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Discussion in 'Site News and Announcements' started by HOC, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. HOC Member

    Looking to showcase your abilities?
    Want to help WhyWeProtest?


    We are looking for Ruby on Rails Programmers/those willing to pick up the language. Previous experience with the language is of course optimal, however if you have a general talent for programming and feel you can pick up Ruby fairly quickly, that will work too. (If you already have a good grasp of PHP, the transition to using Ruby is pretty seamless). We will primarily be focusing on application development for the discourse platform and database communication.

    Anyone with one or more of the following attributes qualify for the task:

    • Have experience with the programming language Ruby On Rails.
    • Have previous experience with another programming language and are willing to add to their skillset (Preferably if they already know PHP).
    • Have an adept understanding of Web Servers/Database function and querying.
    • Have intricate knowledge of the Discourse discussion platform.
    • Have a good deal of time on their hands and are quick learners.
    If you're interested, please contact me via PM. Thank you :)
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  2. PresidentShaw Member

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  3. Anonymous Member

    A certain diagram now makes a little bit more sense.

    Correct me if any of the following are wrong:
    - XF will be dumped due to buggy plugins and some other issues
    - Discourse is to be adapted to work with the existing SQL structure (maybe a post to postgresql at some point)
    - Put the whole thing on top of memchached
    - Isolated dev environment to build/test shit before porting changes

    It sounds good assuming Discourse is less buggy and easier to adapt than XF.
  4. Anonymous Member

    I hope to fuck this doesn't mean the URLs of every forum thread changes again.
  5. moarxenu Member

    Bon jour, Monsieur le Président!
  6. sue Administrator

    - It is a longer term (tentative) plan, XF and its commercial licensing is a bit too restrictive, indeed.
    - Nay, long from now adapting the stock discourse importer to eat XF and custom addon data.
    - memcached is mostly used for persistence of XF sessions. Redis does a similar job, that can be left untouched.
    - yes, considering the volatility of the XF addon market, rates for custom development and for the sake of argument "revenue" generated by the community. It seems like an approach worth trying to instead encourage those with a penchant for development to contribute their time and knowledge.

    This is not going to happen within weeks or months even.
  7. Darth Alor Member

    Thats why we have updates!
  8. Old_Coder Member

    I have all of those but really the experience with Ruby on Rails. I have done some playing around with it, just prototyping stuff and such. I use Java for dough, but when I go home I use PHP, couple of JS frameworks, Groovy, Python (love me some Python), and recently been looking at R to see if I can write a learning application. Meaning that I will use large data sets and apply statistical and predictive modeling analysis against it and have the algorithm (hopefully) evaluate it's own accuracy and continually attempt to make each huge data pull more accurate than the next.

    I have a couple (maybe 3 or 4) online mysql databases. I have been looking at using the Wordpress source code to make my own blogging experience.

    I also have a developer (fully paid by me) account for Amazon's cloud environment. So, if you want to pop up a fully teared server, complete with the technology stack of your choice then you are going to love you some Amazon cloud.
  9. Old_Coder Member

    I am doing more a bit of Groovy recently. The number one reason is that I think we need to bring Groovy back into the vernacular. Second, we use Spring at work and the presentation layer of this stack for us is JSF (Java Server Faces). I have determined that they can rot in hell. I am sick of them.

    However, the spring team has this version of a MVC that would change the JSF pages to Groovy pages. It is called Grails in it's fully armed and operational MVC form. So, I am going to prove that this is a lightspeed better technology to the bosses here and never look at JSF again!!

    Oh - One last thing. If you are teaching, or learning then I would recommend reading, "Becoming A Better Programmer" O'reilly press. Most books on the process of programming are either too long or full of sheet. By full of sheet, I mean that the amount of time needed to follow their recommendations will be available at work or well anywhere -- exactly zero times.

    This book however is short and trust me, these are the lessons you will learn over years and years. Only they have been written down succinctly. It is applicable to both the junior as well as the senior programmer.
  10. Old_Coder Member

    A bit of hacking trivia around Java and Java Server Engines. In Java one of the main objects to hold characters such as say Name is String. However, Java does something a little different with these objects. First, String objects are immutable which just means you can't change it. However, all String objects get put into a special String pool that resides within the PermGen space of the JVM. This PermGen is shared on servers so if someone wants to see if you stored something like String Password, then they just have to dump the memory and sift through it to see what they caught. Always use Char[] to store sensitive information. Don't be a Sony!
  11. redstoned21 Member

    Lol, good advice, although mysql is too fkin easy.
  12. Emito@n@ Member

    Bro yo no se casi nada u.u me querrias enseñar? Yo estoy dispuesto a ayudarles en todo
  13. No skills whatsoever
  14. DeathHamster Member

    Or don't use Java because it's headed for the dumpster.

    Oracle doesn't want to keep it going, and won't let anyone else take it over.
  15. John Duff Member

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  16. furball Member

    so many cool languages yet so little time to thoroughly indulge in them all. :/

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  17. FelicitySmoak Member

    ROR dev here...
  18. thesneakster Member

  19. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    :D ruby & gem: nightmares
  20. A.O.T.F Member

  21. Hey cunt do you even read the title of TT?

    Do you understand what you've written or did you post it because you thought it was relevant?
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  22. Check your pm's!!!!!!!!!

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