Continuing the Big List of THOUSANDS of Former Members Who Spoke Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by TrevAnon, Jul 21, 2017.

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    Extra link for Amy Scobee

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    Karen Pressley on the madness of Sea Org life: ‘I no longer belonged to my dreams’

    By Tony Ortega, May 26, 2018


    We recently asked Marc Headley and Jefferson Hawkins for excerpts from their books about their experiences in the Sea Org, and today we have an outtake from Karen Pressley’s book, Escaping Scientology: My Journey with the Cult of Celebrity Spirituality, Greed & Power.

    Like Headley and Hawkins, Pressley wants us to understand the Orwellian world of Int Base, and what it was like to live at the whims of a madman like Scientology leader David Miscavige. We think she did a bang-up job.

    Continued at
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    So I made a list of the aka's. That was quite some work, as there are aka's such as married names (that you want to search for), but there are also aka's such as handles at ESMB (do not want).

    And then I checked the full list of people who don't have a reference to Kristi's site, including the aka's, against completions, that is the list of people who have done at least one course from Kristi's site.

    Here are the results.

    There's a difference with the above post though. Above, I checked if my finding gave a working link at Kristi's site, and then copied the link in the post.

    In the list below however I generated the link in Excel and just copied it here. I did not check each separate link at Kristi's site, but I checked only a few links (Marie Louise Eckert and Valeska Paris) and those were ok, so I am assuming the rest is also ok.

    Also I must note that the order is the same as in the big list. E.g. Gretchen Gilbert (who you would think is in G) is an aka for Gretchen St. Lawrence (who is actually in S).

    Again, I did not check if timelines were consistent.

    Kathy Hubbard

    Kathy Dawson

    Barbara Davis

    Diana Dubin

    Marie-Louise Eckert

    Michael Feldman

    Aharon Friedman

    Daniel Fumagalli

    Doreen Smith

    Carla Bohn

    Barbara Ferraro

    Martha Greene

    Teresa Ramsey

    Valeska Paris

    Dave Holland

    Brian King

    Evelyn Kreyling

    Megan Larson

    Peter Lazarnick

    David Lee

    Leslie Lee

    Tatiana Lepiz

    Jeffrey Levine

    Amy Lewis

    Patrick Luscher

    Eileen MacIntosh

    Roger Martin

    Randy McDonald

    John McLean

    Michael Moore

    Jana Eller

    John Nelson

    Lorrie O'Brien'brien.html

    Jess Pierce

    Randy Poletz

    Catherine Boucher

    Skip Press

    Mike Rinder

    Jon Roberts

    Donald H. Rogers

    Heidi Ross

    Andrea Schwartz

    Keith Scott

    Monte Smith

    Gretchen Gilbert

    Christina Nordin

    Ingo Swann

    Tim Swanson

    Tim Swanson

    Cesare Temponi

    Roberto Temponi

    Josh Robert Thompson

    Sue Henderson

    Ivan Watson

    Jim Watson

    Michael Weber

    Peggy Wenger

    Clive Whittaker

    Laura Ann Wilson

    Karen Mitchell

    Karen Oram

    Claire Luhrs
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    I also found that in my earlier search for names on the big list in the clear list I made the mistake of putting a space behind each persons name. (An error in an Excel formula.)

    The following people on the big list are (now) in the clear list in the database which is below Kristi's site. The number is the clear number. (Please note the clear list is a separate list from the list of names who completed at least one course.)

    However, for e.g. Ted Crammer I don't get a page. When I google

    "ted crammer" 5183

    I get a link to holysmoke, but that website seems to have been reorganized.

    So I put the publication name and number in the table below.

    Maybe it is an idea to refer to this post:
    and the

    Gary Brown 5877 Auditor 133
    Ted Crammer 5183 Auditor 121
    Carol Garrity 6106 Auditor 138
    Ruth Johnston 6231 Auditor 142
    Edward Kemper 5465 Auditor 126
    Betty Meriwether 6251 Auditor 142
    Janie Peterson 5915 Auditor 134
    Steve Solomon 6030 Auditor 136
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    Because of the same error as in the previous post (the space) I now found a list of 38 people who used to have a cookie cutter site (like the clear list, this is a separate list in Kristi's database). Should the evidence of them having been in be weak, then there is this.

    E.g. Marisa Sigmond

    Or this post

    Sarita Stachelrodt
    Jeff Beaumont
    Michel Brillon
    Michael Burns
    Glenn Caldwell
    Flavio Campagnola
    Luke Catton
    Ira Chislof
    Louise Cook
    Peter Davis
    Tim DeWall
    Sylvain Dumas
    Laurence Evans
    Sandro Fainozzi
    Martin Foster
    David Griffin
    Scarlett Hanna
    Shaun Hart
    Katrina James
    Henrik Bo Jensen
    Richard Kaminski
    Tiziano Marzotto
    Michelle Matlock
    Elizabeth McCoy
    Lidia Orobello
    Katherine Owen
    Mark Patterson
    Murray Pearlman
    Peter Robinson
    Dave Robson
    Marisa Sigmond
    Roberto Sigmond
    Tricia Slocum
    Wendy Stuart
    Mark Turnbull
    Tayler Tweed
    Carmel Underwood
    Adam Williamson
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    So, now summarizing, I checked a current big list, including all the aka's (which I did not use ever before) against a recent version of the database which is the basis for Kristi's site.

    I checked against the names that can also be found on the site itself starting at

    I checked against the clear list that is in the database itself.

    I checked against the list of cookie cutter sites that is also in the database itself.

    I'm pretty sure now I don't have to do the above at #8091 anymore. :)

    Unless, of course, I flunked my exam :D

  17. TrevAnon Member

    Should note there are a few recurring errors in the above, such as Jeffrey Levine. Plox to check before adding completions.
  18. Incredulicide Member

    3 out of 4, 75% accurate :cool:

    You got the 3 cookie cutter names
    But you missed the Clear, Kathleen Carey

    Notice I added working links in the quote for the cookie cutter names. Thanks for finding more, I'll go through the rest of the list of 38 people to figure out each of their URLs.

    I'm not sure why I'm still finding names in the Clear list you didn't, I guess I'll keep going through and manually looking.

    Ted already has a working link for his Clear status, it's a Waybacked version of the holysmoke site, so ungoogleable:

    I shall however change his Clear link, now that he's in the database, thusly:

    and will do the same for the other 7 you found if need be.

    Thanks again!
  19. TrevAnon Member

    Would it help if I started the separate thread anyway?

    - Not sure but I think I can use e.g. wget to download a webpage and then use some find tool to check if a last name is in the downloaded html-page.
    - Should this work out, than I think it would be possible to write a command file doing the above for all the people who do not have a reference to Kristi's site.
    - The results of all this could be posted.

    Question is if the extra data is worth the effort. (Just like going through each entry by hand is.)

    If you think it's worth the try, please add the above data to the big list so I can again download a current version.

    Yw. :)
  20. TrevAnon Member

    Haastige spoed is zelden goed. (More haste, less speed.)

    (And using a csv without the proper database documentation sucks.)

    Rod Brown Auditor 157 10921

    Kathleen Carey Auditor 158 12209
    Marc Chacon Auditor 158 12479
    Dick Coanda Auditor 156 9192
    Steve Curry Auditor 157 10589

    Tim Daigle Auditor 158 12272

    Dianne Fairfield Auditor 163 16409
    Jim Fonda Auditor 156 8990

    Peter Graves Auditor 162 15906

    Maureen Hart Auditor 156 9027
    Mike Hunsaker Auditor 159 13076

    Clyde Klingman Auditor 160 15257
    Ray Krenik Auditor 158 12527

    Brian Lambert Auditor 156 9533
    David Layne Auditor 154 7262
    Jim Logan Auditor 163 17162
    Mark Lutovsky Auditor 157 10554

    Tom Martiniano Auditor 156 9491

    Jesse Prince Auditor 156 9040

    Jeanne Ragsdale Auditor 163 17087
    Jon Reisdorf Auditor 160 15651

    Valerie Reynolds Auditor 160 15741

    Michael Silverman Auditor 154 6600
    Susan Simmel Auditor 162 15785
    Paul Simmel Auditor 153 6586

    Andre Tabayoyon Auditor 155 8734
    Mary Tabayoyon Auditor 156 9054
    Reg Taylor Auditor 163 16911
    Tommy Thompson Auditor 154 7337

    Michael Walimaa Auditor 157 10368
    Guy White Auditor 163 16445
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    Ok I'm up to E and still have 114 names to check/add links for, will have to wait till I'm back home later.

    I may manually check through the rest of C and D just to see if any were missed, but I have a feeling we might already be at the by Jove moment :)
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  22. TrevAnon Member

    The link to holysmoke for Marc Chacon gave me a 404
  23. TrevAnon Member

    Still working on something.

    Here: Kristi tells she tallied >15,000 clears.

    However, from that CSV file I only got about 7,257. So there's an 8,000 difference.

    People being mentioned more than once? People doing the level more than once? Me screwing up the csv?

    Am trying to wget to get this cleared (heh) up. Keep getting an error though :(
  24. TrevAnon Member

    :) Is there an extra line feed between the K and L? :D

    (For those of you with an eye for the finer details.)
  25. Incredulicide Member

    It's up to you if only as an academic exercise to see if it can be done before I do any manual checking by hand. I need a sanity break from that tedium after today's work editing the list :confused:

    Over a dozen of the full name links were false positives, the known years in weren't even close to completion years. I didn't keep track of them but you could use my above link to compare what I didn't add from your earlier post listing if you want names to exclude from repeatedly showing up in your lists of completion links not added.
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  26. Incredulicide Member


    Fixed now. :rolleyes:
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  27. Incredulicide Member

    Are you sure you're counting the same way Kristi is? Because there are 473 487 names on our list that are just "Clear" but there's also an extra 440 on our list that are OT I or higher and they can also be counted as at least Clear even though they're now beyond that and the word "Clear" is not in their entry. So that makes 913 927 Clears on our list :)

    In any case, thank Kristi for giving you the database because now we have 1538 1556 names with links to Kristi's site, up from 1410 before this all began, that crossed the 50% threshold of our total names!

    EDIT: Updated numbers from extra details added in post #8115.
  28. TrevAnon Member

    I wasn't checking the page on her site with something in the big list but with the csv-file she gave me. I extracted a list of clears by checking in the csv for every line if the word "clear" was in it. That gave me the 7 thousand number. But she has 15,000. So that is strange.

    First I'll check if I can wget the clear lists from the auditor magazines on the page to answer the above question.

    If that doesn't help somehow, I'll try if I can work out the thing in post 8102.
    Already done! :D

    Also, please check Marc Chacon's entry. I got a 404. see above.
  29. TrevAnon Member

    Solved. It was me screwing up the csv.

    However, there also are people who were mentioned more than once. I can find 14,156 unique names (not saying they are unique persons), while 845 of those have more than 1 mention of them reaching the level. A good many of them even have the same clear number, so I'll take it that those are the same people. Also typos such as

    7136 Alden L. Wood Auditor 150
    7236 ALDEN L. WOOD Auditor 154

    or did this guy do it twice?

    Ok, checked the clear list I now have against anyone on the big list who doesn't have a truthaboutscientology link.

    Gary Brown is a special case. Three mentions, three different clear numbers.

    GARY BROWN Auditor 133 5877
    GARY BROWN Auditor 157 11055
    Gary Brown Auditor 195 31107

    One person doing clear 3 times? Or different persons? Your guess is as good as mine.

    The following names (exact name search) all had 1 mention. (And there is Ted again, I see now.)

    Ted Crammer Auditor 121 5183

    Donna Day Auditor 164 20,35

    Shiona Fox-Ness Auditor 150 6448

    Ewan Guy Auditor 150 7061

    Haydn James Auditor 150 6989

    Ulrich Kramer Auditor 150 7086

    Vic Krohn Auditor 164 19,788

    Don Larson Auditor 150 7062

    Erika Lester Auditor 150 6917

    Deirdre Maloy Auditor 164 20,182

    Rita Naman Auditor 166 20545

    Robin Rhyne Auditor 164 19,792

    Ben Roets Auditor 174

    Marcia Schilling Auditor 175 26701

    Jane Scott Auditor 244

    Tim Skog Auditor 169 22970

    Darlene Taylor Auditor 172 25264

    Allan Tierney Auditor 150 6904
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  30. Incredulicide Member

    So.. when you follow my example and add to that 7 thousand by extracting a list of clears by checking in the csv for every line if the word "OT" is in it, what do you get?
  31. TrevAnon Member

    Uhm... every line where the word hot is in. :)

    There's a difference between the clear list and the completions list, where the higher levels such as OT are. I think I understand where you want to go (find all the OT's) but that will be a job for tomorrow.

    Yawn. Off to bed. :)
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  32. Incredulicide Member

    Oh crap I thought I was done for the day.

    *Takes a moment to reset from party mode*

    Okay, here we go..

    18 more Kristi links. Only 4 of the names already mention Clear or higher in their entries, so 14 more Clears!
  33. TrevAnon Member

    On second thought I don't think this will be useful.

    One can get to clear status by doing the appropriate courses, paying shitloads of money and then, yiipiekayee, I am clear now. However there are also past-life clears, natural clears, "I'll see to it you get to be clear because I want to fuck you"-clears and what not. In theory one can be proclaimed clear without doing a course.

    However, AFAIK you can only get the OT-status by doing the course. There are no past-life OT7s.

    I think Kristi had to create a separate table for clears for this reason. The OT's are all in de people-table and have one or more OT courses as completions. Clears are in a separate table which includes the name of the person.

    So if we find someone in completions as having OT-status, then the normal page (by using the correct full name) should always mention the OT-course.

    And this is why the site has the useful feature to also list completions when there is no fulle name in the link.

    Note: tried wget from my computer at work. Didn't work here also. Maybe Kristi doesn't want people to wget her site or it is just a server configuration error.
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