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  1. Anonymous Member

    As you can see the two time stamps are 8:18 and 8:28. You can assume from "before I went to work" that I didn't check after the second one (8:28) as I was on my way to work, and it's also a safe bet that the first one (8:18) is when I first tried to get on it. So using your head and safe bets you'd know it was 10 minutes atleast. Unfortunately I can't give you a better idea than that.

    TLDR, 10 mins minimum, might have been longer.

    I know there's a 30 min downtime, when is that UK time?
  2. Anonymous Member

    Down again for a couple of minutes

  3. telomere Member

    08:15-08:45 UTC

    Not sure how that maps to UK time.
  4. Anonymous Member

    That'll be the reason for the downtime for those two screenshots then.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Another one of these errors but at 22:18. Lasted a few seconds.
  6. Anonymous Member

    I've been getting a lot of these blank red cards over inbox and alerts, once (in the dome) I had one above both.

    Just fyg.
  7. Dragononymous Member

    Same, but it's not that bothering, only occurs on alerts < 5 seconds ago.

    Also, for the cloudfare fail guy above;
    Glee TV??
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  8. James Spader Member

    This is a result of a xenforo software upgrade. Because it's a minor nuisance and doesn't affect site use in any substantial way addressing the issue is pretty far down the list of priorities atm.
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  9. sue Administrator

    I actually fixed it but haven't gotten to putting it on here. It should be fixed come the next maintenance window.
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  10. Dragononymous Member

    I know, but still thanks for making sure that I know.
    This "new" you is really scary you know...
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  11. James Spader Member

    Are you referring to my avatar? I like to think of it as the face of WWP 2012...
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  12. Dragononymous Member

    Not that (well sort of that too) your acting, the way you do things, they way you talk ect all that stuff...
  13. James Spader Member

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  14. Dragononymous Member

    Trust me, I'm already.
  15. Anonymous Member

    *shrugs* What my partner wants, my partner gets.
  16. Dragononymous Member

    Fair enough, good set of mind :3
  17. Orson Member

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  18. cfanon Member

    15:43, refreshing every few seconds, came back in about 30 sec?
  19. telomere Member

    was ded between 0750 and 1530 UTC, here.
    or at minimum: 0750-0850, 1410-1530
  20. telomere Member

    might have been a (local) cache problem.
  21. JustNoise Member

    Happy to see WWP again! I have been getting the cloud flare error for the past two days.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Using the "retry for a live version" option might reset what's gone wrong. Usually works for me.
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  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    CloudFlare Was Down Due To Edge Routers Crashing, Taking Down 785,000 Websites Including 4chan, Wikileaks, | TechCrunch

    By Romain Dillet

    Security and caching service CloudFlare was down for close to an hour due to an issue with its edge routers. It’s now all back up and running. As the service adds a layer between 785,000 websites and their users in order to speed up traffic and prevent DDoS attacks and other security issues, all of those websites were affected — 4chan was one of them.

    “At around 9:47 UTC (1:47 AM in California), a change got pushed out. It caused the edge routers in our network to crash,” co-founder and CEO Matthew Prince told us over the phone. “I don’t want to throw the routers’ vendor under the bus, but it caused them to crash. If you sent a packet to one of our IP addresses, you would get back a response that there was no router,” he continued.

    Even though the operations team is monitoring the service 24/7, the routers crashed in such a way that they had to be manually rebooted. It means calling all the data centers around the world and reverting the rule. The DNS and proxy servers were perfectly fine, they were just unreachable.

    “Starting about 30 minutes after the first report, the routers started coming online,” Prince said. But for a little while, the service was still not available because all the traffic was redirected to the first data centers that were going back online. It took about an hour to see normal traffic going in and out of CloudFlare’s servers. Update: The company wrote a post-mortem as well.

    “This is a completely unacceptable event to us,” Prince said. “In our four years of life, this is our third significant outage,” he continued.

    The company’s own website and status page were down, giving an Error 502. The Twitter status account was its only communication channel still available.

    CloudFlare generates so many pageviews that it would be the tenth website in the world. Back in September, the company announced at TechCrunch Disrupt SF that it served 70 billion monthly pageviews to 600 million unique visitors. Prince corrected that number and claimed that the service now serves “well over 100 billion pageviews” every month.

    Its downtime shows developers that relying on a third-party service in addition to server hosting can lead to some issues. In CloudFlare’s case, the service handles a crucial task, delivering traffic.

    Prince thought about CloudFlare’s paying customers as well and the company will act accordingly to make up for the outage: “we are extremely disappointed and we’ll definitely be honoring our paying customers.”

    More at
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  24. sue Administrator

    It's unfortunate to have incurred some down time, on the other I'm confident we saved tons with the ddos mitigation. If memory serves correctly WWP used to be down quite a bit more than it has in the past year. Thanks for posting the article for those that were curious as to what may have happened.
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