things in the face of the Scilon problem, I watch what you do and applaud your own efforts. I wish Calgary could be more active, but at the same time I'm grateful we don't have more of a Church problem out here.
  7. 3rdMan Member

  8. NoxAnon Member

    Thanks 3rdMan. Since Calgary Anons are trapped here, I suppose we should try to make the place livable and maybe get some lulz while we're at it. Raids in the snow = Good Times?
  9. Anonymous Member

    Is it possible you have yet to see and hear this? No Snow but it took place during a December:

    I'm almost finished transcribing the lyrics, to print, copy and then circulate to the Van Anons.

    An Xmas sing-a-long in Vancouver is in the works!
  10. NoxAnon Member

    I have seen that, Auntie, and I think it's grand. However, it's possible that a lot of Canadians are, sadly, far too politically correct to use the same lyrics, but nevertheless I think the potential for absurdity with this sort of thing will help attract people. Perhaps a chorus of bearded Santas? So festive!
  11. Anonymous Member

    I've run it past my lawyer. I was told that there is nothing illegal going on.

    The worst that could come down would be a noise complaint, if the singing was too loud! Lawl!!!
  12. Anonymous Member

    A few years ago, Toronto Anons printed up ~ 1000 flyers and YFTCs and distributed them during Frosh Week.
  13. NoxAnon Member

    ^^This is exactly the sort of thing I'm hoping to do.
  14. NoxAnon Member

    Auntie, how large are your groups in Van?
  15. NoxAnon Member

    Calling all CalAnons: Anyone else out papering the town tonight? Do your best, and profit will follow!
  16. Anonymous Member

    Last raid in July was ten. Gerry Armstrong +1 had to leave early so we became about eight.

    In terms of the RSVPs on the Van Anon site, where the planning happens, I reckon there are about a dozen active Van Anons, perhaps a few more. I have not met all of them yet. I've been attending since May 2011.
  17. NoxAnon Member

    Hey Auntie!
    Hmm...based on those numbers I can expect around 3 here...somewhere...I hope my recruiting drive helps get some of them out of hiding! Figuratively speaking, of course.
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  18. NoxAnon Member

    Well, I'm off to do a little more work...I'll report back with results for everyone.
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  19. NoxAnon Member

    Dear Calgary:
    Did you receive a flyer? Congratulations! You know Anonymous is here. If you've found your way to this site and this post, please browse around until your questions are answered. If you would like to participate in future events, or just want to chat about Anonymous vs. $cientology or other Anon initiatives, feel free to message me or post in this thread.

    Tips for Calgary Anons thinking of flyering/leafletting:

    -The streets behind 17th Southwest are great for flyers. They have tons of wooden telephone poles, places to tape, and interested people! Kensington is similar. These are high traffic areas with a lot of young people.
    -The Industrial Stapler Is Your Friend.
    -If using packing tape, get a handy tape dispenser from your local post office or office supply store; this really helps with posting quickly and efficiently.
    -If flyering downtown, be aware that external cameras are EVERWHERE. Use caution (and a mask) if you do not want your face to be exposed.
    -Other areas of interest include dog parks (wooden posting areas to staple flyers, and a high amount of foot traffic), bus stops, and community message boards.
    -Don't break the law, don't post in/on private property, and don't vandalize! These things will not help our cause!

    Next up: The University of Calgary and Mount Royal Campuses. Any Anons want to join me? I'll be posting here with maps, areas where posting is allowed, and suggested dates.

    Also, I'm going to go ahead and take a page from AnonJilly in Toronto last year and suggest we start planning a Hallowe'en 2011 Raid.

    We don't have an Org here, but we can disseminate information and leaflet like crazy, and maybe visit Narconon. Anyone in? Ideas, tips, suggestions?

    That's it for now...I'll check in with updates if tomorrow brings any Profit. Good night Anons!
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  20. Anonymous Member

    All the best with that. I have no contacts in Calgary to share with you. :(

    If I come across any, I'll let you know!
  21. InTheCards Member

    Calgary anon here. It's good to see that we still haven't dispersed. I think it's important to keep spreading this information; so many people around here are not familiar at all with the Co$.
  22. Calgary is not someplace I would consider to be at all influenced by $cientology. Indeed, there hasn't been a "church" in Calgary since the 1970's. The last known address of a "church" here is actually a country diner now.

    To the best of my knowledge, the head of the "church" that DID exist here still resides in Calgary. She's quite old now. I believe she would be in her 80's. She has distanced herself and been speaking out against $cientology since she abandoned it here.

    Narconon does exist here in Calgary, but I have no idea what sort of numbers they churn out. I've not once heard its services being advertised or of anyone giving referrals to it, save for its website quietly existing on its corner of the internet. It's not even listed as a noted treatment center for the rehabilitation of narcotics abusers in the City of Calgary Street Survival Guide.

    Noxanon, could you please elaborate more on this pro Co$ "feeling" you have in the religious studies faculty? If Co$ is making a push to come back into Calgary, I don't see it. I see more trouble from pro-lifers than I do any sort of Co$ front group.
  23. NoxAnon Member

    Hi InTheCards! Thanks for the support, and good to see you in the thread! You are very right when you say that a lot of people here don't know anything the Co$, and that's exactly what I hope to change. It's good to know there's a few of us out there. Let me know if you have any ideas about Calgary initiatives!

    AnonymousSkunk: I understand the point you're making, and in a way I definitely agree with you. There is not a large Co$ presence here, you're right. Although the Church does not widely advertise here or recruit for members, and Narconon isn't pushed hard, for me this doesn't mean very much. There are certainly members of the Church in Calgary, and just because Narconon isn't huge and there's no Org doesn't mean we should just let them be.

    For me, it's more about being proactive about the message. Information is power and there are just so many people here who don't understand what the Co$ is or how it operates. I think that because of the large size of our international student population and other international visitors (Stampede, anyone?), we have an opportunity here to educate people. And it's good to let the Church know that if they ever did have plans of resurgence here, maybe it's not a good idea.

    As far as the faculty at the U of C goes, again, I have to say from personal interaction with the profs in the Religious Studies dept. that they regard the Co$ as a legitimate religion that needs to be accepted and allowed to flourish, and they are teaching this attitude to their students with no mention of the other side of things. I'm not saying the faculty are Scilons; I don't think any are. But they are not giving information about the controversies surrounding the Co$, and are openly advocating that this is just another "new" religion which is totally harmless. In particular I'd direct you to Irving Hexingham.

    I just want to provide people with the other side of the argument. I think it's up to Anons to do this, to ensure young people can judge for themselves. After all, who knows where they'll end up later on? Perhaps they'll move to Toronto or Vancouver, or even Clearwater.

    And as a side note, yes, I totally agree with you about the pro-lifers, they certainly do stir up a lot of talk, and are unfortunately very antagonistic about it.

    I'd like to start a dialogue in Calgary, but without the hate and anger the pro-lifers have. Let's get people talking, AnonymousSkunk. Why not?
  24. Intelligence Member

    I have met the owner of an Alberta Narconon. She was at NN TR for a visit and a big fan of
    Aline Proulx. I would like to know the name of the doctor that the Alberta Narconon sends
    their victims to? Then we could really stirr the pot:)

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  25. Anonymous Member

  26. NoxAnon Member


    Thanks for all the feedback and support, this has been great. Keep the questions and comments coming, the more info we have the better chance there is of making a real difference.

    Also, this:

    "I would like to know the name of the doctor that the Alberta Narconon sends
    their victims to? Then we could really stirr the pot:)"

    Thanks for the help, Intelligence!

    If there are any CalAnons out there who want to help but don't know where to start, post here or message me, and I'll give you some tips and tricks! Just remember, this is about information and education. We're not out to attack anyone's beliefs (at least, I'm not), it's the methods the Co$ uses to enforce their belief system that are reprehensible.

    Idea, suggestions, and opinions welcome. Keep it coming, Anons!
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  27. Ironhead Member

    I searched high and low, but alas I found nothing. Narconon being wiped out here in calgary would make it a true scientology free stronghold
    . If anyone has anyluck finding this doctor, then we're well on our way.

    Good luck noxanon, u have my sword.
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  28. What a wonderful idea! A sign in a city proclaiming a "$cientology Free Zone!"

    Something similar exists in my city - "A Nuclear Weapons Free Zone!"
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  29. Ironhead Member

    In this paricular context "free zone" may. Be a poor choice of words.
  30. Agreed. The rhetorical spin must be just the right speed. :)
  31. NoxAnon Member

    Zero $cientology Zone?
  32. Yeah! That's more like it! Bravo.

    Even "Less Than Zero $cientology Zone!"
  33. NoxAnon Member

    Also, Ironhead: thanks for the sword!
    Would you be interested in participating in a Hallowe'en raid? And by raid I mean perhaps handing out leaflets on 17th Ave or something similar, or maybe gatecrashing a Hallowe'en bash at the University? Everyone else will be in costume, so if we're out in masks too, we would be even more Anonymous than usual.
    Hopefully by October we'll have a few more axes and bows. Thanks for the support and the research!

    Jacky Blue Note: I really like the idea of a sign. Just today I was thinking of getting a banner made to drape over the railings of pedestrian bridges that cross over downtown; a sign would be also great. Let's keep brainstorming a good phrase!
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  34. Imho, the Banner master at WWP is Sponge. I think the banner that Sponge made for Sparrow in DC is a masterpiece. Maybe Sponge can make something happen for you, if you need Artistic Support! Yay Sponge! :)
  35. Ironhead Member

    Raise the anonymous flag over a closed down narconon, would be more epic than any sign.
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  36. NoxAnon Member

    Ah, I didn't know this. Thanks, I 'll look into it.
  37. NoxAnon Member

    So much Profit to be had.
  38. Here's a sample of Sponge's Work. The high resolution file is six foot six inches high (198.12 CM) and 33 inches (83.82 CM) wide.

  39. hushpuppy Member

    Calgary Narconon consists of a 1464 square foot house, located in a 100% residential neighbourhood - just sayin' :=} 123 Woodside Circle SW

    Roll number: 143049906
    Location Address: 123 WOODSIDE CI SW
    Assessed Value: 425,500
    Valuation Approach: Sales Comparison
    Municipality: Calgary
    Assessment Class: Residential 100%
    Property Type: Land and Improvement
    Property Use: Single Residential
    Taxation Status: Taxable
    Community: Woodlands
    Land Use Designation: Residential - Contextual One Dwelling
    Assessable Land Area: 5,229 sq. ft. / 486 sq. m. / 0.12 ac
    Building Count: 1
    Building Type/Structure: House / 4 Level Split
    Year of Construction: 1978
    Quality: Average
    Total Living Area Above Grade: 1,464 sq. ft. / 136 sq. m.
    Living Area Below Grade: 917 sq. ft. / 85 sq. m.
    Basement Suite: No
    Walkout Basement: No
    Garage Type: Attached
    Garage Area: 529 sq. ft. / 49 sq. m.
    Fireplace: Yes
    Renovation: Moderate
    Market Adjustment: No
    ARB Filing Fee:
  40. Ironhead Member

    As I recall, the fact its in a residential area, presents a problem in regards to raids.

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