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Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Paroxetine Samurai, Apr 16, 2013.

  1. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Apparently, CBS and the writers of the TV show "The Good Wife" wanted to "deal" with the emerging issue of Anonymous and the influence it had over the Stupidville, OH rape case this past Sunday.

    Clips for your amusement:

    A couple notes:

    1) In the episode: They GF mask is pure white with a plain mustache for any kind of marking. Probably because they didn't have the permissions to use the V for Vendetta mask.

    2) They "made" a video but added garbage like explosions and clear actions that made it clear they had no idea what Anonymous was about. The plot was Alicia's (I'd totally do Julianna Luisa Margulies) brother was being Anonymous in order to get his shit noticed and get the scumbag in trouble. They left out the bit that Anon is multifaceted and was helping for great justice, the lulz, or both.
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  2. It is totally unrealistic that any court of law would allow people wearing masks to sit in the public viewing area - what they are shown doing in that second video would be more than enough to get them removed from the court, doxed, and cited. The judge refers to the fact that they've already made problems for his trial, so why are they even in his court? Bailiffs not doing their jobs? The judge feels like having a public trial, but the public has made it so bad for him that it risks a mistrial, and he still lets them in his court?

    Someone please, with more law knowledge than me, tell me everything wrong with that court scene where "Anons" leap up and start demanding "Justice for..!"

    I love the helpless look the Judge gives counsel, instead of shouting for his bailiffs to remove and cite the people making the disturbance.
  3. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    It is a work of fiction on a TV Show so they get to bend the rules a little as far as legal issues or courtroom protocols.

    Also: If this were real, shit like what happened wouldn't be promoted on WWP openly. Oh they'd protest outside the building and a video (without dox) would have been made. However, I highly doubt anybody here would send (kinda) sexually explicit videos to minors as that is more illegal than contempt of court actions. Then again... I've been surprisingly unsurprised before with the actions of some here, so...

    It's kind of cool though that they acknowledged Anon's part in the OH Rape case. It is showing that Anon is being recognized for it's actions, both good and bad. Perhaps having a section about Rape (wherever Sue wants it...on the forum, not up any body orifice) isn't such a bad idea after all?
  4. wolfbane Member

    I was impressed with how fast this hit primetime. This was episode 20 of the show, so it is far into the current season of episodes. And seems to me as if they would of had to film it fairly recently. So either they did when the OH rape case was BREAKING news and hardly anything had happened, or the retrofitted the episode into the line up after the fact. Either way, pretty impressive. Even if they were too cheap to pay for the rights to use the proper guy fawkes mask.

    Full epsidoe online here...

    Rape: A Modern Perspective
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  5. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    IIRC: Shows like The Good Wife have very small production times especially if the show is in multiple seasons. Since the actors and sets are not so new and have had multiple uses. I'd guess the episode was filmed a week after the trial ended and probably took a week or less to get completed.

    I kind of understand why they didn't use the GF mask. It still was awesome to see at least the attempt and the opening of the fake Anon video. Although I had to question whether they were trying to paint Anon as a good or evil force in this fake matter. Either way they are unintentionally incorrect as Anon is neither.
  6. Anonymous Member

    At least it's better than Perry Mason or Matlock. ("Surprise witnesses", lol!)
  7. Anonymous Member

    Assuming the show was real: It was done off stage and wasn't covered in the main plot.

    Since the show is a drama, a lot of rules are ignored/bended/exaggerated. Otherwise, the show would get boring fast or be the most realistic unrealistic TV show.

    If it were real, then yes.

    Otherwise: Just appreciate the fact a fictional drama gave Anon a nod for it's part in that whole OH/Cananda/CA rape trial/investigations.

    If it were real life, the doors would be unable to slap anybody's asses because they'd be thrown out that fast.

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