ChanologySF 2012: The Winter of Our DiscoTech

Discussion in 'USA - West Coast' started by enthaeon, Jan 5, 2012.

  1. JustNoise Member

    That looks like a superb party. The skate boarders and tourists are great. Though I think the skateboarders need to be very careful, it looks dangerous to skate so close to the traffic, not to mention a dangerous cult.

    Nice to see you guise becoming a tourist attraction.
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  2. adhocrat Member

    There were twice as many not skating but watching out for the skaters. They were actually being very careful about not being a problem. They were looking out for each other. And notice that landing zone, which lands in that triangle where cars don't go.
    I had the same thought about the dangers, but after watching them for 3 hours I decided they were taking care to avoid any problems. They were definitely looking out for each other. I even mentioned it to them.
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  3. skeptic2girl Member

    hmmmm... sf anon field trip to alameda?
    nothing beats club xenu sf, BUT.
  4. moarxenu Member

  5. skeptic2girl Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

    Last line typo - "This is the game were everyone wins and we are looking forward to hearing the good new that your org made the target."
  7. Anonymous Member

    written by a product of the Delphi school...
  8. moarxenu Member

    I herd teh SF orgiasts won the birthday game last year. trufax?
  9. Anonymous Member

    no. vici turisi and the dc fail org... they make the SF Morgue look like Tokyo during rush hour...
  10. Anonymous Member

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  18. moarxenu Member

    Happy Caturday!!!

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  19. Yes! Caturday!


    Cat: +1

    Moonbat: 0
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  20. Anonymous Member

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  22. Xenu Is Lord Member

    If I don't eat anything a good gust of wind will blow me away.

    It is true for me.
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  23. skeptic2girl Member


    March 10, 2012

    Exhibit A:


    Meanwhile, while video uploads, we can review some highlights from this evening. First, it will not go without saying that we missed our fellow fagz! EDIT: (wherever they may be...)
    I didn't like the way that sounded... people do have other stuff to do! I just meant I knew why some people weren't there and I wasn't gonna tell...

    But if MOOG is there, it's always a good time.






    Got to be sneered at by Fail Pair Rico Suave and Book Boy who were having a smoke outside the org, which seemed to be in the midst of an OT Dance Par-tay. Maybe it was like Home Alone, though, when they're just pretending it's a party. Because we heard the music, we saw them roll in a speaker, but there were no guests and the org was empty.

    How far up on the Bridge do you have to get to where you're invisible?

    And THEN we were at our favorite post-raid hang out - mask-free, of course - when I look up and guess who's waiting on some take-out? Josh. "Josh! What are you doing here?" I asked him, without thinking. "I'm eating!" he explained, in the manner of Professor Obvious. Again, his plate and his food and cutlery were invisible.

    But I was unnerved, because of what happened last time we sat down for dinner and Scientologists came in with cameras. And there he sat, right behind Moog (whose back was to Josh) tooling around with his smart phone. I scooted far down the table and felt it necessary for some reason to explain why I'd ask someone why they were in a restaurant.

    "I know that sounded like a stupid question, but I asked because before when we came in here, two of your friends came in and took pictures of us with our masks off, trying to intimidate us."

    But then I shut up; I didn't want to be rude -- he didn't seem to be wearing his OSA hat.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    On the subject of Scientologists-Can-Be-Scary, though -- a lady pulled up to the org, and a young man ran inside the side door. I guess he was going to be a while... she got out of the car and was kind of looking at us. I decided to go up to her, tentativel and keep my distance while offering her a Lisa McPherson bookmark.

    Guess what! No dirty look! No, "Only cowards and criminals wear masks!" She took the card and told me quietly, "If my son knew I took this from you, he'd kill me." "What does that tell you about this church?" I asked. Of course, she was being metaphorical with the "he'd kill me," but clearly she didn't need us to tell her what kind of church this was. She sounded kind of scared and I think she wanted to ask us questions but was also afraid her son would see her talking to us. She asked me for my phone number. Luckily, a fellow anon and used the back of Sponge's Lisa McPherson bookmark to print the Anonymous logo along with some other information, including 1-866-X-Sea-Org. I was able to point that out to her and advise her to call it. I promised her I'd hurry away before her son came out, so he wouldn't see us together and get mad.
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  25. skeptic2girl Member

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  27. Xenu Is Lord Member

    If they cant clear the sidewalk of dog shit how will they clear the planet? What did they do to pull in the poo?
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  28. moarxenu Member

    I am lol'ing SO hard. s2g you have excelled yourself in your report.

    Suave handling of ScilonMomAnon. I am giving Chuck Beatty at 1-866-XSEA Org a heads up to expect her call.

    Tick tock, Jeff Queeros.

    Ethics Trouble is in ur org subvertin' ur staff n' publickz.
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  29. grebe Member

    Sounds like an OSA op to me, but I'm no expert. Just be careful you glorious bastards.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    Could be -- hope not, though. I always think - lol - I will know how OSA would act, but of course I don't. If this lady was OSA, though, I'll happily nominate her for an Oscar --- she really did seem nervous. Still, I'm glad I didn't give her my number, though sometimes I wish I had a burner for situations like this.

    btw, there were two guys I DID think were OSA for a bit, but probably they were not. It was a guy and a younger guy who looked to be his son -- they had a crazy big (video, movie-type) camera and were filming outside the org. I went up to them in what I hoped was a friendly way and asked them what they were working on and the dad kind of smiled and said, "On a project... just like you are..."

    Oh, okay. That's specific. I think the kid was doing some sort of student film. But also the kid kept asking me, "Are you against corporations?" Wat? I said I was against the cult, etc. etc. and he just kept asking me that question again and again, in that scratched record kind of way.

    Finally I said, Why do you ask? And he asked me where we get our masks (online) and said every time we buy a mask we support Warner Bros. (I guess they released V for Vendetta?) I said maybe he was right, but it would be worth it to avoid Fair Game...

    ps: Reading Rainbow is f_cking creepy. Moog was dancing and I was chalking, and RR rolls by with his stress test cart and a fellow clam and he sidles up to Moog and whispers something in his, "Especially for you!!" I told RR I read Dianetics and would love to talk about it. He did not take me up on that...

    RR is no Lavar Burton.


    Nor Jordy. :(


    ps2: we need a name for a sandy-haired, pony-tailed sallow-complexioned staffer who had to explain to fellow staffer how to lock the gate... she's in the video I will eventually post.

    Suggestions are encouraged!!
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  31. SPRTT Member

    ^^ Fun fact: Lavar Burton also played Kunta Kinte in "Roots" by Alex Hayley. Lavar rocks it, and it was his first role. Beautiful. I love me some Lavar.

    Excellent Raid Report, and appropriately book ended by The Cats of Caturday and Lavar Burton.
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  32. adhocrat Member

    But remember who KK's dad was...
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  33. SPRTT Member

    I did not remember, but Wikipedia did. :D Makes me love it moar.
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  34. J.D. Rockefeller?
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  35. adhocrat Member

    close, but it was OJ
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  36. skeptic2girl Member

    Chalk tech says: Who Is Anon SParrow?
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  37. Xenu Is Lord Member

    I see you all had the rare honor of a visit from DM himself.
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  38. SPRTT Member

    SRSLY? The wiki says it was the King of Blaxploitation. Whatevs. EPIC thread is EPIC and full of EPIC SFags, EPIC Trubble, and I know you are but what am I infinity. + dog poo.

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  39. Anonymous Member

    That explains why they didn't clean it up. That shit is sacred.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Give 'em mine: FO FI FO FI FO FO FI

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