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  1. what browser are you using? cache settings?
  2. h86ZN.jpg

    (Time Zone is Pacific Standard)

    Firefox 8.0.0 no proxies up at the time. Broadband connection.
  3. could be the time that the maint. schedule runs? did you try switching to your machine to OPENDNS? I will setup a site pinger / watcher locally at home to monitor forums.whyweprotest - 34 minutes is FOREVER in internet time, which resembles 7th level dream time in INCEPTION. :O (considering we measure things in milliseconds)
  4. Daily maintenance is regularly from about 00:10 - 00:40 Pacific Standard Time, every night. Nope. Didn't switch the machine to OPENDNS.
  5. Anonymous Member

    I received this message today, during the maintenance period. What's worrying is that all pages shows "Unfortunately, a cached copy of the page you requested is not available" which indicates that CloudFlare isn't working correctly.
  6. Kilia Member

    Yep..that's what I saw too about an hour or so ago. I thought maybe we got hacked. lol
  7. Vigdis Member

    Any news for the SSL ?
  8. freedom91 Member

    You can always try to set-up ip filtering to to block the people that try to DDos...Only an idea,but it might help.
  9. Got this at about 09:30 AM PST today. I was wanting to view the thread from the Forum List. I wasn't trying to post or do any thread maintenance:


    And this one, last night, 22:48. Lasted for about 10 minutes:

  10. sue Administrator

    Please see :

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  11. Vigdis Member

    owww :(
    I'll be waiting for it so.
    Thanks sue :)
  12. CarltonBANKS Member

    Generous Zero, thanks!!! WWP is the lifeblood of chanology.

    This guy made a flow of $1,000 for the excellent Mark Bunker's movie too. Altruistic motherfucker.

    U mad, RTC?

    I am so uptone.
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  13. AHHHH jacky I just snapped that your a MOD, so you see things that we do not, or pages in a format that we do not. If you are having problems it may come that cloudflare is ONLY probably obligated to mirror our stuff that is PUBLIC, not private or in a format not seen by the public. So, in theory stuff even stuff in the off topic discussion section will not be mirrored, since you must be logged in to see it. :(

    i dunno why off-topic is even set that way , since i only post mostly in that section, I figure Sue and others are embarrassed of me and the things I post so it's easier to hide the whole sub-forum from public :(

  14. sue Administrator

    That is not how it works.

    Cloudflare runs caching servers that are put in front of ours, what happens when you connect to the site, whether the page you want to see is "hidden" or public:

    you --- Give me this page ----> cloudflare --- this dude wants that page -----> wwp

    wwp ---- ok here you got it --> cloudflare ---- is this what you were looking for? I already had the images so i started sending those a while ago--> you

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  15. Incredulicide Member

    I nominate the above for best visual flowchart of the year.
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  16. sue Administrator

    Re SSL: I spent the better half of last night working out rewrite rules for running wordpress multisite and xenforo on the same domain.


    It works.

    Unfortunately for you, right now this is only running on a test environment and not in production. You won't be able to access this, there is really no need for you to try. I thought you would like to read it is being worked on and that we're one small step closer to having full ssl suport. It's still going to take a whole lot of time before this will get into production as there is much more that should be fixed / setup before hand.
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  17. hushpuppy Member

    Thanks for all you do sue!
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  18. sue Administrator


    This so far went better than expected.

    Next problem : how to automatically change every hotlinked image url on the board to the encrypted asset links, and converting img urls to the asset proxy url in to be made posts.
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  19. telomere Member

    ITT: magick
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  20. Anonymous Member

  21. sue Administrator

    Did get some reports of problems accessing the site from the UK, everything was up in the US and in (most of) the rest of Europe. According to cloudflare a routing issue in amsterdam that is being worked on.
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  22. rof Member

    Thank you for your patience and devotion.

    You take such good care of us.

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  23. sue Administrator


    Youtube videos on SSL was actually easy mode. Also translated the code for hashing and encoding the urls to php so that I can fit it into xenforo.
    Now that I think of it: it's either going through the database, rewriting all the old urls to new ones, and somehow rewrite new urls. Or actually doing it on the fly, meaning there won't be a need for rewriting all the url's. With some clever caching the amount of requests also shouldn't be too much of a problem.
  24. Anonymous Member

    I have no idea what you're talking about but it sounds safe and wonderful.
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  25. Miranda Member

    I have had the same experience for the past week or so--sometimes at odd times. I just figured you were working on the site.
  26. rof Member

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  27. telomere Member

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  28. rof Member

    Thank you for not having a stylised policeman in your post.

    Sometimes sue is too srs.

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  29. Anonymous Member


    I'm not sure that CloudFlare is working correctly. The site still goes down during the backup period each night.
  30. sue Administrator

    That's probably because the server still responds, but with an error code instead of going offline completely. I don't know, that's really something for later on.
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  31. sue Administrator

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  32. I just read that post and there is a logistics problem, what if someone links to like GAY PONY PICS, then technically cache trick will have you hosting GAY PONY stuff and we might get in trouble with like, pakistan gov who strictly forbids gay ponies? WAT DO? Then let's say mods catch gay ponies then erase it, your still left with gay ponies SOMEWHERE on our HD :( and if pakistani gov hits us with warrant (cuz USA is trying to mend relations cuz of predator drone strikes, so they will be helpful to paki) for drives we get screwed cuz a basic recovery scan for images will reveal pony pics :( I just don't want anybody beheaded on liveleak.
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  33. sue Administrator

    There's not much you can do about people being asses.
  34. @ Mon Dec 5 16:43:16(ish) UTC 2011
  35. sue Administrator


    Getting closer, with the help and hand holding done by some very patient xen devs, but there's another hiccup in the embedded image dept. Nonetheless, one little step closer.
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  36. telomere Member

    more patient than you‽
    exists such a thing‽
  37. sue Administrator

    Yes, i am pretty useless at this development thing. Watch how he will probably find a compelling solution to a problem I can't fathom fixing on my own.

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