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Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by Anonymous, Oct 15, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Independent Scientology Down Under - Saturday 17 November - from lunch time onwards...

    Enjoy great company, food, music, conversation. Let your hair down and get a chance to talk to others with like experiences and similar realities. Find out more about Independent Scientology delivery in Australia, and how to move up The Bridge, with standard tech, and not at huge cost.

    Large rural property just outside Canberra - with lots of trees, birds, animals and dams.

    If you are travelling by bus or train, we can pick you up from Canberra. You can stay the night -- free accommodation -- but no room service :)

    If you can't make it in November -- we will repeat the same, monthly, so try these dates: Saturday 17 Nov, Saturday 15 Dec, Sat 19 Jan, Sat 16 Feb, Sat 16 March.

    This is the beginning of networking our Indi network down under -- so grab your diary and plan ahead -- and shoot me an email to tell me you are coming -- on And please feel free to forward this invitation.

    Lana Mitchell
  2. Anonymous Member

    I guess that ELEMENTARY DATA SERIES EVALUATOR COURSE didn't actually teach you how to recognise shit information.
  3. Anonymous Member

    will Xenu be there?
  4. RightOn Member

    "Large rural property just outside Canberra - with lots of trees, birds, animals and dams. clams"
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  5. supafreak Member

    Talk about pitching to the wrong audience.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Cheapskates. Not willing to pay full price for worthless bullshit. Sheesh.

    I would like to see a mind-battle between proper, certified COS nutjobs and these stingy pretenders.

    Lets see who can really ring the bell inside the glass jar, and who got shortchanged.
  7. Anonymous Member

    "Similar realities". We used to just call that crazy.
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