Curiosity on Mars. AMERICA, FUCK YEAH.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by failboat, Aug 6, 2012.

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    Absolutely no truth that they'll be shining it at UFOs and other space probes, because only jerks do that.

    Argh, stupid headline is misleading! It's going to the Moon, not Mars!
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    I'll just leave this here...

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    Significant announcements expected on Tuesday (27.Sept.2016) from Elon Musk.
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    NASA's finally going to send a microphone to Mars, fuck yeah!
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  14. Or lottery helping schools in the US right?
  15. Tax it coming in, going out, and when it's spent??? DUC? YEAH AMERICA
  16. LMAO awesome shit sir oh I might be anonamous
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    Call AAA!
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    Curiosity marked its 5th year on Mars today.

    I am pleased to report that the Opportunity Rover is still functioning and performing its scientific mission, as well.

    The US still has 2 functional roving space probes on Mars, and the rest of the world still has zero. Please don't make us wait forever for you guys to catch up. There is plenty of science to go around.
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  26. This is all good but the big question is have they found any signs of L.Ron yet?
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    No signal from Opportunity rover since June 10, 2018.

    NASA Just Gave the Opportunity Rover a Survival Deadline on Mars—Here's What That Means
    By Meghan Bartels, Senior Writer | August 31, 2018
    NASA on Thursday (Aug. 30) announced a deadline for its recovery of the Mars rover Opportunity, which has been silent for months while battling a dust storm, and some scientists intimately familiar with the project say that new timeline doesn’t do the grizzled robot justice.
    Here's NASA's plan: First, the team will wait until the tau — a measurement of how much dust clouds the air — lowers to 1.5. (At the peak of the storm, the tau was likely around 10, a level one rover expert called "terrifying.") Then, the team will begin a 45-day active-listening period, during which they will send commands up to the rover that should force it to respond.

    Finally, if the silence continues, the team will transition into passive listening, eavesdropping on Mars-observing antennas for chance signals from Opportunity. Regardless of when that 45-day period ends, the team will continue passively listening through the end of January, John Callas, Opportunity project manager at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told (NASA's original release about the decision said simply that the team would be given "several months" for passive listening after the period of active listening ends.)

    But at the end of January, the rover's time will be up, and with it, the Mars Exploration Rovers mission, which originally consisted of Opportunity and its sister robot, Spirit. "We're not ending the mission after 45 days," Callas told "But I'm not going to keep full staffing around for six months or eight months if the chance of success is low."

    More at source -
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    Drill Baby Drill!
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    “Closing summary

    Well that all went smoothly. InSight touched down on Mars at 2.52:59pm ET, a successful landing after an almost seven-month journey through deep space.

    The probe immediately went to work, aiming to activate its solar panels before beginning the weeks-long process of setting instruments in place.

    Once InSight’s robotic arm has set out its equipment, including a seismometer which will monitor for marsquakes, it will drill 5m down into Mars’s crust, to assess the planet’s temperature. InSight will then begin to send data to Nasa.

    The mission is set to last for two Earth years – which is a little over one Mars year. The information it gathers should help scientists to better understand how Earth and other planets in the solar system were formed at the dawn of the solar system – 4.6bn years ago.
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    Perseverance has landed on Mars and has sent back its 1st image. Per OP, the correct number of functional rovers for any country to have on the surface of Mars is once again 2.
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