Camelot Castle Hotel Tintagel and Scientologists John & Irina Mappin and Ted Stourton

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  1. Thank you anti scilon. I harbour no hopes of getting my money back, not even going to try, but I am leaving reviews in hope others may see them and not fall into the same trap. It’s beyond belief that this place has been allowed to masquerade for so long as just a normal hotel to sucker people in. It’s so dishonest. I still to this day cannot comprehend what happened to us in that basement, it really felt like I was off in a trance, and that moment when I woke up and sat bolt upright was the moment I came round from it. Thinking about it now it’s like looking back on a dream (or nightmare) it just doesn’t seem real and I still can’t figure out how in hell we were parted with our cash!
  2. The one and only thing that Scientologists are interested in is parting any individual from his or her hard earned cash by any means possible.....keep that in mind and you won't go wrong.
    They are devious, dishonest and totally without morals or scruples and will go to any lengths to get what they want and that is money to fill their coffers.

    Don't ever allow yourself to get within spitting distance of them because they will reel you in and once their claws have you in their greedy grasp you're finished.
    If you should take some time to read this forum you will discover they are utterly ruthless and will stop at nothing , even murder.

    You bought a shitty painting but you could have bought a bridge and be paying for it for the rest of your life.
  3. Be careful, Mappin has powerful fellow con artists on his side:

  4. Cornwall Council Trading standards should be your first call!!
  5. 4.6

    “disappointing to the point of feeling ripped off”

    • •Leisure trip
    • •Couple
    • •Classic Double Room with Moor View
    • •Stayed 2 nights
    The management were argumentative to the point of rudeness with several customers. We booked a christmas stay and the meal which cost us 130 for two was appealing - several guests sent it back and at least one left and refused to pay. Our meal was a 1400hrs - after our meal no food was available in the evening - we bought two packets of crisp from the bar as this was the only thing available for an evening meal and both of these were out of date. The en-suite shower was a small plastic cubical fitted into what liked like once being a built in wardrobe - the shared bathrooms were in the corridor and neither were cleaned while we were there - towels left on the floor when we arrived were still there when we booked out. Personally I will never go there again and wouldnt recommend it to anyone - it seems to me they wanted our money but were not prepared to offer the minimum facilities of a hotel in return.

    This ones from tripadvisor........

    Reviewed 6 days ago
    The peasants staged a revolt!
    We had the misfortune of booking this place for Christmas lunch. £160 per couple for a starter, sorbet, main & dessert. And so began the nightmare of Christmas Day...

    Arriving at the castle you are greeted with the owner’s Rolls Royce parked across the entrance (as mentioned in other reviews). Reception is littered with photographs of the owners & ‘Friends of the Castle’ – famous people who have never endured their Christmas lunch no doubt. All very sycophantic & felt quite 'chavvy'. Underneath the stairs is a toy area for their son which is roped off - put them away in his bedroom if other children aren’t allowed to touch them. Prior to service we ordered a drink in the bar. The waiter whose attitude was very blasé, attempted to serve our gin & tonics in pint glasses. When questioned we were told ‘it’s all we’ve got so that’s what you’ll get’. You wouldn’t even get that in a Wetherspoons.

    We sat down to eat & two out of four of us were given bread rolls by a genuinely lovely waitress who looked sick of her life. Then they ran out. We ordered our starter, main & desserts – they’d ran out of one of the desserts already. Starters arrived, the soup was cold & was sent back. The salmon was one 2-inch sliver (handily measured with the tape measure from my Christmas cracker!). Next was the sorbet, mushy raspberry gloop which went untouched by most tables in the room. This wasn’t boding well for the main course. The beef resembled a small child’s shoe sole, the ‘roasted vegetables’ consisted of ONE parsnip cut into 5 pieces and we had 2 roast potatoes a piece. I wish I'd taken a photo! As soon as this was put in front of us, we decided to cut our losses, not eat and asked to speak the manager. Whilst waiting for the manager we spoke to others who had eaten & who had thought the same as us but hadn’t wanted to make a fuss.

    Over comes Mark/Marek whose customer service skills put Basil Fawlty to shame. No apology for the food or service we’d just had. He told us he works very hard (don't we all?!) & ‘couldn’t’ refund the money we’d paid back to our card…very odd. However, we insisted, although this still hasn’t happened & he also handed over £80 cash. Again, very odd.

    On leaving we spotted the owners in reception & asked politely to speak to them – to give a bit of feedback. Mr [-] hid & sent his wife out who proceeded to grab my husband by the arm. How DARE we complain about their wonderful castle! She then, followed by Mark/Marek & Mr [-] hiding in the background, proceeded to chase us to our taxi, shouting after us that we were ‘peasants’. Classic! You couldn’t make it up! Four professional people, business owners ourselves, being chased by these meglomanic charlatans! And we've googled your net worth Mr [-] (or lack thereof)'ve the audacity to call us 'peasants'?!

    I would urge anyone thinking of staying here or eating here to do a quick google search on the place & the owners. It makes for VERY interesting reading to say the the least. Don't give your hard earned cash to these people there are so many other nice places in the area.
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    Date of stay: December 2018

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    Trip advisor review for Christmas time

    “We were just passing and noticed their sign welcoming all visitors and sprooking their cafe menu, so we thought we'd go in for a look.
    Now, if the fact that John & Irina Mappin (owners) and Ted Stourton (artist in residence) are self-confessed Scientologists doesn't turn you off the cream tea should.
    Delivered with a cheery "Be careful, the scones are straight out of the oven." my wife cut into the rather pricey scone to find an interesting scientific conundrum, it was frozen in the middle... clearly their science is way above us, or, they can't figure out how to work a microwave, not that, for the price, one would want microwaved scones. Upon payment, the waitress was very English about it. Apologising profusely and not even comprehending that the scones could be anything other than something freshly cooked and out of the oven and insisted on a replacement for the uneaten goods. We declined the offer and instead asked to pay for the 1 cup of tea (GBP 3.75) that was consumed. That will be GBP 4.25 thanks! We were happy to pay and get out alive.
    The overall experience, unnervingly weird.”
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    Turning Point UK Founder IS A FRUITCAKE

    When all those Tory MPs - hello Priti Patel, Jacob Rees Mogg, Steve Baker - and former UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage endorsed Turning Point UK, the British incarnation of a US original that has become synonymous with white supremacists and other sundry intolerance, they may not have expected the tsunami of ridicule that greeted the appearance of TP UK’s singularly unappealing line-up.
    But at least the focus was on them, and not the branch’s founder. Until now, that is: as Hope Not Hate has told, “The official launch of TPUK was a 11 December 2018 invite-only event at The Royal Automobile Club (RAC), on Pall Mall in London. The event was hosted by John and Irina Mappin, Peter Southall and Lord and Lady Plunket”.

    There was more: “perhaps the central figure behind to the arrival of Turning Point UK is John Mappin of the Mappin & Webb jewellery dynasty, who not only organised the launch event in London, but has also been earmarked as the contact point for high end donors to the UK operation. Towards the end of their talk at the RAC club, Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk repeated that potential donors ‘can talk to John [Mappin] or some of our other very good friends in the room’”. So Mappin is the main man.
    And that is potentially far more embarrassing than the host of memes and fake Twitter accounts that have already sprung up. Mappin is a Scientologist. He and his Kazakh wife Irina host the Camelot TV Network. He is an Arthurian legend obsessive, and has also told that “over 23 years my family and I have been helping do our part to prepare for the release of SUPERPOWER to Earth”. Pow! Zap! Dull!

    Cont here:
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    Days After Its Disastrous British Launch, Turning Point Has Already Lost One Of Its Star Recruits February 8, 2019, Alex Spence, BuzzFeed News
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    "Speaking to BuzzFeed News about his involvement with Turning Point on Friday, Mappin wouldn’t reveal who was funding the UK arm. “Well, the whole idea is to stay anonymous,” he said. “That's how they do it in the United States. It actually doesn't matter who funds it because it’s about the ideas.”"

    From left: Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, Peter Southall, John Mappin, Irina Mappin, and Lord Plunket.

    "Mappin introduced Kirk and Owens at the RAC event in December. Cohosting that night were businessman Peter Southall and Lord Tyrone Plunket. Among the guests were Rod Liddle, the Sunday Times columnist; Will Tanner, a former special adviser to Theresa May; Andy Wigmore, the former communications director of Nigel Farage’s Leave.EU campaign; the businessman and former UKIP donor Robin Birley; the Spectator writer James Delingpole; and the Tory MP Andrew Rosindell. Not all were aware what Turning Point was before they attended."
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    Makes your stomach turn.

    Anyone been to CCH recently?
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    The Spectator

    I wouldn’t suggest you eat here, but I doubt there’s a better place to drop acid: Camelot Castle reviewed

    by Tanya Gold
    The Camelot Castle Hotel is a pebble-dashed late-Victorian excrescence on a cliff. It overlooks the ruins of Tintagel Castle. A baby-blue Rolls-Royce Wraith and a floral Aston Martin are parked outside. They are the owners’ cars. Everyone else is in a banger. This hotel played the lunatic asylum in the 1979 Dracula starring Frank Langella, and this is more apt than you can know.
    Inside there is faded Victorian grandeur mashed with Arthurian legend mashed with Kazakh oil baron chic mashed with three-star hotel in fading south coast resort. There is sinister tiling, dark wood, fraying carpets, staff dressed for serving tea at some ghostly parallel Claridge’s and, from every window, the sea. It is so disorientating — I am used to smooth, grey, efficient hotels — the result is thrilling. It is so weird, like tumbling into cinema. What might happen at the Overlook — I mean the Camelot Castle — Hotel?

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    Thank you, here's the 1994 photo of Ted Stourton posing in front of one of his paintings. Scientology should buy it for The Ideal Ted Stourton Art Museum in Clearwater! (it's still in the planning stages)

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  19. More lunacy from Tintagel.

    ETC ETC enjoy!
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    I noticed the new website is looking swish with the photos of those clapped out rooms on show.There’s a ton of new John reviews as well but Trip Advisor have stopped taking them.
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    Hi I'm new here, but baked some clams in the early days. Been looking for info on JM this week as an acquaintance has met him a few times, said that he has been spewing anti ukrainian stuff, so looked him up. Found this long thread.

    With what is going on currently, unsurprisingly he is spewing pro Putin stuff on instagram and his 'new" twitter. His previous one looks to have been suspended. His one before that is entirely in Russian, Irina posting or does he speak russian?

    Also haven't seen anything here about him and Farrage / DGB. He and Irina were basically were directors of the company that gave Farage his first post brexit income, last year.

    Oh yeah, then there is him creating Turning Point UK!!

    So anyhow, is Mappin just self delusional or is there something deeper? Is he spreading disinformation because he believes it or because he believes in the cause that is creating it?

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