Dallas - July 23, 2010

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Anon998, Jul 23, 2010.

  1. Anon998 Member

    Dallas - July 23, 2010

    Mission successful! =)

    We had a turn up of 8 Anons, all but 2 were newfags. We had a blast working the corner with reactions of all kinds. We had 1 police officer come talk to us and near the end, we got a nice visit from our sci friend, Mathew! =D He drove out to the gas station across the street just to take some group photos. I'm beginning to tear up thinking about how much he has missed us that he drove out of his way just to get some pictures of us. =)

    The heat eventually got to us and we left for home at 2:00. I'm excited for our future protests now since it seems that more anons are showing up.

    It seems like no one is gonna be up for Sunday, I know at least 4-5 of us aren't gonna make it, but to those of you that do go, post your post game here, I'll include it in this post.

    Thanks to all the new anons that came, it was great to have you with us.
  2. Re: Dallas - July 23, 2010

    Were there many cars in the parking lot? Was there much traffic going in and out of the building?
  3. Anon998 Member

    Re: Dallas - July 23, 2010

    We didn't go to the Org today, they seem to eat in on friday so we usually save the Org for Saturday.
  4. new guy Member

    Re: Dallas - July 23, 2010

    Very nice,and welcome to the no0bs.
  5. SocksDallas Member

    Re: Dallas - July 23, 2010


    Matthew, our speshul stalker from the P1040641.jpg

    I love the look on his face here:
  6. BLiP Member

    Re: Dallas - July 23, 2010

    Nice work Dallas. Thanks.
  7. Anon998 Member

  8. BlankName Member

    Re: Dallas - July 23, 2010

    Twas a fun day.
  9. CrystalDallas Member

    Re: Dallas - July 23, 2010

    8 Anons? I'm so proud. *sniffle*

    My first raid was two people, including myself. We are growing!

    Looks like there was win.

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