Clearwater March Protests: 11th, 12th, and LRH Birthday Event Postgames

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  1. anonymous612 Member

    Friday March 11th
    Yaaaay, Chicago! Our guests for this month's protests are right little badasses. Also possibly cyborg. Great miniraid, lots of traffic. Fun times. Brief appearance from Trollwife, a closet Scientologist who likes to bitch about jews, is of the opinion we're secretly Scientologists protesting our own religion, and did the first assault on Clearwater anons, way back in 2008. Partially through the day Bay News 9, our local (non-scientologist) news channel shows up and jokes around with us about how hilarious it was that they were making the scilons walk a block out of their way to avoid us. Saturday morning we all turned on the news to check the weather etc and see ourselves on TV. BN9 did a piece about how horribly inconvenient and difficult traffic will be in downtown Clearwater between the hip hop concert and a Scientology event in town. And without explanation chose as the footage us walking around with "L RON HUBBARD: PROPHET FOR PROFIT" and "TAX THE CULT" and "DON'T WORRY, WE'RE FROM THE INTERNET" signs on full display. I'm sure there's more for Friday, it's just slipped my mind. Wait for the other anons.

    Saturday March 12th, downtown CW
    Hot damn. Shortstuff is in town today, so our normally timid band of scilon brothers was especially on edge. Last time he was in town we caught the scientologists painting over one of the scilon buildings ten minutes before he was due to arrive, in such a hurry they were painting over any leaves that happened to be sitting on the building. We got a new record of simultaneous OSA handlers today, seven at once, including our wee little friend Vollie from the Ybor City Volunteer Minister tent. We also had a cameraman who at the time I thought was creepy and now think is a fucking douchebag follow us around all day saying he was filming stock footage (of us? lmao) and wanting to do interviews. For stock footage. Right. More on him later.

    Protest today went great as well. Notable appearances include Pat Harney and Kendrick Moxon (FUCK YOU SOCAL ANONS, KEEP YOUR BATSHIT CRAZY IN YOUR OWN STATE PLZKTHX). Sorry, no Kirstie Alley or her ass. Also making its debut was our new sound system, which is obscenely loud. And weighs about an ounce. No, it doesn't make sense to me either.

    We later discovered that at least two of the vehicles leaving this protest got tailed. HEY DIPSHITS, WAY TO PICK THE NAMEFAGGED ANONS TO FOLLOW. GOOD JOB.

    Saturday evening, LRH birthday, Ruth Eckerd Hall
    Party Hard! After a pause for omnomnoms, Clearwater Anonymous and company head over to Ruth Eckerd Hall for the LRH birthday event.

    The WELCO sign is a staple at Clearwater LRH birthdays:

    Their large banner that stretches down the road attaches to a scaffolding, well in this photo from 2009 it was just under two stories. Problem is, they misjudged the distance and didn't build the scaffolding tall enough, so the sign just read WELCO EVENT PARKING. It cracked us up at the time and we made jokes about it all year. Then in 2010 they tried a different sign layout. Lots of narrower "welcome" scaffolding signs...which also weren't tall enough, despite us mocking them so hard the year before. That year we had WELCO WELCO WELCO WELCO TO THE EVENT.

    We figured there'd be no way they'd screw it up three years in a row. And they didn't...sort of. They went back to the original style of sign, and did build it tall enough for the full Welcome to hang. Except they got the bright idea to surround it with man-high bushes to interfere with our ability to stand at the entrance to the theater. And guess what two letters those bushes blocked out? Even when they do it right, they still do it wrong.

    And those bushes? They spaced them too far apart, we just stood in between them. And normally at this event they practice what we call umbrella tech (because the first time they tried it they used literal colorful umbrellas) and hold up big "EVENT PARKING" signs in front of us to hide us from view. It's always a game to see who can get into the best position. This time, their signholders had obviously been planning to attend the event, as they were all dolled up in suits and wee little bowties and ties and shiny shoes, and didn't want to mess up their suits by crawling into the bushes after us. So as soon as we put one bush in between us and the crosswalk they stood at, they lost all ability to block us. Silly scifags.

    Our sweetheart OSA director Peetie Mansell made an appearance, which is good because he hadn't tried to chat with us in so long we weren't sure he was still alive. He lost permission to handle us after he caught him assaulting an anon (me, actually) on video and pasted it all over the place. The handlers from earlier showed up, and at one point broke out a couple cigars to blow smoke around. Lmao, did you think we didn't notice one of them coughing his lungs out because of it? You couldn't find scientologists that were actually smokers?

    Every year they do some filming at the entrance. Traffic coming in, a bit with their little sourpuss chick who talks about how many people are coming in from out of town, that kind of thing. Since the event is in the evening, they have a very narrow band of light to work with before sunset, or they lose their shot and the footage is unusable. And I won't say I made it my personal mission for the past few years to completely fuck up their footage...but I made it my personal mission for the past few years to completely fuck up their footage. And by the way? MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. Why scientologists think telling me they're trying to film is going to get me to move out of their camera angle, I will never know.

    Also, new addition to our collection of pet scientologists: Tux, the sexy little Umbrella Tech signholder in the shiny shoes and bowtie that one of the OSA handlers referred to as studmuffin. God that was a nice suit. Seriously, nice ass.

    OKAY BACK TO DOUCHEBAG. The cameraguy that followed us all day followed us to Ruth Eckerd Hall. He hang around, did his creepy little thing, and then had the balls to get pissed off that the anons were responding to him with suspicion. He then took a swing at one of the anons and smacked at his camera. AND THEN, our dashing young friend shows up on WWP bitching about how stressed out he was and it was totally our fault, not his, and that totally isn't an assault. No, really, he did:

    Conversation with him is ongoing on that thread, including our responses.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    we're secretly Scientologists protesting our own religion

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  3. amaX Member

    Visiting Chicago Anons are protest machines now! We seriously want to keep them.

    Friday: The cult did move quite a bit of SO from other places into Clearwater for this LCon 100th birthday celebration. But even with all the extra SO in town it was no where near the numbers that used to zombie-walk their way through downtown. OSAFlagots did their best to re-route SO so they don't see us, but that didn't go so well for them because we just found them again...

    To the main OSAFlagots on Watterson St.: we've told you time after time if you'll just keep your mouths shut as we march down that street then we won't stay on that steet. It even reeks in the winter time of rotting food filled dumpsters and utter sadness and it's not a street we like to be on. But time after time you gotta be Mr. Macho's and make it look like you're the ones who are making us move along. Every time you do that then we will march back-and-forth on that street of failure. You don't own the sidewalks of downtown Clearwater even on Watterson St.

    Downtown was busybusybusy on Saturday with the festival going on at Coachman. We got to see some fabulous rides blasting heavy rap music. The music lovers were quite vocal in their displeasure with the cult, too. At one point, two of us Anons were talking to a female public Sci and one of our handlers was standing like a creepy sentinel when the female public Sci was asked, "You're a Scientologist. Surely you know the reputation you all have around here. You know people don't like you because of all the bad things you've done in Clearwater." About two seconds after the lying and/or delusional Sci said that she had never noticed that, a car full of boisterous whippersnappers making their way to the rap fest leaned out their windows bellowing things like, "Fuck Scientology! Yeaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!" and "You're fucking right: SCIENTOLOGY KILLS!" Of course, I'm sure the femSci didn't notice it at all... Also, she tried to equate Jesus Christ with L. Ron Hubbard. Riiiiiight. Even if you don't believe in God, most people would at least say that Jesus existed and was a fairly decent person while he was alive. Erm, NOT the case with LCon.

    As we marched by Ft. Homicide the first time on Saturday, Six greeted our favorite doorman with an exhuberant, "Barney!" We were all rewarded with one of his rare ear-to-ear grins full of joie de vivre. Sometimes Barney just can't contain himself.

    To the asshole camera man the cult hired to film us this year: this ain't our first rodeo with the likes of you. You are the most out-of-shape and whiney creep they've ever hired though. We weren't there to do your bidding for the "stock footage" you told me you were filming. Dude, you would probably have gotten a better reception from Clearwater Anonymous if you'd told us flat out at the beginning that they'd hired you. Instead you lied. We knew you lied and you knew we knew. No. None of us felt sorry for your ass having to lug the big ole 50 lbs. of tripod and camera accessories around. As I told you last year, they hired two douches last year so two of them could lug the equipment around. They evidently didn't pay you enough for you to hire someone to help you carry your shit. Not our problem.

    Good job making an account here on wwp just to wine about how mean we were to you.

    Moxon...take him back SoCal.

    More later...getting stuff ready to raid Tampa's Yborg grand opening today.
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  4. ravenanon Member

    shrub tech fail lmao... sexy protest as always CW Crew
  5. Daisy Member

    Thanks for the report and awesome job!
  6. AnonLover Member

    Wow - exciting times in clearwater! Awesome raids were awesome, cant wait to hear more!!
  7. Ann O'Nymous Member

  8. Darth Xander Member

    First off, Clearwater Lady Anons rock. Incredibly gracious hosts. They indulged Paladin and I by doing a raid on Friday (in addition to the regular monthly and b-day party) as well as the Ybor City opening. Thank you so much Six and AMA! You ladies are quite impressive and I am happy to have made your acquaintance.

    As for my experience protesting here as opposed to in Chicago, there's just no comparison. Up there, we pretty much stand in one spot. Clearwater has blocks and blocks of Scilon buildings to hit. And you have tons of Sea Orgers and public walking around. Up north we have far fewer public and the only time we get Sea Orgers is when the Flag tour comes to town.

    And handlers! This was my first experience with handlers. I probably could have handled (hehe) them a little better, but I was mainly interested in making sure the 16 year old Sea Orgers knew I was there and could see my signs.

    The old man's 100th birthday party and Eckerd rocked! Seeing them break out the huge signs to try and block us was interesting. Better was getting to see Ben Shaw and Spencer (of LMT video fame) working the event. I felt like I was living Scilon protest history when I saw those two.

    I will not soon forget this full weekend of protesting. I have some video and pics and will post them when able.
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  9. anonymous612 Member

    Xander: plz2b taking some of the handlers with you when you leave. We have spares. Stick 'em in the trunk or something. Want Vollie? I can get you Vollie in a rolling suitcase.
  10. exOT8Michael Member

    What a great raid you guys!!!
    Proud of you.
    I lived in Scilon CW for 6 years and so your reports are very real to me.
    How is the SuperFail Building coming along, or not?
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  11. anonymous612 Member

    We expect it to be finished sometime this year, and will hold a somewhat impromptu megaraid for the grand opening. Last I was told, the interior finally has drywall up, but that's it. And the exterior is mostly physically done, it's the landscaping/entrance bricking/etc they're focusing on atm. Lots of landscaping going on.

    Lmao, that reminds me. Couple of anons and I were in town a few weeks ago for the February protest, and at the "entrance" to the SP Building they were doing some heavy planting of baby palm trees or something like that. You know how sometimes you trim down a tree a bit to help it bush out? We came back the next day or so and all those trees -- TREES, maybe six or more inches in diameter -- had been chopped down all the way down at the soil line. We're not talking a little rosebush or whatever, but full, thick treestumps. Lern2horticulture, srsly. And we laughed our asses off about it. Well...when we were in town on Friday, we notice they've had to dig those stumps back up and plant grown trees again. What, didn't Hubbard tell them how to garden?
  12. BLiP Member

    Thank you Clearwater. (Vids would be good)
  13. anonymous612 Member

    There should be vid, I'm just not the camerafag.

    Actually...exOT8Michael, if you'd prefer a more specific status update on the SP Building I can have pix/video later.
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  14. amaX Member

    I had two handlers acting like dicks toward the end of the night. They were saying very derogatory things and I finally said, "Well, the one thing I never did was get sucked into a cult where I'm wasting my life away."

    Without missing a beat, one handler said, "THAT'S GOOD. I WOULDN'T WANT YOU IN MY CULT."

    The other handler dropped his head and I said, "Dude, did you hear what you just said? Even you're calling it a cult!"

    LULZ ensued for me.

    Self-professed Cult Handler didn't show up to handle us in Ybor on Sunday...
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  15. BayNews9 reported on the event planned around L Ron Hubbard's 100th Birthday. The only video footage they used was that of our previous protest that day before. Lulz

    5524784585_1a4f41fd60_z.jpg 5524784547_b7a42d0103_z.jpg
    5524769689_64e83a63de_z.jpg 5525360596_fc35330738_z.jpg
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  16. 3/12/11

    Lots of pics of the 'handlers' sent out to deal with us. Man, what lazy fail trolls. I even named them for more clarity ^_^
    Also, a nice pic of the camera man that followed us around all day. He got footage of me talking with a woman from the SeaOrg, wish I could have gotten it from him. The most interesting part of our talk came when I asked her what she knew about her fellow Scientologists who have died at the hands of Scientology. She said that she &quot;chooses to read what she wants&quot; and has not come across anything involving Lisa McPherson or anyone else for that matter. I offered to give her a list of websites where could see the information for herself. She called if &quot;slanderous, hate propaganda&quot; and called me a liar, albeit very politely lol. She said if this was really true if would have been in the news. I offered to look the news articles up for her on my phone right there in front of her on reliable, non-biased news websites. She declined. She told me the church is the real truth. That my tim would be better spent protesting the catholic Religion, although she was unable to give me a valid reason as to why. I don't have any pictures of her.

    5525360518_59a66bc9d1_z.jpg 5525360480_facb78db66_z.jpg
    5524769579_5caeea8534_z.jpg 5525360378_d8f2b19671_z.jpg
    5525360244_3c6634b162_z.jpg 5525360152_de8f961324_z.jpg
    5524769329_62dfb74be3_z.jpg 5524769241_7ef7132099_z.jpg

    Me: &quot;Well you see, we'd only be bigots if we were being 'hateful' against an A) race B) gender C) sexual orientation or D) religion. And they're none of those so we're safe!&quot;
    'Dopey' : &quot;Oh you! I see what you did there! That was clever!&quot; *sulk*
    Me: &quot;See? I told you! I'm a nice guy. Some people think I'm a raging cunt but they're wrong!&quot;
    'Dopey' : &quot;No, No, I absolutely agree with you! You're not raging.&quot;
    Me: &quot;Oh! Oh I see what you did there! lol You are sneaky!&quot;
    'Dopey' : &quot;I learned that little zinger from you.&quot;
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  17. Anonymous Member

    OSA used both bigbush tech to obscure the corners around the drive to Ruth Eckerd Hall, and generator tech to attempt to drown out anonymous music tech. One small generator was all that was needed to power one set of lights, but OSA employed two large generators. The result was a combination of generator tech and music tech which had the effect of making the music tech even more annoying. Paul Kellerhals, your barking watchdog was visibly disturbed by it. LOL. Petey Weety, you fail, as does your "Mr. Burns" lapdog, Ben Shaw. BTW, Petey, you really should feed Ben extra dog food because he looks like an emaciated cancer patient.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Doyle Mills, OSA PR and Investigation volunteer
    Nickname: Doyle the OSAbot
  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. AnonLover Member

    oh mai, what a smorgasboard of fail handlers. Would u say this was about the same or more handlers used for same events last year?
  21. Any names for the rest of them?
  22. amaX Member

    exOT8Michael, Miscavige HAS to open it. He has no choice. The people who still have money and who are still forking more money into the project are PISSED. Those people are the most angry Sci's who come to Flag. Miscavige got away with another year by putting every piece of heavy machinery NOVA was renting outside whenever the big bucks people came to town, but that shit ain't flying any more. It will open sometime this year or maybe he'll do another Grand Opening on New Year's Day thing since he usually comes to Clearwater for the New Year's Eve bash. That way he can kill two birds with one stone. It's a well-known fact that he detests being in Clearwater ever since poor Lisa McPherson's death.

    The opening of this building to offer Super Power courses is going to be one of the biggest blows to Scientology. I actually think it will be the end of the cult as we know it. Those people with money have donated hundreds of millions of dollars and they really want something for their money. They are NOT going to get a building of any substance like the original plans called for. They are going to get a building with an interior that is shoddily put together. Shoddy construction leads to some shitty things happening very quickly. Rich Sci's are going to learn very quickly that there money wasn't spent on the Super Power Building. And who knows if they'll stay delusional when Super Powers can't be delivered?

    I do truly believe that Miscavige will finally lose a lot of his hardcore big money people over Super Power. Miscavige's best bet is to start really hoarding money and abscond with as much as possible as soon as possible.

    Start saving your money, Anonymous. Clearwater is inviting everyone to raid with us whenever they have the Grand Opening of the Super Power/Mecca Building/New Flag Building.
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  23. anonymous612 Member

    Not by much. I'd say maybe five or six last year.
  24. Xenu Is Lord Member

    Oh no he has taken the PTS/SP course
    Doyle Mills in Scientology's Published Service Completion Lists

    The following 11 individual completions for Doyle Mills appear in official Scientology publications:
    Doyle MillsPTS/SP CourseSource 1271999-11-01
    Doyle MillsTHERAPEUTIC TR COURSESource 1302000-07-01
    Doyle MillsGRADE IV EXPANDEDSource 1362001-12-01
    Doyle MillsPURIFICATION RUNDOWNSource 1382002-06-01
    Doyle MillsL 11 NEW LIFE RUNDOWNSource 1392002-09-01
    Doyle MillsPROFESSION INTENSIVESource 1402002-11-01
    Doyle MillsL 10 RUNDOWNSource 1482003-08-01
    Doyle MillsHAVINGNESS RUNDOWNSource 1632005-02-01
    Doyle MillsLRH PERSONAL PUBLIC RELATIONS OFFICERSource 1912007-06-01
    Doyle MillsSELF ANALYSIS COURSESource 1972008-01-01

    Oh he is apparently long winded too
  25. anonymous612 Member

    Hey, he's taken the L10 Rundown, that's one of the ones I have a copy of. We can compare notes.
  26. maggie Member

    Srsly? Ben "release the hounds" Shaw? I've not exactly been keeping myself informed lately, but I thought he blew a few years ago.

    Overall, it sounds like you guys did a very thorough job of enturbulating!
  27. anonymous612 Member

    Paul Kellerhaus is visibly disturbed by EVERYTHING.
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  28. OTBT Member

    From High Winds, magazine of the Sea Org, Issue 18, 1995



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  29. RightOn Member

    thanks for the update and pics!
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  30. amaX Member

    Clearwater Anonymous always delivers.
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  31. amaX Member

    lolololol I'd never seen this particular article, OTBT! Thanks for posting it. Made me laugh.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Anyone get a clear shot of creepy camera guy's face?
  33. Anonymous Member

    heh heh Do I hear an April Fool's theme, AMA?

    "U Wouldn't Want Me In UR Cult!"
  34. anonymous612 Member


    April theme is Bitches Love Anonymous. Just for Fishnetsanon.
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  35. Paladin Member

    It has been a fun-filled and fascinating experience protesting in Clearwater and Ybor this weekend. In Chicago, we stand-around at or near the Org hoping for an opportunity to engage a Scilon or two in conversation. In Clearwater, we walk from building to building and Scilon handlers come to us. I'm not going to fool myself into thinking I would change anyone's mind about Scientology in a single conversation. But I hope I gave at least one of them something to think about.
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  36. amaX Member

    You did. Whenever you can get one of them to act like a decent human being and carry on a conversation instead of the usual rhetoric or mumbled profanities then you've changed what their day was supposed to be like. I have to think that when they engage in a normal conversation with one of us and then they are punished for that then maybe it will lead them to think for themselves and get the hell out.

    You did a great job of calmly speaking with them. As we say in my neck of the woods: You done real good.

    I hope you come back soon and please bring more Chicago Anons!
  37. maggie Member

    Here's a link to Scn, Inc's PR about how big and luscious their events were in CW and Tampa.
    They're claiming 6,000 endured the 2-hour ordeal about Hub's life in CW. There's a crowd photo, which I'm assuming was hurriedly photoshopped:
  38. anonymous612 Member

    6000? LOL. LOL.

    Even the OSA Handlers only thought 1600. 'Least, that's what they said. ;)
  39. amaX Member

    I'm actually really shocked that they said there were 2,000 at the Sunday Ybor event. That is about what I thought. So, we know what 2,000 looks like because we saw it on Sunday. There's no way there were 6,000 Scientologists in Clearwater this past weekend.

    I wonder why they told the truth about Sunday? Hmmm...
  40. anonymous612 Member

    Hell, I would say I probably saw more in Ybor than I did at Ruth Eckerd...

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