Continuing the Big List of THOUSANDS of Former Members Who Spoke Out

Discussion in 'Projects' started by TrevAnon, Jul 21, 2017.

  1. Incredulicide Member

    New forum page, new current total count: 3158 names
    The free preview at shows he's a journalist who investigated Scientology, not an ex-member.

    The petition is no longer live, the wayback link to it is and signatures are 100 per page. There are over 100 pages to look through, ugh :confused:
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    The page says there were 8851 signatures, which my initial spreadsheet also had. So going through all these pages shouldn't be necessary as I did so in 2015.
  6. Incredulicide Member

    The page showing the signature for each specific name has to be linked to directly from their entry in the list.
  7. TrevAnon Member

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  8. TrevAnon Member

    Wait, are you going to add all of them?! I wouldn't do that? But your choice I guess.

    ETA might consider just linking to my 2015 post instead if you do
  9. Incredulicide Member

    No, which means going through 100 pages to find the one or two names you mentioned spoke out elsewhere. 8-years-ago me would've churned through that many without going "ugh", but then 8-years-ago me was probably the one who enthusiastically ensured all 100 pages of signatures were sent to the wayback machine. It's no coincidence the signature numbers in the wayback copy match the spreadsheet numbers at the time.
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    Looks to me that the link needed for a specific name can be derived, but I'm not sure yet.

    Signatures 1-100 are in the link with a 1 at the end
    Signatures 101-200 are in the link with 100 at the end

    Looks like the signatures are in the same order as they are in the first spreadsheet. SO might be able to create a spreadsheet with all the names and the corresponding link. Would that be helpful?
  12. Incredulicide Member

    Indeed it would!
    Dan is already on the list, added when the total was at 2820.
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  13. TrevAnon Member

    Here you go. For some reason that I'm too lazy to check out it isn't QUITE what you would like. Some of the entries may be 1 page later or earlier then the generated link.

    But I think for by far most entries it's close enough.

    Attached Files:

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  14. TrevAnon Member

    Chris Shelton's most watched video apart from 1, Scientology is Coming Apart at the Seams

    8 y old. Not that many comments by people also in completions, and to my surprise also people defending scientology. In recent video's I haven't seen that - at least until now.

    Mark Shuman
    Steven DuVall

    this post

    steven duvall.PNG makr shuman.PNG
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  18. TrevAnon Member

    I thought someone having completions from >40 y ago might use a reference to that movie. But when in doubt... ;)

  19. Incredulicide Member

    Except anyone who was in long enough to reach OT VI then got out knows The Manchurian Candidate is the OPPOSITE of the gradual indoctrination that happens in Scientology, especially on a video about someone like Marc Headley born into it.
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  20. TrevAnon Member

    And here I am thinking this mrs. Palmer is a nice old lady who maybe is remembering things wrong. :p

    Guess you're right. :)
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    The following people on the big list are also in the list of names of people signing the tax exemptio petition, but the word 'Petition' isn't in their entry. That may be for good reason though.

    Christopher Reeve died in 2004
    Dave Adams
    john watson
    maria pia gardini died 2012. Petition started 2011 I think?
    Synthia Fagen
    For the others now adding the signature might be rather easy.
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  24. TrevAnon Member

    Shelise Ann Sola of the YT The Cults to Conciousness channel did an interview with Dani Armando

    From the description in the video I go to where here full name is mentioned

    Video content:
    - Delphi school
    - She lived at Celebrity Centre. She mentions the street name, Franklin, which is LA.
    - From age 15 she starts meeting people outside of the COS which starts her pushing back againsts parents etc
    - At 15 her mom files for divorce with the court. Mom gets declared.
    - Dani's boyfriend at the time broke up with her (disconnection, at 35:23)
    - A Sea Org member tells her she can't live with her mom anymore when Dani was 15, but Dani says no. She's done
    - But she is UTR - showing up for course like once a year to prevent more disconnections.
    - Around 26 (?) she got out totally.
    - Sexual assault while still in (not much detail), got asked what she did to pull it in.
    - Dani tells about posting a clip from the Aftermath about a COS school on social media. Immediatly people disconnect from her.
    - Mention of DM hiding from being served

    At 53:55 Shelise tells she acted in a COS commercial.

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  25. TrevAnon Member

    Have tried the brute force approach for a number of other videos by exes but it looks the well has dried up.

    Back to regular programming? Hope I'm wrong.
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  27. TrevAnon Member

    Might be worth to keep an eye on this one. Clip from what I assume is an upcoming episode. From what I understand it was a German woman who was in the sea org. Could also be someone who is already on? Most of the YT vids coming out are with people already on.

  28. Incredulicide Member

    Episode 16 of The Frankie Files came out in May last year and is about the lawsuit by Valeska and the Baxters (10+ minutes in). The Frankie Files is now up to episode 46.

    Other than Jane Smith (a known common pseudonym like John Smith) which I won't add (unless she writes a comment with the specific course and year matching her one completion), were there any specific names in your previous post you have doubts about? Perhaps the ones like Paul Hughes and Thomas Muller with Youtube profile pics showing them far too young to match the dates of their completions?
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  29. Incredulicide Member

    Added 6 of the 9 names (minus the ones I mentioned above).

    I just did a breakdown of the number of Clears (536) or higher (499) on the list.
    If I haven't miscounted then we need just one Operating Thetan more to reach 500 OTs who have left and spoken out!
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  30. TrevAnon Member

    Yes, 499 OTs:

    OT VIII 62
    OT VII 115
    OT VI 78
    OT V 99
    OT IV 62
    OT III 66
    OT II 6
    OT I 11

    Total 499

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    In yesterday's Three Amigos video Aaron said he is this week going to release an interview he did with Kellicopter. See to be confirmed thread. Not sure if she will use her full name.

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  32. TrevAnon Member

    For Tanya Santiago, already on, Aaron did a vid with her with evidence of the sexual assault
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    Michael Pattinson already on, interview

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  35. TrevAnon Member

    Garry Scarff already on interview

    (Premiering while I create this post.)

    This channel is releasing some great material!
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  37. Incredulicide Member

    I guess I better keep a closer eye out for wiki vandalism now ;)

    It's still great to see shoutouts!
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  40. Incredulicide Member

    My guess is it's not his first time commenting on Mike's blog, but is the first time commenting there using his real name. He even mentions Tory in the comment.
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