Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Lord Anonymous, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    Total attendance: 8

    Okay, today was a pretty good day overall. We got our first hint of handling today! Yay!

    When I showed up with my four friends, we didn't have any signs (long story, but we wouldn't have made it to the protest at all if we had stopped for supplies). Though we were there at 10:30 (not 10 as planned) we were the first ones there. Jim Johnson (yes, my favorite target) was there setting up a camera on a tripod to record us the whole time, and there was an off-duty (yes, off-duty) detective there to keep watch on us. We later figured out he was one of them.

    NoScope showed up shortly after with a couple partially finished signs, and we got underway fixing them up. Before we even got them finished, people were recognizing who we are and were honking to support us. By this time, two more police cars had pulled in. They talked to the detective, then left without talking to us. Methinks the CoS freaked and called the cops on us.

    Shawnonymous and "Kevin" also showed up a little after that, and more signs were created.

    My favorite part of the day was definitely when a motorcycle pulled up to ask us what we were doing... We answered that we were protesting Scientology, to which he replied "Oh yeah, I hate those mother f***ers!" He leaned on the horn and flipped off the church, and immediately the detective rolled in to get them out of there :D

    Video to come. Did I leave anything out?
  2. Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    If it says it's not available, click it again to open it in the youtube window.
  3. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    Here are some pics.

  4. Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    Good job...

    Ya gotta love how I refuse to play by the rules yo.

    Nonetheless I salute you Dallas Anon...

    Where's my friggin thone btw?

    I ordered it ten thousand years ago and I want it now!
  5. Nereruo Member

    Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    Ugh. now even more pissed off that i missed it.
  6. Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    Hehe, I guess you'll just have to make sure you're there next time. And if your boss gets in your way... you know what to do ;)
  7. Nereruo Member

    Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    It's not the boss thats the problem, it's the fact that i have no ride there.
  8. Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    Ah, I recommend solving that problem the same way I did. I just recruited friends until one of them knew a driver we could force to bring us :p If all else fails, you'll have a full car by the time you get a driver, haha.
  9. shawnonymous Member

    Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    Good times, all.
    I'm glad we had such a big turnout.
    I can only hope that whoever watches that tape they were recording gets as many LuLz out of our antics as we did.
    The whole off duty cop PI pulling up lights on all dramatically was classic.
    Saying something like, "I don't know what you think you're doing, but you're really asking for it. Pulling up over here like that... rabble rabble rabble.
    What a chode. :p
  10. Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    Unfortunately, I didn't get my camera out very quickly, so I didn't get much footage of that particular incident...

    Also, audio on my camera still sucks. Turns out it's a problem with the codec. I can't get the video into iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, or even Mpeg Streamclip to convert it! (Any advice?)
  11. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    Great job there DallasAnons!

    TX strikes again!!
  12. ProBo Member

    Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    8 people? wow, things have changed since i left...
  13. ravenanon Member

    Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    Jig lol
  14. Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    Yeah we like to dance :D
  15. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    Need help with finding a site to upload my videos other than jewtube.
  16. Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    Recommend MegaUpload.
  17. NoScope Member

    Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    I didn't know Jim Johnson was the owner of Mr. Jim's Pizza.
  18. HouseSpiderV2 Member

    Re: Dallas: Feb. 21 Postgame

    lol HEY!!!! Someone's using the url!!!! Whomever you are, you just made mai day. =D

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