Dallas Idle Morgue Raid: There's a wedding inside?!?

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by DarkSpecterAnon, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Yes you read it right! Our protest day happened to be on the day that 2 scilons tied the knot!!

    Lots of fun enturbulation was had by all:

    Lot's of public who were not scilons came to the org.... and as they left we handed out flyer tech. (Lot's of them!)

    And we actually had Scilon with Camera come down and tell us "How it was going to work" by saying if we trespass, he'd have us arrested. (This was after he asked some of us who we were, what we did etc. I told him the psychiatrists paid me to be here) He also tried to convince some people that we were lying... but he couldn't do it and walked away first.

    Also some Anons had there protest cherry popped! That's always a good thing. Every time we come to the Org we multiply!! (And Miscavige said the leaders were arrested and done.... Anonymous has never been bigger!)

    ANyways... thats the basics... we're working on a Youtube video with Camera guy telling us that he's willing to talk.. but we were "unwilling to talk to him" After 2 hours of us asking for scilons to answer questions. Any one else got anything to add?

    Edit: Welcome to StoP, a person who has joined the site from our protest on this day!!!! Glad to see some results! We picked a great day to protest!
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  2. WereBoyScout Member

    It was fantastic (protest cherry popped here)!
    There was several people who listened and several more who waved. I think people really paid attention... Despite our two or three camera men in the distance warning them of our danger.
    I can't believe that one guy asked us to be respectful to the people we were opposing during a protest... I mean, hell we were as much as you could be but the very request is disrespectful.

    Edit: Nice V quote too. Seriously, "what's your name?"?!? WE'RE WEARING MASKS DUDE
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  3. EDit:
    Scilon Camera Guy (suspiciously): Who are you?

    Anonymous: Who? Who is but the form following the function of what,
    and what we are, are people in masks.

    Scilon Camera Guy: Oh, I can see that.

    Anonymous: Of course you can. I'm not questioning your powers of observation.
    I'm merely remarking upon the paradox of asking masked protestors who they are.

    Scilon Camera guy: Oh, right., that tech makes my brain hurt

    Obvious edit is obvious?
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  4. This was my first protest, and it was really really fun! Can't wait till next time!
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  5. Oh and the other good zinger. (Just in case Scilons ask you what your crimes are):

    Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for.
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  6. ravenanon Member

    excellent! Can't wait for the video
  7. Yeah where are the pictures? :D
  8. Anonymous Member

    Any luck on video/picture upload?
  9. Here are a few pics. :D




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  10. coskilla Member

    Yay! Nice!
  11. Oh yeah that's the other thing....

    Some guy drove by and asked if we could try to have some respect for people getting married. He attempted to appeal to our empathy by saying, "how would you feel if people were protesting and raising a ruckus at your wedding?" (Anyone else remember what he said... It's a little fuzzy for me.)

    Also police swung by and checked us out. Oh and we THINK the Scilons called on their trusty security to come out:

    So we profusely thanked them for calling them so we could talk to them and give them pamphlets and fliers. Again... Someone else want to help me with the story of actually talking to them?
  12. I spoke to both of them.

    The patrols (pictured) said the church hadn't called them out, they were just checking in. They did accept a flier and took some pictures, but it seemed to be more out of personal interest than anything else.

    The cop (not pictured) may have been called out by the church (the bull-baiting photographer in the leather jacket seems a likely culprit there) but was chill, and basically just did a drive-by stop to tell us we were fine where we were and to be careful near the street.
  13. Oh!!
    And what about the public that Camera guy tried to talk to... I think he was in a white pickup? was that you or someone else?
  14. That was me.

    I don't know what the CoS camera man said before I got there, but when I arrived and started talking to the guy in the truck (just an interested passer-by) the camera man kept interrupting and talking over me. It was the usual Scilon bullshit at first - how we were the hate-spreading bad guys and that our masks destroyed any credibility, but that if the truck-guy wanted information he could (or course) come into the Org to "learn more." When I started telling the passer-by about the Fair Game policy (to explain the masks) and read him some quotations by Hubbard, though, the camera man became more antagonistic, claiming that I was lying, that the quotations were made up, that I had never been inside an Org and didn't know anything about CoS, etc. At one point I mentioned an innocuous personal detail about myself, and he cut me off and snidely said "Oh, you're from [my hometown]? That's interesting." (In context, while attempting to bull-bait us earlier, he had also tried to make us tell him personal details about ourselves/our identities, so it was pretty annoying. A snappy, "You won't find me" apparently only succeeded in making him more snide and nosey, but then that's their MO, so whatever.)

    I just soldiered on, and kept talking to the guy in the truck though, and eventually the camera guy walked away. I probably talked to truck-guy for a good 15 minutes, and he was very interested and receptive - he took a flier and kept mentioning how shocking everything was to him and how he intended to go home and hop on the Googlez.

    Promising overall, despite the shady/hostile Scilon.
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  15. Excellent!!!! Glad to hear Camera guy was fail tech. He even had a head start on you!!! Scilons really ought to keep their info portable on easy to pass out fliers like certain ANonymous Geniuses! Great work! Glad to hear you percerviered
    agains Camera guy!
  16. AnonLover Member

    woot! protestfag virgins, hot anon chicks in gas masks... so much win!
  17. d'awwww thanks xDDD
  18. [IMG]
    one of our signs :D
  19. StoP Member

    Nice job guys. I hope to work with you in the future.

    I have been asked to talk about my own, brief, experience in the Dallas Org, so here goes...

    My whole idea was that I would go and check Scientology out for myself. I wanted to see the sort of people that are actively involved in Scientology, and what they believed, as well as what they believe their "church" to believe. I was never seriously considering Scientology, both because it's Scientology, and because I am quite happy as an Atheist, and really don't want religion of any sort in my life again. So I actually did their Dianetics seminar, and little course work on the book before I pulled the plug. The place made me seriously uncomfortable, and I couldn't stand to go their anymore, because it no longer amused me. It's not like I was ever going to commit the time and money to get to OT III so that I could get the Xenu documents myself, so I just politely told them last weekend that my interest had waned, and that I no longer wanted to participate. They were unsatisfied with that answer, but thats all they were going to get, and they tried vigorously to get me to continue.

    The staff there is super nice. I was really impressed by the friendliness of all of them (though I suppose thats all part of being good salesmen, but anyway). The worship of Hubbard seriously creeped me out. They have pictures and quotes by him everywhere. The building itself is quite nice, but doesn't have a religious feel at all, at least not to me. They have enough copies of Hubbard's books that you could build a house out of them. They have graduation ceremonies on Friday nights to celebrate the accomplishments of those who completed courses. It's all pretty obnoxious.

    The Dianetics seminar was pretty boring. Auditing is a long and irritating process. They measure whether or not you have rid the engram (oh Jesus I feel so stupid typing the word "engram") of its "charge" when you start laughing about it. Eventually I got so tired of being audited that I would start laughing just to get done. They also had me redo the personality test so there would be a "before Dianetics" and "after Dianetics" results. I honestly didn't feel any different after the seminar, so I just faked the answers the second time to appease them. I signed up for some course work, which I didn't complete for the reasons listed above.

    Thats basically it. I will try to answer any questions, though the people there seem to know so little about what the CoS does and believes, I am honestly probably not much more informed on things than anyone else.
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  20. Glad to see you on the outside anyways! You'll find you aren't alone. Another dude from D.C. was writing a blog I think it's called 52 prayers....
    Basically the premise was to visit a different "Church " Every week, and report his feelings. He also reports feeling very creeped out etc. Did they ever take your picture to make sure you weren't just trolling them?

    If I may ask... did you get to see any of the wedding on Saturday? I am curious what was going on.
    Also last question (promise) Did they act differently the day we were protesting?
  21. StoP Member

    I'm reading the Scientology part of that blog now. It's pretty interesting.

    Unfortunately, they took numerous pictures, with me in them. That made me uncomfortable. Of course part of the act was making it look like Dianetics was helping me, so that meant not objecting to things like pictures and being social. They never seemed suspicious of me. I guess I just come across disarming or something, or maybe I'm not perceptive enough to pick up on their suspicions.

    No, I didn't get to see any of the wedding. They're really weird about you coming for your course times and being on time, so I just went straight into the course room. Seriously they're more strict about that course crap than my actual college professors.

    No one seemed to act differently with the protests going on. In fact, I didn't know you guys were out there until I went outside to leave.
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  22. Did they tell you not to speak to us? .___.
    I want to hear about what goes on in there...
  23. StoP Member

    They never said a word to me about you guys on Saturday. Like I said, I had no idea you were there until I came down to leave. On Sunday, when I told them that I was done they asked if I had talked to you guys, and if it was you who had changed my mind about Scientology. That was the only time you were mentioned, to me at least.
  24. conatus Member

  25. OhSah Member

    Good job, always fun to see new people having fun poking Scientology.
  26. So did the course work itself raise any weird flags for you? If it wasn't the protesters that really got you to just tell them forget it; then what really "pushed you off the edge" if you will? I know you said you never really meant to join them and all.

    Oh did you kinda know about them before since you mentioned the OT3 and Xenu stuff?
  27. awww.... so they didn't tell you to not listen to us SPs as you were on your way out the door?
  28. StoP Member

    The course work itself wasn't all that strange. It was basically read whatever chapter of Dianetics then answer questions about it. The thought of going there every Saturday and Sunday to work on something I really wasn't all that interested in was pretty daunting. I have always been distrustful of the CoS, but it wasn't until I started doing this stuff that I learned about the Sea Org (not from the Dallas Org, I found out about it online). That really bothered me. Paramilitary groups are never good. I guess I just wanted to end my contact with the CoS, at least in this capacity. I didn't feel comfortable even pretending to be interested, because it would still continue my association with them, and I honestly think the CoS is an incredibly evil organization. And as I said before, the Hubbard worship was more than I could handle.

    Before doing this I knew about the space opera beliefs, and I had seen the South Park episode. I didn't really know about auditing, and I knew of Dianetics, but not exactly what it was. That was part of the motivation for doing the seminar. Dianetics had apparently sold a huge number of copies over the years and I wanted to see what was so appealing about it. I still don't really get the appeal.

    Dianetics is listed on Wikipedia as "pseudoscience." To me it's like Intelligent Design (also considered pseudoscience), its worse that pseudoscience, it's anti-science. It pretends to have lots of evidence and experimentation done to validate it, but it doesn't. Its disguise however is good enough to fool people into thinking it's valid.

    Yeah, sorry. They didn't mention you guys at all, although they did immediately suspect you of talking to me when I said I wanted out.
  29. Okay that's cool. Though I got a question.... do you have any papers that talk about their communication Course They offer? I really want to get my hands on official documents saying they Shatter suppression and don't run from it... since it's a total hypocrisy.

    BTW.... The appeal of Dianetics and why it's SOLD a huge number of copies, (Read: not applied anywhere) Is because imagine this. If you were a christian... and the pope told you you had to buy the bible when it was updated. Then over 50 years they update the bible about 4 times... and count all of those sales as the same book. Really Scilons just sell their crap to themselves... to inflate their numbers etc. They've done it on many things.... BattleField Earth, (A non Scilon Book/ Movie) was encouraged to be bought in 3's to give away to people etc.
  30. StoP Member

    I do have my work book for the Dianetics course still. I don't know if it has what you're looking for. Also it's missing the first two lessons because I did them. Yes, that's as far as I got before I quit.

    That makes sense. I actually have a copy of Battlefield Earth, and I've been meaning to read it. My friend loved it, and no, he would never have anything to do with Scientology.
  31. Nah... one of the things they show on their website is their Communication course which is supposed to help them. If you didn't cover the ARC triangle... then you didn't get it. Still, I have never actually read Dianetics... so it would be interesting to see it. If I see you at a raid would you mind bringing it?

    Are you 100% sure? The book I heard is more tolerable than the movie..... but still the synopsis of the book sounds exceptionally dumb. And I've seen the movie.... If it takes like 1000 pages to show what the movie did... Then I don't see how that can be enjoyable.
  32. StoP Member

    I wouldn't mind at all. I may still try to read Dianetics so I can speak intelligently about it at a raid or something. I have read Dianetics the Original Thesis, and A New Slant on Life (there's a local used bookstore that has a lot of these books, I'm not shelling our tons of cash to the CoS for them). The Original Thesis is much shorter, sort of like a summery of Dianetics. A New Slant on Life just has a whole lot of nothing. It's a very a bland religious text.

    Yeah, he loved it. He says the movie only covers part of the book, and that it was hugely disappointing. I only got about 30 minutes into the movie before I had to turn it off. It's just awful. This same friend also loved the Mission Earth books.
  33. That's pretty cool that you know a book store. I'd like to get my hands on Science of Survival.... That's the one talking about their Tonne Scale... and removing 1 billion people from society, depriving them of Citizenship and basic human rights. Any help on getting it?

    EDIT: This guy has really inspired me with ammo at raids to try to engage the Scilons. Listening to this part fuels my desire for that particular book.
  34. StoP Member

    I'm pretty sure they have it. I'll see if I can get it. Cool video too.
  35. StoP Member

    Here's something I forgot to mention before. The Dallas Org has a very large Spanish-speaking Hispanic population. I don't know what the appeal is, but there are a lot of Spanish speakers involved there.
  36. Created account just to say good work to all.
    I live an hour or two south of Dallas and would be interested in joining in on future raids if I am up that way.
    Keep up the good work /b/rothers
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  37. The paradox of asking people in masks who they are?? LOL, Classic, well-played Dallas Anons, I salut, great raid, TY.........

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