Chicago Scientology protest - March 12, 2011

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by Strong Strength, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Well, that was awesome.

    We were downtown in Millennium Park with a mixture of old and new faces. The St. Patrick's Day Parade was today at a nearby spot, and we took advantage of the huge crowds to get our message out to a lot of the public. I think we gave out as many or more fliers today than we ever have, so congrats to the people who were rocking those. I also had a lot of fun in the festive atmosphere.

    On St. Patty's Day, there tends to be a surge of drunks out around 2 p.m. or so in the downtown area. In previous years, we'd tended to call it a day around this time, but this time around we stuck around. Things were getting a little skeevy with the mobs of people around us. Sure enough, there was some huge rush of police towards the middle of the park around that time, with sirens blaring and billy clubs brandished. I don't know if we ever found out if there was some sort of disorderly incident there or if they were just trying to get all the sloshed idiots to clear out after the parade had ended, but law enforcement suddenly wanted everyone out of the park, us included.

    It didn't really end up mattering too much, though, because we just skipped across to the spot across the street and continued on. We continued to get bits of sunshine, and the drunks moved on to whatever bars or parties they were off to next, leaving plenty of leftover people for us to educate as we danced and screwed around. Good times.
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  2. 3rdMan Member

    Heh, St. Pattie's day in Chicago is just one awesome party. Glad you guys were a part of it.
  3. Photo dropoff, part 1:








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  4. Photo dropoff, part 2:








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  5. exOT8Michael Member

    Nice raid ChicagoAnons!!
    Looks like you got a lot of traction with so many fliers etc.

    So there's Oirish peeps in Chicago?? ;-P
  6. anonymous612 Member

    Okay srsly, how much do I have to pay you so I can keep these two Chicagoanons?

    Also whoever this is, I need more suitfags. We'll take this one too, send them down.

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  7. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Great stuff! Keep it up!

    Tanks forty pitchers.
  8. Paladin Member

    Great job guys! I've had an awesome time protesting in Clearwater on Friday and Saturday. The Clearwater Anons have been super at watching-out for me and Xander to keep us from getting into too much trouble. I had conversations with at least 4 Scientology handlers. It's a completely different experience down here. I highly recommend it. Clearwater is the Mecca for Scientology PROTESTERS!
  9. amaX Member

    Paladin and Xander dont' know it yet, but we're keeping them. Sorry, Chicago, shouldn't oughta let 'em travel south...

    Seriously awesome job up there in the cold, ChiAnons! Love your signage!
  10. Anonymous Member

    Banana head matched rain poncho. Nice coincidence catch.
  11. HellRazor Member

    Awesome indeed!
  12. Anonymous Member

    This, its not to often you see two banana heads in the same pics. I can appreciate that.
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  13. Th3ox Member

    I got a couple people to go, however, due to my lack of knowledge about chicago, i didnt find the main group. we just kinda wandered in our small group and did what we could :)
    Hopefully next time i can get to the right place :p
  14. Th3ox Member

    BTW i r has suit
  15. Cold. Grey. Drunks.
    Good job and thanks.
  16. anonymous612 Member

    Clearwater is this way VVVVV and a wee bit this way >>> I expect you by tomorrow evening.
  17. Orson Member

    So great to see all these post game threads. Well done you glorious bastards.
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  18. Th3ox Member

    Gah! lol
    im not so sure m8 :D haha
  19. Darth Xander Member

    Great job guys. Glad to see we have reinforcements.

    Clearwater, however, is an entirely difference experience. As Paladin mentioned, it is indeed the Mecca for Anons.

    Handlers. They have handlers here! (Just like in the videos!) More handlers than Anons, actually. And then there are all the Sea Orgers massing and running for the buses. But the best part was getting to see in person a couple of regulars from the old LMT videos, Mr. Ben Shaw and Spencer. So cool.

    Anyway, see you guys next month. Dra, I expect cookies.
  20. Dra Member

    We needed the reinforcements with the crazy crowd. I'm happy you guys had a good time in Clearwater! (I need to trek down there someday).

    & there will be cookies (as usual) next month.
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  21. anonymous612 Member

    If I bring cookies will you stay here?
  22. AnonLover Member

    Yet another awesome raid this weekend! so much WIN i cant hardly stands it!!! :)
  23. Darth Xander Member

    Six, you are adorable. One second you're laughing and smiling and the next you're giving the Scilons hell with blood curdling yelling. You're one of a kind.
  24. anonymous612 Member


    EDIT: heeheehee, bloodcurdling.
  25. Darth Xander Member

    Chocolate chip and walnut? If yes, then yes.
  26. anonymous612 Member

  27. BLiP Member

    Thank you Chicago.
  28. The cookies we had were delicious. We had cupcakes too, but I think someone stole them, because they disappeared around the time when the police were trying to clear the swarm of drunk people out. vzwydi.gif

    Gonna see if I can get some video footage up in a few days.
  29. Th3ox Member

    Next month i will be in the right spot :D

    Start planning soon?
  30. Pareo Member

    THEY STOLE MY CUPCAKES. And my tupperware..

    I cared more about the tupperware. :c
  31. anonk6 Member

    The worst part is that, given the high density of drunk people, they probably ended up on the floor in the form of vomit :( Such a waste.
  32. [Tom Cruise voice] It's wild and wooly... and it's a blast.

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  33. I'm sorry we missed you! We were at the Michigan/Madison intersection spot in the park until the police made us move across the street. What time did you arrive? Was it after 2 p.m. or so, after we'd been made to move from our spot? I remember being worried at the time that someone might come looking for us and not notice that we were on the opposite corner.

    Unless someone else wants to do it, I'll make a planning thread for next month within the next few days. It might not get much action for a while, because we usually need a couple weeks to hibernate after our monthly raid before we start seriously thinking about our next one.

    The next date should be April 9, since we almost always do the 2nd Saturday of the month. We may or may not be at Millennium Park again next month - some of the details (starting time, location, etc.) are still up in the air at this point.
  34. 3rdMan Member

    (sniff). I miss that noisy parkside.
  35. conatus Member

    Young lady, if that is truly the case, then apparently you need to either (a) get your life priorities straightened out, (b) improve your Anon baking skills or possibly (c) both of the above. Srsly.
  36. Th3ox Member

    I got there around 1, or 130 ish, but my and my group were unfamiliar with chicago, and had a dumb GPS.... sooo we improvised.
    we did convince some people :D
    we had our own signs and such
  37. over9000OT Member

    Good job Chicago. We'll try to get some KCfags up your way this Summer maybe.
  38. Sounds great. My one concern is that we might still be smack dab in the middle of legal bullshit about the 150-foot law if the event was at our org, so we may only be able to get as close as the corner at that point in time. The other option is Millennium Park, which is a unique experience in itself, but isn't everyone's favorite, as it tends to lack the troll factor due to no Scientologists being around.

    Make no mistake, we'd LOVE to have you in any case. I would just want to make you guys aware of the situation regarding our setup spots so you didn't come expecting epic and leave thinking, "well that was lame."

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