Camelot Castle Hotel Tintagel and Scientologists John & Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by starborgled, Jul 27, 2010.

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    Going back to Clamalot Castle, I wonder if there's any mileage with this article I noticed on BBC News this morning, curiously under the Cornwall page, and our rights-deprived eastern european friends working there?
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    The issue of staff abuse at the 'castle' is one that was brought to our attention on page 1 of this thread over a year ago now, but is the most concerning of everything going on here, which Anons have seemed to have made such little progress on, and we all know how most of the staff are treated but nothing has yet been done.

    More serious, however, are allegations made by past employees about their treatment by the scientologists - from appalling living conditions to the forced indoctrination of the Polish workers into the cult and even the 'disappearance' of those who question the cult ethos. (copied from page one)

    So, we are still waiting for just one previous employee to contact the necessary authority, and to report the abuses which have, and are still occurring?

    Why is this?

    we eagerly await part 2 of the bbctv inside out investigatory style program, which brought the general problems of CCH to the south west of Englands TV regional viewers, and surely if sufficient numbers of abused staff contacted the BBCTV, then wouldn't they perhaps take this matter further and give good guidance to the employees about how to bring the Mappins to book ?

    I repeat, it is now over 12 months since this thread was started, with the appalling allegations as highlighted above, but we really have not made any progress in this criminal matter

    The link I have placed below is of an old website, but has a very interesting sentence regarding Household Insurance.

    'If you have household insurance you will probably find that the protection of your job in this way is covered by your household insurance in any event!'

    My question,therefore, is this.

    If an existing worker at CCH, living in the staff accommodation Bungalows next to the B&B, took out the most basic Household policy in order to insure his/her personal belongings,no matter how small they may be, then would they have purchased cover so that they could persue a claim for the protection of their job?

    Any views on this one, Anons ? or could this be an out-of -date law, or could this be worth persuing with just one 'test case' with anybody willing.
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    it's possibly a cultural thing, but i don't know any Poles that would go bleeting to authorities, they don't like the 'trouble maker' tag
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    the "Poles" thank you
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    Timthephoto, it is not a case of 'bleeting to authorities' or being 'troublemakers'

    This whole thread is supposed to be about the illegal treatment of foreign workers by English toffs.

    If thats the attitude you take, then whats the point of this thread,( admittedly it has been quite entertaining at times)

    The Manufacturing, Science and Finance Union (MSF) has identified workplace bullying as "Persistent, offensive, abusive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour, abuse of power or unfair penal sanctions which make the recipient feel upset, threatened, humiliated, or vulnerable, which undermines their self confidence and which may cause them to suffer stress.

    Anons,this thread will continue with the witty and sarcastic remarks about CCH, whilst foreign workers continue to be held like slaves

    The Human Rights Act 1998 incorporates into British Law Article 4 of the European Convention on Human Rights which prohibits the holding of persons as slaves.

    These questions remain 'Has slavery really been abolished in England'?

    Is slavery worth 'bleeting to the authorities about'?

    Would you let your son or daughter work under such conditions?

    So why seemingly,are some Anons not taking this aspect of this thread with the seriousness which it deserves?
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    Okay, well, what can we do about it right now?

    We need evidence. The first question is; is there actually evidence? We might not like some of what they do with regards to the staff, but there's fuck all we can do about it unless we can get actual evidence and testimony. They know this too and will keep things very tight, but if there are breeches of employment laws, the evidence will be there. But how do we, or anyone relevant, get this evidence without putting anyone at risk?

    That's always been the problem.
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    there have always been problems in getting victims of many offenses to come forward in the uk, and i'm merely saying that polish people are even less inclined to make complaints. that is all.
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    Wouldn't the hotel's detailed accounts (which you can't get from Companies House) list salaries? Surely they must have to pay tax etc and produce payslips that show the deductions? Don't they have to keep all that stuff for a number of years?

    I wonder whether the dreaded 'income tax inspections' or something could be used as a way to start things rolling? Because surely if they can find irregularities in payroll, that might open up some questions elsewhere.
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    What hotel?
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    It takes just one ex-employee with the bottle to do it, and happiness would follow
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    employees in the uk have various health and safety rights, one of which is to have rest breaks during the working day, to have time off from work during the working week, and to have annual paid holiday

    If,for example,any one of these rules are breached,then the employee is initially entitled to request his/her rights in law, and secondly, if no progress is made on that, to take the issue further.

    The workers who keep quiet, and dont say anything therefore, get what they deserve.

    Mappin and Stourton are English toffs whose B&B needs to be exposed for these appalling staff crimes.

    Now, after all these years, I am still waiting for this to happen
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    The overpriced no-star B&B (that doesn't do breakfasts apparently...) that is known as the Clamalot Castle.
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    The ex-workers have had more than enough opportunity and information to make complaints against Mappin if they wanted to. The vengeful nature of Scientology might have something to do with it.

    Maybe it's just not such a big deal to these folks? So they worked in a rat-infested shit-hole run by cult nutters who tried to molest them Hubbard-style for a season? So what? Maybe these people just want to rant about it and move on. Take people like Bartosz or Alona / Cora. You'd think their time would have been better spent complaining to the Home Office than posting here if they were REALLY interested in getting their own back on Mappin, wouldn't you?

    Anyways, don't get grumpy because the authorities aren't storming the Castle to save the slaves. Take heart from the fact that Anonymous has put a big enough spanner in Mappin's works as it is.
  17. timthephoto Member

    it's not as big a deal compared to being put on bawwwing trouble maker list where they can't get a job anywhere..
    that's what they think i'm quite sure
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    President Barack Obama spoke with the Kazakh leader Saturday about the central Asian country's need for "greater democratization," the White House said in a statement.

    Obama and President Nursultan Nazarbayev "discussed issues of democracy, affirming that greater political modernization must now accompany Kazakhstan's economic modernization," the White Housesaid about the leaders' telephone conversation.
    "The parliamentary elections in Kazakhstan in 2012 offer an important opportunity for greater democratization, a goal President Nazarbayev affirmed in his recent inauguration address."
    The pair also spoke about "our many cooperative efforts regarding nuclear security," the White Housesaid in a statement.
    Kazakhstan is an important regional partner for the United States, providing transit routes for US military personnel and equipment to Afghanistan.
    Nazarbayev, 70, came to power while Kazakhstan was still a Soviet republic and was elected president after it won independence. Along with Uzbek President Islam Karimov,he is the longest-serving leader in the former USSR.
    Accused by critics of trampling on human rights and civil society, Nazarbayev has announced plans to increase the powers of parliament -- where his ruling party controls every seat.

    He was sworn in earlier this month for a third decade of his strongman rule, vowing to implement reforms in the face of Western criticism of Kazakhstan's democratic standards.
    He won over 95 percent of the vote but international observers said the election fell short of being free and fair.
    yes, fell short of being free and fair
    A trait shared with CCH, LOL
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    yet another virgin/first time reviewer on Trip Advisor

    hello Micanlour

    fantastic, would stay again, but 3 out of 5 for value, cleanliness and sleep quality ???

    Ted can be very persuasive, did he suggest you review, or where did you get the idea to take the time and trouble to register on TA and review?
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    Kenneth Williams
    Joan Sims
    Charles Hawtrey
    Sid James
    Kenneth Connor
    Peter Butterworth
    Bernard Bresslaw
    Hattie Jacques
    Jim Dale
    Barbara Windsor
    Jack Douglas
    Terry Scott
    Frankie Howerd
    John Mappin
    Irina Mappin
    Ted Stourton

    Carry On Abusing 1999-
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  27. Hi,

    I rememered something wrong aout Ted Stourton ...

    When I asked Marc Wojciechowsky (de Chevalier) about him, he said:

    "Once he was a hard drunkard, but Irina and Hohn Mappin helped him to find his way in Scientology and to be helpful. He realized he's a great artist".

    II don't need to say why he isn't ;)
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    He should go back to being a drunkard. His piss-artistry is better than his current work with paint, glitter and plastic butterflies.
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    The BBC in the south west exposed the fact that CCH do not have their own private beach, but the latest internet desperation web advertising by these lying toffs, states that their flea-pit has a private beach.

    I will today report to ASA, as misleading

    ''The Diamond Jewel of Cornwall, the birthplace of King Arthur, Tintagel. A stunning Castle Hotel - rooms with a priceless view over the Cornish coastline. Dog and pet friendly with a private beach with crystal clear sea and sand. Anyone who appreciates art, natural beauty and relaxation will love it. With its unsurpassed scenery, natural beauty, peace and tranquility, it is for all possibly one of the most inspiring locations in the world. Many a famous person has stayed here over the years


    .....ASA informed again
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    excerpt from 15 november 2001 bbc tv local program

    Other people have posted on the internet photos of the conditions they say they encountered.
    In a statement the hotel told Inside Out that it was mid-refurbishment but its unrefurbished rooms were of a good standard and value for money. The doctored beach photo was not meant to mislead they said and would be taken off the old site. They said that the beach was described as "private" in the sense that it was "secluded" or "solitary".
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    Every time I see "Diamond jewel" I snicker.
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    This is the greatest thread ever.
    We got some pit bulls on the case.
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    Took me a while to get it, but now I snicker.
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    Bartoz,we know this.What is your purpose on this thread except that you keep reminding us of the things we already know,we know what your favourite food is,cornish pasties if anyone missed it,we know where you worked and we have listened to your rants about what you will do to John Mappin.In the course of your actions you have hurt us more than you have the guy you are supposed to despise so much.Will you please f**ck off or give us something we can work with and either make this thread work for us with the information you have and shut this guy down or fuckoff back into obscurity where you were happily not making me read your rubbish nonsensical heard it all before shite.Sit back read this and decide how you can help and then pm someone who can help you destroy jm as you keep promising to do you fucking clown.
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    It's like "breathe-gas" and "man-animal" or what have you. See the book-novel, "Battlefield Earth".
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    we just need ONE brave employee or ex-employee to 'do the right thing', and the Muppetts will be out of there
  39. GoogleMappin Member

    V_for_vendetta I agree with Anon, it would be more impressive if you took your real-life experience to the correct authorities and used it to put a stop to Mappin's exploitation of Poles rather than telling us things we already know.

    Question: why won't you?
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    He just reads through the thread,the way he goes on he acts more like a jilted lover than a bonafide victim,mappin probably fucked him off and he coudnt take it,it would explain the erratic rants.
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