Current US Narconon Centers ~ Let's Help Shut Them ALL Down!

Discussion in 'Projects' started by RightOn, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. RightOn Member

    ITT compile a list of all US Narconon (and other Narconon front groups) that are currently active in the US. I know there are other threads on WWP with some of this info scattered around, but I don't know how current the info is.
    If this is a sucky idea or there is a current list of US Narconon centers with other info somewhere on WWP then mods please delete this thread.
    I did do a quick search and I couldn't find one thread that had all the info needed to do this project. And even if there is a thread, I couldn't find it.

    I think it would be best for all this info to be put in one thread.
    It will make it alot easier to find for others and for the media to use as a reference.
    People can list the center's name, the address and who runs it (if possible).
    Whether or not the employees are Scientologists and if they are listed in COS completions.
    People can also go check to see if these centers are current by visiting the location and reporting back. Photos are helpful too.

    People can then take this info and contact the mayors, senators or other authorities per state to make them aware of the current NN TR closing in Canada and other centers that have previously closed. You can include the link to Narcono Exposed, as well as other articles and info ect....
    Narconon Exposed ling:

    Also the charges against COS in Paris too!

    You can also list any answers you may receive (whether it be favorable or not) in this thread so we know what each state's status is. Where we need more poons, or where we need to back off.
    Of course be sure to take out any personal info that may name fag you.

    The COS dissemination picture is also a great picture to include in your correspondence because it shows an actual COS publication which proves that Narconon is Scientology.

    Narconon is on the run in Canada thanks to David Love. :)
    And as the old saying goes "strike when the iron is hot" , it couldn't be more appropriate right noa.
    SO.....GO GO GO!!!

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  2. failboat Member

    I used a proxy to get all these. Removed most unsafe links.


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  3. anon walker Moderator

    Not to be a contrarian, but...

    What we NEED is a handful of officials with the balls to handle the job. I've made calls periodically, trying to find someone willing to listen before transferring me to some other useless contact who never calls back.

    We must secure a few people in government who are willing to take this on. We don't need a list of Narconons, we need a list of government contacts to proceed.
  4. RightOn Member

    we do need this list, so people can look up and list the authorities (or mayors or whoever) per state and then poon them. Also not every state has a Narconon. You can't write authorites in a state if they dont' have a Narconon.
    I know a few off hand, but I have no idea which exact states have centers.
    They can also list what replies they have gotten or not gotten.
    Then we will know which states need more poons, pressure or whatever.

    the bolded above would be nice, but very difficult to aquire. But go for it.
    After all, all Quebec needed was David Love!
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  5. RightOn Member

    Are all those centers listed all open?
    You know how COS lies.
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  6. failboat Member

    Um, there are phone numbers for all of them. Use Skype. Find out yourself. It's your project.
  7. Anonymous Member

    FUUUU... there are way too many (more than ZERO).
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  8. RightOn Member

    ok, so I will start at the top of the list

    Destin Florida Narconon-
    3391 Scenic Highway 98 East
    Destin, Florida 32541

    Opened Sept 2011
    Randy Ross, Debbie Ross, Executive Directors
    Debbie Ross listed as "celebrity" in COS completions
    Randy not listed
    Jeannine Dowdell - not in COS completions

    City Manager of Destin Fla:
    Maryann Ustik
    Phone: 850-837-4242
    contact form: Us

    Destin Area Chamber of Commerce
    4484 Legendary Drive, Suite A
    Destin, FL 32541
    Tel: (850) 837-6241
    Fax: (850) 654-5612

    Looks like the town of Destin tried to stop the opening of Narconon in 2008!
    "On June 2, Scott Shirley told the council that under Florida law, the city couldn’t prevent Narconon from opening a state-licensed home, regardless of zoning. Councilor Destin said other cities had successfully blocked similar homes, but Shirley said local governments always lost if the cases went to court"
    "Councilor Jim Wood said that while he didn’t like the state overruling local government, he’d visited Narconon’s larger, primary facility and “I was not afraid of what I saw ... I was satisfied.”

    "A number of residents opposed to Narconon weren’t so satisfied. Some said Narconon’s treatment program was ineffective, but Kisela said that it was up to the state to decide that when it issued them a license."

    So I wasn't aware that some towns have no say in the matter what so ever, and that the government can "ok" a center to be opened whether the town wants it or not.

    So I guess Florida state officals are the people to poon. But If you write Destin with helpful info, perhaps they will pass it on higher up too. After all they didn't want it there in the first place.
    Perhaps a pic of the COS chart, the latest NN TR closing and the Narconon exposed link may put another bee in their bonnet to kick them out of town? Perhaps the town of Destin would welcome new info so they can pass it to the higher ups?

    These names and info should be good for all Florida locations.

    Florida Governor
    Office of Governor Rick Scott
    State of Florida
    The Capitol
    400 S. Monroe St.
    Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001
    (850) 488-7146

    email form

    Lieutenant Governor Jennifer Carroll

    Fla State Senators
    Maryann Ustick
    Maryann Ustick
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  9. RightOn Member

    uhh I don't have skype
    and I was hoping it was not just going to be MY project and that others would want to help. :(
    If people don't want to help they don't have to.
    I don't know why you felt it was impotant to tel me to call the numbers myself. :(
  10. RightOn Member

    Norcross, GA location
    opened in 2001
    founder and and President- Mary Rieser- COS completions

    Mayor of Norcross
    Bucky Johnson
    65 Lawrenceville Street
    Norcross GA 30071
    Phone: 678-421-2027
    Fax: 770-242-0824

    City Manager
    Rudolph Smith

    all other contact info for Norcross

    looks like former Governor Mark Taylor and also Congressman John Lewis in the past has meet with Narconon staff before and Narconon schmoozed them
    just so you know

    Current Governor:
    Nathan Deal,2657,165937316_166563415,00.html

    The Office of the Governor
    State of Georgia
    203 State Capitol
    Atlanta, Georgia 30334

    Address for mail:
    206 Washington Street
    Suite 203, State Capitol
    Atlanta, GA 30334


    other contact info,2094,165937316_166426096,00.html

    contact for all US Represntatives:
  11. Anonymous Member

    Repeating a post from the NN OK thread


    The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration U.S. Department of Health and Human Services lists Scientology's Narconons on their website of official treatment centers.

    We could start by contacting this US government Mental Health organization and ask them why they list a facility that other governments have found to be substandard and dangerous. Also why would a mental health organization list anything that has ties with the rabid anti-psychiatry hate group CCHR.

    Contact information

    Center for Substance Abuse Treatment 240-276-1660 240-276-1670

    Media/Press Questions (hi Tony Ortega!)
    For all media or press inquiries, please contact the Media Services Team at 240-276-2130.
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  12. RightOn Member

    Narconon Louisiana
    directors Cathy and Tom Steiner
    Tom in COS completions
    Cathy- listed as a "celebrity" been on the Freewinds 6 times!
    has a HUGE COS completions record

    Medical Director – Rohit S. Adi MD
    in COS completions
    Patrons Meritorious!!! with wife Rondi

    Denham Springs, LA Mayor
    Mayor Jimmy Durbin

    City Council

    Joan LeBlanc, City Clerk
    Phone 225-665-8121

    contact form:

  13. RightOn Member

  14. AnonNoxMetus Member

    Skype is free (I think) if not, Google Voice is, and I assume you know how to Google to find the the program. Horrible excuse is horrible. ;)
  15. RightOn Member

    Because I started the project, I am responsible for calling too?
    Horrible excuse?
    I don't want to call, how is that for a horrible excuse?
    I am working on other partz.

    People can pitch in and OR call, or whatever if they want to...
    if not.... they don't have to anything.
    I dont' understand what this "ganging up" on me to call is all about.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Armchair Anon can't reach the phone?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Just faggotry. Carry on :)
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  18. anon walker Moderator

    Narconon is a city, county, state and federal problem. Take you pick and choose you target.
  19. AnonNoxMetus Member

    uhh I don't have Skype != I don't want to call.
    uhh I don't have Skype is an excuse as to why you can't.
    I don't want to call is a reason why you aren't going to. :)
    Now that I've grammarfagged, let me fix my chill by putting on some socks, and I'll check.
  20. RightOn Member

    never underestimate the power of armchair warriors ;)
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  21. RightOn Member

    snail mail address
    Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration • 1 Choke Cherry Road • Rockville, MD 20857
  22. AnonNoxMetus Member

    I stuck to the local numbers when they had them.

    850-837-2799 "Gulf Coast Rehab"
    727-796-1011 "Narconon Florida"
    800-511-9403 "Suncoast Rehabilitation Center"
    800-893-7060 "Service offering drug and alcohol information"
    877-237-3307 Live, no answer
    770-379-0208 "Narconon"
    225-243-5047 "Narconon Louisana"
    269-965-3629 "Freedom Center"
    781-569-6140 Live, no answer
    831-768-7190 "Narconon Vista Bay"
    760-782-0471 "Sunshine Something Lodge" (couldn't get the second word despite calling twice)
    888-800-8331 Voicemail for Drug Rehabilitation and prevention hotline.
    800-882-6862 "Friends of Narconon"
    970-484-2023 "Narconon Colorado"
    775-726-3948 "Drug and Rehabilitation facility"
    918-339-5800 "Narconon Arrowhead"
    956-423-2853 "Narconon"
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  23. RightOn Member

    THANK YOU!! ^^^^

    so Narconon Northeast in Florida and Narconon New England in Mass had live numbers but there were no answers
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  24. AnonNoxMetus Member

    Yeah, I suppose they could have been too busy telling people to make ashtrays float, or forcing niacin down their throats to answer the phone though.
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  25. RightOn Member

    no doubt
  26. Anonymous Member

    Not everyone is good at the irl chatting someone up thing. RightOn is a research fag and a damn fine one.
    Thanks for helping out.
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  27. Quentinanon Member

    Perhaps some Anons could do a photo reconnaissance on the facilities.
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  28. Quentinanon Member

    You forgot about the semi-toxic CONcoction known as CalMag. To me, it tasted like foot sweat smelled. I could never keep that crap down. You have to drink that swill while doing the Purif/NarCONon sauna program.
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  29. Zak McKracken Member

    you're PTS to Anonymous, and it's affecting all our stats.

    example: "The List" is up to 1764 ex-scientologists who have spoken out,
    but there are many millions more scientologists "still in". Why haven't you recovered them yet?
    If you were serious, we should have at least 1/2 a million names by now.

    Get your ethics fixed, or it's RPF's RPF's RPF for you!
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  30. Anonymous Member

    I find it irritating that I understand as much cultspeak as I do. The very notions of "out ethics", "PTS", and "stats" are so loathsome and misanthropic that they don't deserve to be commonly used expressions.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    ^ Nattering entheta downstat Anon
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  32. whitesand Member

    The NN TR that David Love shut down listed a very wimpy 80% success rate.

    They were just slackards. The Gulf Coast Rehab in Destin, FL boasts over 90% success rate!!
    The Gulf Coast Rehab in Destin, FL
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  33. Anonymous Member

    Narconon Placerville, CA and Narconon Lake Tahoe are both touted as overflow for Narconon Vista Bay and both are in El Dorado county.

    As of 4/5/12, according to :

    Narconon Vista Bay
    1364 Ruthhaven Rd, Placerville, CA 95667
    530-295-0525 800-556-8885
    Service Type: Res-detox
    Resident Capacity: 15
    Record ID: 090018AN
    License expiration date: 9/30/12
    Also has second listing as Service Type: NON
    Record ID: 090018BN
    Narconon Vista Bay Tahoe
    586 Glorene Ave South Lake Tahoe CA 96150
    530-541-2494 800-556-8885
    Service Type: Res-detox
    Resident Capacity: 70
    Record ID: 090018CN
    License expiration date: 9/30/12
  34. Anonymous Member

    According to the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs:
    The Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP) has the sole authority in state government to license adult alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment facilities. Within ADP, the Licensing and Certification Division (LCD) is responsible for assuring that quality services are provided to all program participants in a safe and healthful environment through the licensure, certification, regulation, and oversight of a statewide system of alcohol and other drug recovery and treatment facilities and programs and counselors.
    Info for licensing, laws and regulaions or to file a complaint about a registered or certified counselor or a licensed or certified alcohol or other drug service provider see link.
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  35. pooks Member

    Loving this thread! I was recruited into Scn through their NN front group and many years ago
    I was the ED of NN Connecticut. Bleck!

    Here's a write up I did when I first came out under my own name. The tl;dr is:
    NN sucks and is a cult front group that lies and makes up stats.

    NN is a huge has cow and recruitment line for them. I'd be happy to help take them out.

    One idea I had, but I don't know exactly how to do this, I think getting police reports from the
    local police where the Narconon's are located could be very helpful. I would think these are
    public records.

    For example:

    Narconon Louisiana
    Residential drug rehabilitation center
    35059 Bend Road
    Denham Springs
    Louisiana, 70706

    How do we go about getting the police logs to all the calls made to this address? We look at the logs and then
    apply to get the records. I'm sure it's gonna cost some money for the records but I think a lot of useful information can be gotten and we could document, suicides, deaths, rapes, etc.

    What do ya think?
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  36. moarxenu Member


    This is interesting. What is your thinking on getting police reports?
  37. vaLLarrr Member

    Here's an idea - Narconon obviously has competitors in each state, all with undoubtedly better success rate's that L Ron's "give 'em niacin overdoses and saunas" bullshit method.

    How about talking to the other bona fide rehab centers and asking for their help in shutting down the local Narconons by assisting with health assessment & certificate criteria, maybe even providing dox from addicts who came to them after flunking Narconon, that kind of thing. Even if one of them helps, it's worth it.

    I'm sure some will be happy to help eradicate their competition, maybe even get them onside to help pool state and federal offices. At least making them aware of the Quebec situation might get them thinking of ways to help.

    We are not alone here in wanting the cult rehab scam shut down.
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  38. RightOn Member

    I was so happy to see all this "nattering" and entheta when I woke up today.
    And sorry Zak about not having all 1/2 million names yet.
    I will work all day and all night to find moar. tee hee

    VaLLarr, I asked in another thread why reputable treatment centers do not go after Narconon. They can only gain more patients and make more money. But someone suggested that it is a touchy subject going after "new age" unconventional treatments? (not verbatim) IDK
    go for it!

    I also wondered if there were any name fagged Anons who would consider taking an add out in the towns of these centers asking for patients, family members of former employess to come foward with their stories?
    And say that someone is going to compile all these stories? IDK

    An add something like: (this is kinda long)
    Narconon of France has been charged with numerous counts of fraud and the Narconon Center in Quebec has just been shut down by authorities. If you have had a bad experience, had financial problems with Narconon, or if you were a patient and relasped or had a loved one, family member or friend relapse, or if there is anything else you would like to get off your chest about Narconon, please contact local and state authorities and please let them hear your story. Please also contatc XXXXX who will be compiling all the information taken and will be preparing it to offer to the state officals who licensed Narconon to set up.

    This ^ of course is just quicky and LONG and prolly incorrect. And it almost sounds like a class action lawsuit pitch. Which would be wonderful if any lawyers would be willing to start one. Hmmm contact area lawyers?

    Of course COS may be contacting a lawyer themselves after they read this against whomever takes out the add.
    But you are not saying anything negative yourself, you are just asking for people to come forward with their stories.
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  39. moarxenu Member

    This is really great to see. I am not sure how we should proceed and it is great to see hivemind chewing on this.

    I will put my own thoughts out here about strategy and tactics.

    The first thing I think of is how few in number we are though we are so awesome we get huge leverage. Just three or four anons can do great things.

    So I first think in terms of priorities. What is the NN that we have the greatest hope of taking down. What is after that etc.

    And I think the best opportunity is Oklahoma with NN Arrowhead. We had two epic wins in October shutting the Ncon faggots out of two school systems. Colin is laying the ground work so I would like to see anons help him out to we can shut them down and make them totally unacceptable to speak to children about drugs.

    ITT everyone is compiling useful information, but I am thinking about what we can do.

    One thing we can do is bring people up to date by harpooning them for the sole purpose of informing them of what has happened in Canada and what will happen in the US and in fact is already happening particularly with the wrongful death suit.

    I think we need to decide on a template for the essential intelligence information we need for each location and perhaps make this effort project focused and maybe gang up and research the shit out of one location and then move on to others.

    Off the top of my head these are the people we need to identify in each location -

    County health officials
    County school officials

    We need to understand the social context of each of these centers for the foundation for campaigns. There is a lot of info we can get from the internets, but we can also call.

    And I see this as an intial info gathering phase. So instead of emailing a newspaper editor to ask him to write about NN, write and say,

    "I am writing to inform you of what is happening in Canada. The government has closed down NN due to its quackery. I am concerned about, for example, NN Riverbend in Louisiana, and believe that they will face the same situation. I want to understand the situation and so will follow up this email with a phone call. I look forward to learning more."

    It struck me odd that Patty wanted to get police reports. I think we would get more intel by calling them up and asking what they know about NN and what there rep is and what locals know and think.

    I usually harpoon rather than call, but when I have called I have gotten a ton of info, but better the beginning of a relationship I can follow up with by sending a thank you email. When I am not completely swamped I keep these people in mind and send them updates when something important happens.

    When we found out about Red Ribbon Week drug education and learned of NN speakers I called the woman in Purcell who wrote an article and she had never heard of Scientology. She was a cool stone Southern gal and we had some good laughs.

    Since Patty mentioned NN LA in Denham Springs I did a little research

    Pop: 10,308
    Schools: 8 elementary; 2- middle; 2 -high school; 1-private Baptist K4-12
    A list of media is here.
    City Offices are here:
    Denham is in Livingstone Parish, pop. 128,026. It is mostly white and Republican.
    It is 13 miles from Baton Rouge, 13 miles from the Parish seat in Livingston, and 85 miles from New Orleans, home of the awesome FreakE420.
    The Parish Health Department is in Livingston

    If you look at Google Maps you see NN is surrounded by woods and is actually closer to Watson than Denham Springs. It's one mile away. Watson is at the junction of two highways and is an incoporate community. It has 3 elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. It has six Baptist churches.

    The point of all this is that there are a lot of sources for intel. We just call people up and ask them what they can tell us about NN LA, what they have heard goes on there, whether they are fagging up the schools etc. Here are the businesses. We can call them.

    Looking at NN LA website I find this:
    Narconon of Louisiana is licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.

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  40. moarxenu Member

    Here is the NN Riverbend site (WARNING: SCIFAG SITE). It opened in 2006.
    Most interesting is the About us page.

    Licenses, Credentials and Endorsements
    Narconon Riverbend Retreat was warmly welcomed by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, as seen here in a letter received from the state agency, stating “The Office for Addictive Disorders recognizes the overwhelming task before us to serve those individuals, families and communities that suffer from addiction in our state…your commitment to this task is admirable and we welcome you and your dedicated staff”.
    Here is our license from the State of Louisiana to operate a drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility.
    Our Medical Director – Rohit S. Adi, MD
    In addition to being a Board Member and Medical Director for Narconon Louisiana, Dr. Adi is currently the Assistant Medical Director of the Emergency Department for Our Lady Of The Lake Regional Medical Center in Baton Rouge. He is Board Certified in Internal Medicine and previously practiced at Palmerton Hospital in Pennsylvania. His residency was completed at Cook County Hospital in Chicago, IL. Dr. Adi is also a Doctoral Addiction Counselor [Ed. WTF?] and Narconon Riverbend Retreat is proud to be the only Narconon center where the Medical Director is on site to assist with the medical needs of our program participants.
    Check out video with Dr. Adi. He has drunk deeply of teh Kool Aid. His bro-in-law went through the program in 1996 [Ed. - but where?]. It is actually him who founded Riverbend after Katrina and got it license in eight months. There is a lot of good intel.
    Another scilon site: NN Riverbend Family Guide
    Note this:

    What NOT to Bring.
    In order to get the best result out of the program, and to eliminate the
    number of suitcases, these are the items that are forbidden:
    Cell phone
    (you may bring one, but it will be locked in security until you graduate)
    Lap top computer
    Mini DVD player/TV
    Digital camera/recording devices, or pager
    Dangerous tools
    Hygienic products containing alcohol [Never thought of alcohol being hygienic lol]
    Aspirin, Tylenol, over the counter drugs (unless prescribed by a doctor)
    Pornographic materials or items
    8 Kindle/E-books
    Now check out this faggotry. They have a letter from Utah AG Mark Shurtleff, another NN tool. He snuck through half a million dollars for Health For Heros/NN in Utah.

    In the fall of 2007, I helped launch the UtahMeth Cops Project, the first detoxification program

    of its kind to help firstrespondersexposed to illicit drug labs. The UtahMeth Cops Project uses
    the Hubbard™sauna detoxification method, thesame protocol used by the Ground Zero Rescue
    Workers Detoxification Project. The New York project has been around since 2002 and has
    successfully helped around 1,000 Ground Zero workers.

    Getting financial info is important. There are only 990s for 2006 and 2007. We need to update and analyze.
    Finanial highlights for 2007 from 990 at Sci Critical Info Directory:
    Revenue is approx $2MM
    Donated $51K to IAS for anti-drug education program and 2K to NN arrowhead for staff training.
    Payents to affiliates:
    Licensing fess - 185K to NN Eastern US and 10K to NN Intl
    Assets: Buiding and land - $808K Liabilites: Mortgage 746K

    So there is a lot of this sort of research we can do to lay a foundation for pooning and activism.

    One thing we badly need are survivors who can tell their stories and experiences of working in the facility.
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