Dallas Feb 19th Raidz!

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by DarkSpecterAnon, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. Getting this thread started!!!! Enturbulating at the ORG was slow, so we moved to an old stomping ground, and many lulz were had. We celebrated the 3rd Anony-versary with caek and Honks against Scientology. Peeps. Start checking in
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  2. Great day though I was afraid protesting for my first time especially since I used to be in the cult but I enjoyed it will definitly be around alot more looking forward to the next protest
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  3. It was fun! where are the videos?
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  4. yeah videos would be nice cant wait to post them on youtube
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  5. I think they'll make their way into this thread soon
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  6. also pictures
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  7. I was told they would be emailed to somebody, then posted. :)
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  8. Anon998 Member

    I feel so useless without my gear. Never again will I come empty handed. =P
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  9. Who were you?
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  10. Anonymous Delivers:



    Boldly going where no Scilon has Fair Gamed before!


    Dallas public is well inoculated against Scientology!


    Another one leaves the Cult!


    Until we meet again Dallas Scilons. You can't use the Lone Star to boost your stats
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  11. Anon998 Member

    I was in the grim reaper costume
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  12. Nice pics hell yeah
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  13. Anon998 Member

    I like how you're rocking your new pic dude. :3
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  14. thx
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  15. Cmeregirl Member

    Unfortunately, most of the video I took was taken with my camera attached to my backpack, so the video isn't worth uploading. pretty shaky at times and not pointing where it should be.... However I will take some stills from the video and post them here later.
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  16. Excellent showing! Love you guys.

    If you don't mind me asking, what did you guys do to boost your numbers out there so much? Last year Dallas had like zero, and now here you are with a turnout of like 7 or 8 people, by the looks of the photos. Is it just serendipity, or are you guys doing a lot of event fliering, or what?
  17. Im not sure because this was my first protest but my guess is now that the ideal org has been opened for more than a year and there are story of abuses from inside the dallas org more people are becoming aware of the cult and steping up to do somthing about it instead of letting it grow
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  18. Zak McKracken Member


    I see 8 post-game reports from Dallas 2010, and I think I missed some that weren't posted in the usual place.
    Numbers look like 2-6 variably, across the year. Not to diss the current strength of resurgent Dallas,
    but WTF?
  19. Actually it was 12. </brag>

    In seriousness, though, it's a mix of work and dumb luck. We have been doing more IRL promotion, which accounts for some of the increase, including fliering and, well, strategic vandalism (mostly legal) to be honest. Several of our new members were also alerted to Anonymous' presence by the WikiLeaks situation (and ensuing protests) and the recent HBGary OPs. And of course people are always accidentally stumbling across evidence of Chanology on the webz.

    Some of it is certainly luck and timing, but a lot can also be done by just getting out there - if you're looking to boost your local numbers I definitely encourage hitting the streets first. :D
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  20. Anon998 Member

    We had a total of 12 here. I'm really happy as to what it's become now. I was getting tired of having only 3 people at a protest.
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  21. I found out my inquisition at the Irving Mall Alerted the mall attendant I asked about the validity of Protesting/ flyering. CB1980 was told by her that people wanted to protest his cart, and that helped him decide to leave. We got pretty lucky too, having 2 OG dallas Anons show up after extended absence, and we're setting up some new Dallas OPs (Female Anon help me out here if I screw it up)
    1. [Information Redacted] Sorry I wanted to tell you but Female suggests otherwise. eh why not?
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  22. Zak McKracken Member

    what I meant was "WTF is Strong Strength dissing the enturbulative efforts of Dallas anons from before the current crowd showed up?"
    I think its great you guys got more people. Maybe even doubled. Possibly the old cell collapsed and you had to start over from scratch, but
    just kinda yanks my crank. :<
  23. This is just the begining we will continue to grow
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  24. Oh wait no... my bad. I meant to quote him not you Zak. My bad. Anyways. I've really no definite answer. I know i got Cult to look around, and Stop joined after leaving on his own and seeing us at a raid. ANonCarrot I've no idea how she joined. and CmereGirl was worried about Wikileaks, so he joined the Dallas Cell to see whats up. Maybe it is just dumb luck! Oh well. I'll take!
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  25. I had just assumed it was hyperbole. Though we are currently experiencing a resurgence, Dallas has never had zero, and has been pretty faithful about getting out there IRL, even when our numbers were very low.

    In any case thank you for your support. :D <3
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  26. Without getting into too much detail (Scilon spies from the Org undermining our efforts and all that,) since escaping the cult and joining Anonymous, CultBuster1990 has brought some pretty serious issues to our attention. These include what may be human rights abuses in our local area, and some definite corruption on the business end. We're currently looking into what we can do to possibly address them with various local officials.
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  27. Publishing a crude video made from Raid Footage. I'll try to upload to Youtube tonight. And Female, I haven't forgotten what I owe you, I can't put it on tonight, I'll send you a pm Tomorrow.

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  28. The camera guy is supposed to send me an email with moar photos.

    Well done Dallas anonymous! It was exciting to see so many new faces! (Or, rather, the same face on new bodies.)
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  29. Yeah sorry, I didn't mean literally zero and exactly one year ago with my comment. I just seem to remember not hearing much from Texas anywhere (Houston, Austin, you name it) around like mid-late 2009. But I've been watching it build back up in 2010 thanks to the efforts of people like 998, AnonFemale, &amp; friends. And now you guys are doing great all together, so I was trying to learn from you.

    Didn't mean to give a backhanded compliment or anything. Keep up the good work, you guys. 2ymukab.gif
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  30. Anon998 Member

    I know what you were saying. And I'm glad you always check up on us. It's always been cool getting feedback from long distance anons. :)
  31. Anonymous Member

    Don't worry that's the Dwarf's Job!
  32. Zak McKracken Member


    and sorry for going into attack mode, and kicking up drama over something that isn't even my cell or timezone.
    A bit of a quiet space Aug-Nov of last year, but them dam Texans done charged up thar lazerz mighty fierce.
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  33. Anon998 Member

    HAHA! Love the Zelda music! :3
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  34. Anon998 Member

  35. Glad you liked it! Now if only more people would tell me if there's anything I should edit...
  36. Zak, man, you don't have anything to apologize for anything. I fucked up and made a really quick comment which wasn't accurate and got corrected on it. Anyway I hope you never change from your usual troll mode self, cuz I see a lot of your comments in other threads, and most of your stuff is funny as hell. s626n7.gif

    I finally got time to watch this and also laughed at the choice of music. Nice job, man. Will subscribe in case you feel like making any more down the road.
  37. ^ This.

    It really is nice to receive support from Anons outside our local area. Teh warm fuzziez and all that... :D
  38. nice love the video and by the way i found this video where Mr. Jim is talking to college students about scientology I thought Dallas anon might be intrested
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