Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Shot

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by the anti, Jan 8, 2011.

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    As a poster from another country I had no idea of the amount of hatred the right had for the left around the time Kennedy was shot. Did Dalas school children really applaud when Kennedy was shot? I would have dismissed this as fabrication if it were not Robert F. Kennedy Jr. writing the article. Would school children in some extreme right wing areas appluad if Obama was shot?

    Where is the Christian in this debate?

    And not once did he speak ill of his opponents; rather, he encouraged Americans not to point fingers or assign blame, but to "use this occasion to expand our moral imaginations, to listen to each other more carefully, to sharpen our instincts for empathy, and remind ourselves of all the ways our hopes and dreams are bound together."

    What Obama said seems more inline with Christian values than what the right wing, populated by many so-called Christians, have to say.

    "God punished JFK."

    That's just disgusting.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    I have never heard that. I was 12 at the time, and the entire nation was in shock, my conservative parents included.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Releated... Disturbing: Why is Glenn Beck Obsessively Targeting Frances Fox Piven?

    Disinformation + Stern warnings of doom and gloom = unhinged people.
  6. mongrel Member

    Those are some pretty amazing claims little RFK Jr. is making. And I noticed he provided no dox to support them. Until such time as said dox are dropped, he can STFU!

    BTW, he also believes vaccines cause autism.
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    RFK Jr. is a loon.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Keep up the rightwingFaggotry.
    You just about have me convinced.
  9. Anonymous Member

    is left wing faggotry the norm here then?
  10. Anonymous Member

    Faggotry is faggotry. Now about those shootings in Arizona...
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  11. Wikipedia suggests Dan Rather reported, "Later, he reported that some schoolchildren in Dallas had applauded when they were notified of the president's death. Administrators said that, in fact, the thrust of the announcement was that school was to be dismissed early (making the students' delight more understandable). This story infuriated local journalists at then-CBS affiliate KRLD-TV (now Fox owned-and-operated KDFW-TV), who temporarily threw the CBS News staff out of their workspace[citation needed]"

    But even Wikipedia is asking for citation.

    This is interesting if true, a poster to Huffington Post

    "“I was in 3rd grade when JFK was assassinated. I remember it well because of the life lesson I learned that day. My class also cheered - I couldn't tell you why other kids cheered I can only speak for myself - I was happy he was dead - it hurts me just to type that. I knew my parents were republican s & didn't like JFK. I had heard bits & pieces of heated political discussion s regarding JFK & civil rights. I expected my Mom to be happy. I ran in the door singing "Kennedy is Dead". My mom was horrified."

    Seems that adults can recognize political hatred as simple rivalry, but children cannot. Maybe the nutjobs, who may have delayed mental development, cannot as well.

    There is a story of one of Pierre Trudeau's son's eating with him in the cafeteria in Ottawa's parliament buildings. Progressive Conservative leader Joe Clark was at a table in the vicinity. Trudeau's young son made a negative remark about Mr. Clark and was surprised when his father, the Prime Minister, admonished him for being so rude. Mr. Trudeau had to explain to his son that just because Mr. Clark and himself are political rivals that does not mean that Mr. Clark is not to be respected and honoured for his contribution to the country.

    We must be careful in what our children take from our attitudes towards those who hold differing political views.
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  12. Rockyj Member

    MLK was assassinated one year after he gave this famous speech.

  13. Anonymous Member

    This has nothing to do with the Arizona shootings.
  14. Rockyj Member

    If you listen to the whole speech & take it context it does. It also sheds light to the tone of rhetoric that's happening today with far right extremists.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    I have heard his entire speech many times.

    I agree with Miranda when she said (after specifically addressing you, I might add)
    You continue attempting to shove your political agenda down everyone's throats, without listening to anyone else. Please stop. Mods and others have told you nicely, and not-so-nicely, to drop your partisan shit. What part of those posts are you having difficulty deciphering?
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    Whaddaya expect from a website dedicated to sticking it to teh MAN?
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  19. grebe Member

    "Left" and "right" are just another way of saying "suppressive persons."

    Maybe at some point people will put aside the labels and will thoughtfully engage with some of the difficult problems on America's plate right now.

    I have kind of a weird view regarding the political hyperbole and violent metaphors. I don't think it matters as much as the more ordinary stuff people say when they're clearly not trolling for a reaction. For example, if Sean Hannity is talking to someone about Medicare Part D and potential problems with escalating drug costs, if in that technical and dull context he goes off on a tangent about why the liberals will screw things up, that's a problem.

    If your kid wants to be Darth Vadar, should you worry? I mean, Vadar is pretty evil and violent.

    In my opinion, which isn't worth much, I don't think Vadar matters. What matters is knowing that a line exists between the way people talk when they're amusing each other or thinking aloud and "real life."

    Your kid can be Vadar so long as he says, "ok ma" when you tell him to come in for dinner.
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  20. Rockyj Member

    I would like to personally thank all the opportunistic disingenuous fuckbuckets!
  21. :(
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  23. Rockyj Member

    Rufus I don't believe any one has ever said Loughner is a Teabagger!
    Look, as a child (about the same age as Christina Taylor-Green) I attended a Robert (Bobby) Kennedy rally in my home city @ a local mall. I was in the very front & viewed not only his shoes (wing tips) but he spattered some of his spit during his speech, which actually hit my face! Yes, I was unintentionally spat on by a Kennedy, LOL! With that said I hope you & other Mods may have a better understanding why this particular topic is close to my heart. BTW NOT just mine but many concerned Americans!
    With that said, I am curious to why some Anon's are having such a hard time accepting that the far right's violent rhetoric MAY (oops) have something to do with the recent deaths of 6 people in Tucson & the attempted assassination of Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford? Not ONLY is the far right being way too defensive they're actually blaming the left! All of which is typical of people who know how to manipulate others. To say this massacre has nothing to do with Tea Party politics or Sarah Palin & Sharron Angle's is disingenuous because I personally experienced & heard this same political rhetoric in the 60's & 70's!
    If you don't see the connection it’s probably because you weren't BORN yet!
    All I've been providing (here) are possible links to why this horrible massacre happened.
    As I said earlier, I am just trying to understand why an innocent 9 year old girl was murdered & 5 others in Tucson last week!
    In addition, I tend to believe there’s a corporate run campaign in the media that’s downplaying the far rights possible involvement by blaming both parties for a reason!
    I also believe (from research) that many people are falling for this BS because it distracts us from the real issues & allows the far right to carry on with the same old hate & fear rhetoric!

    PLUS if this is WWP's MOD said politics please let me know.
  24. veravendetter Member

    Lots of people got shot that day. Not just In America. Great news, Minimal relevance.
  25. Rockyj Member

    And your point is?
  26. veravendetter Member

    My point is I don't care. Sorry.
  27. Rockyj Member

    All I can say (wherever you live) that I am sorry you don't care about your future or the effects all this BS could have on your family & your community, however, if you're rich & your family falls in the top 2% I understand your response.
  28. veravendetter Member

  29. Are you really trying to say that Sirhan Sirhan was a puppet of the right-wing fear machine?

    For fucks sake listen to these things you are saying.

    Crazy fuckers are going to go shoot politicians once in a while. That is a plain and simple fact that we have to live with if we allow crazy fuckers to have guns.

    The rhetoric of the right does not make people into paranoid schizophrenics and rarely does politics even play a part in who crazy fuckers target.
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    class envy is bigotry
  32. Rockyj Member

    Did anyone say Sirhan Sirhan was a puppet of the right-wing fear machine?

    Sorry, but I don't understand where that came from.
  33. Oh so it's simply the fact that OMG YOU ONCE WERE AT A BOBBY KENEDY RALLY OMG JEALOUS that gives you this amazing insight into the mind of Loughner and what influenced him, and you're not trying to draw a comparison between RFK's assassination and the shooting last week.

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  34. veravendetter Member

    Read all about it! Woman, man, and some kid shot. Lunatic caught. Meanwhile, elsewhere, a less important woman, man and some kid shot; lunatic caught.

    Would it even be political if they could blame it on a nigger?
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    You're so right and I apologize for my disobedience.

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    hey STFU she's got it going on

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