Comicon: AO and Xenubarb Arrested

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by xenubarb, Jul 22, 2011.

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  1. xenubarb Member

    Details coming soon. We met at the org. They raised the shields. AO and XB took off and I was going to meet them down on 5th Ave.

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  2. xenubarb Member


    They let me go. Anonturbate sent me pix.
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  3. god i wish you were my grandma!
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  4. Anonymous Member

    so you wasn't arrested?
  5. xenubarb Member

    LOL nope. I didn't bite anyone. AO...on the other hand...
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  6. Triumph Member

    cults Is totally gonna use that picture ...OSA socks are gonna be fighting over it...

    place your cover of freedom magazine
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  7. Anonymous Member

    We always knew you & AO were a pair.
  8. xenubarb Member

    Pair of wat?
  9. xenubarb Member

    It's my piccie. I own it. Let them use it. I'll sue them in England.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Here's hoping for a lengthy incarceration.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Was AO released? Why were you arrested? Since when is protesting on a Friday night illegal? You seemed to get off being grinded by that fat cop.
  12. moarxenu Member

    Is that cop having buttsecks with you? Sure looks like it. Sue the bastard.
  13. xenubarb Member

    fail troll is fail...I fucked up. I meant to post the pic anonymously but pushed the wrong button and I can't figure out a way to keep it rolling so here's the deal.
    We gave the cops five bucks to arrest us and take a piccie. Damn beer!
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  14. Sponge Member

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  15. Anonymous Member

    Please don't act like AO and skew the facts.. it'll come back to bite you in the ass... this is serious shit..
  16. Anonymous Member

    That's what the cops said during teh buttsechs I paid for (which was awesome by the way)
    Love, AO
  17. Smurf Member

    Buttsechs for $5.00... cheap bastard.
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  18. PresidentShaw Member

    I'm going to masturbate to this picture every night for a while
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  19. the anti Member

    yet if you did post anonymously you are still the only one i know of that says "They raised the shields"
  20. PresidentShaw Member

    So barbz, what really happened?
  21. subgenius Member

    Reminds me of this classic....the looks on both their faces is classic
  22. xenubarb Member

    They wouldn't taze AO for ten bucks.
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  23. 3rdMan Member

    LA, the only place in the states where being arrested by PD is a tourist attraction.
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  24. RightOn Member


    morning =good
  25. xenubarb Member

    Except this is San Diego, certainly not LA!
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  26. TorontosRoot Member

    Damnnit!!!11 i'm glad you both got released. Fucking bastard cult! Wishw e could arrest the police! :eek:
  27. 3rdMan Member

    You can list my post as a derail then sense it wasn't mentioned in your post you were in that other city in California, where comic con happens to be. :p
  28. xenubarb Member

    down boy! YHBT
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  29. Disco Necked Member

    XB, when I saw your expression I sensed the trolololololol.
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  30. exOT8Michael Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    /r/ profile pic nao!!!
  32. PresidentShaw Member

    Still masturbating
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  33. Triumph Member

    I know someone who ended up with second degree burns from the heat of the engine on the hood...
    they have slightly higher rates...

    Frisking $14.99
    Mace $150
    Taze $300
    clubbing $550
    Rodney King starting at $1200 and up

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  34. grebe Member

    Dr. Fiona Fox will see you shortly.
  35. Golgo Member

    If you hit them in the chin its for free
  36. Golgo Member

    Also those are not real cops, first the Cop car is out of date, no SDPD uses those old junks and second those chevrons on their arms means they are high ranking officers, and no high ranking would post for a pic, so they are fake, at least thats my guess
  37. Golgo Member

    plus they always keep their hands on their weapons so no one comes from behind and take it from them
  38. acepi86 Member

  39. Anonymous Member

    Not nice to get my hopes up like that. Naughty Barb, very naughty.
  40. veravendetter Member

    I like XB's 'BLAAARGH!' face
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