Dallas Motivational Man has left!!!

Discussion in 'Fair Game Reports and Personal Experiences' started by DarkSpecterAnon, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. Intro from DSA:
    Never forget we are winning this! WE STILL run this! I was in talks with Anonymous who was recently in the Church. We carried on a few conversations earlier, and my questions and his responses are listed here. I have cut up the conversation, and spaced things out, but other than that, the words are all the same with the exception of spell check/ my own comments). Though Green colors are comments from Cult Buster that appeared outside of the original talk. This may result in a few sentences seeming to be out of order (the prolly are) I apologize in advance for the wall-o-text.
    DISCLAIMER: Being so far into the ORG, Cultbuster is not as concerned with being doxed… since pretty much any scilon at Dallas who isn’t an idiot could figure out who he is based on the story. Cultbuster was very clear he does not object to his picture used here.

    Not only would I be willing to, but I would be happy to do so. As far as my executive post, I don’t care. I know their scare tactics and fair game policies. But since I’ve read and used these policies myself I also realize that that is all it is a scare tactic they really don’t have any power outside of their cult. There are many ex scientologist who have held executive posts, left and then spoke out and I think even if OSAattacks all it will do is give me more exposure which is what I want because I think someone who had those beliefs just as they do might have a bigger impact on them leaving because that’s what got me out. [See? He leaves cult and doesn’t afraid of anything!]

    As far as the next question "What got you into the cult?" It was the Dianetics book which is the way they get most people in, because L Con Hubbard wrote a policy letter saying that Dianetics is not related to Scientology and that’s what staff members should tell public that way whenpeople come in for Dianetics auditing before they even know its scientology. Then once they express that they like Dianetics you tell them if they like Dianetics they would love scientology and ease them in slowly, which is what happened to me and what I have done so many others. When I first read Dianetics [about 2 years ago] I was a hippy and had a lot of beliefs in peace and love and anti war. And Dianetics was full of claims that by using Dianetics we could achieve a world without war where people could be free so this was interesting to me. When I first went into the org I told them how I wanted to experience Dianetics for myself but really wasn’t interested in scientology and they told me that that was fine so I did the Dianetics seminar. after the seminar I felt this peaceful feeling that only lasted for about an hour and they told me if I wanted to always feel like that I need more Dianetics, but since I didn’t have enough money to do so they said I could get free Dianetics if I joined staff so I did it. I thought I could help myself and help other people at the same time so why not. After joining staff (6 months later) they slowly put the idea of scientology on me and over time little by little I became a scientologist. [Anyone else heard of the usage like this, that “If you want to always feel like that [you] need more Dianetics.”? Sounds contradictory to Narconon getting people off of Addictions]

    About a year into scientology I signed a Sea Org contract and felt like I needed to devote my life to it and got into the deeper alien cult stuff. I finished reading basics and was an all out scientologist who believed what was true for me and the only thing that was true for me was anything L Con Hubbard said. I also had done a lot of courses and read a lot of L Ron Hubbard for someone who was as new as I was. One OT8 I talked to said I knew more than scientologists who had been there for a decade or more. I was already into all the alien cult stuff and crazy policies that most scientologists have no clue about.

    Which brings me to your next question "What made you decide things weren't right?" and it was a number of things I started noticing that thing weren’t adding up. First off I found out about an OT8 who was having heart problems, which in Dianetics L Ron Hubbard claimed that clears don’t have these problems, (on page 113) in Dianetics but when I dared to ask about this, they said she was pts(potential trouble source) and it’s her fault she got sick. After that I saw the story of Xenuon south park and researched it on the net. But when I questioned it, they sent me to ethics and made me sit in a small room for 10hrs before they gave me a meter check, which is like Hubbard’s version of a lie detector test on an e-meter. They basically pressured me into telling them how I heard this out data and then told me it was all lies and that because I did this I had to make amends for my out ethics. They told me to work 7 days a week from 8:45am till 11:00pm if not longer. On some occasions, I was there till 2:00am slaving my life away and it stayed this way until one day I decided that I didn’t believe in what I was doing.
    The day you took that picture of me:


    I had decided not to work because it made me feel bad that when I sold a book ,I knew I was suckering people into a cult so a week or 2 later I decide to plan my escape. Lucky enough for me I was the only one in my family who was in the cult so I had places to go where people would let me stay and help me leave. When I say escaped I mean it literally. One day after I was off post or done slaving for them I took a laundry basket and filled it with my belongings and covered it with clothes so that my cult roommates wouldn’t notice. I told them that I was going to do laundry and I left. A friend of mine who wasn’t part of the cult picked me up and brought me to his house to hide because I knew the first place they would look was my mom’s so I couldn’t hide there. I called my mom and told her I was leaving the cult that I was staying with my friend that when they came looking for me tell them I’m safe but not a part of the cult anymore.
    The next day they went to my mom’s house with a cop who [the cult had] put a missing person report into. My mom told them I was fine and didn’t want to work for them anymore. They told her that they really care about me and wanted me to do a routing out cycle which means leave the cult the right way and pay them a freeloader’s debt [link to freeloades bill?] of a few thousand dollars. I told my mom to tell them no because I had tried to leave the "proper way “before and all they did was pressure me into staying and yelled at me and made me feel bad for wanting out until I decided to stay because of their scare tactics. It’s been a month or so now since I left and they still keep looking for me. I turned my phone off, changed my email and Facebook and somehow they still found my new Facebook and tried to contact me. I responded to them with an anonymous video post on my page and they've finally stopped bothering me, though they still send recruitment mail to my mom’s house with my name on it but for the most part they got the point.

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  2. Now for the next question "What did they tell you about criticisms and Anonymous in general?" They told me that it was a cyber terrorist group who were suppressive and paying kids to do protests. That Anonymous was really just a couple of assholes who don’t want the world to get better, therefore they attack scientology. Also they said a lot of them were declared suppressive so they were mad and making up lies. Which now I know it was the opposite they spoke out, that’s why they were declared. [NOTE: It seems Scilons aren’t any more creative. Using the same lines against us]

    Sorry for the long answers but I want to make sure I get this correct all facts. but as far as materials I still get OT mags in the mail and have all the basics and a few inside papers but not much. They’re pretty careful about shredding any info that can incriminate them. I know because I shredded baskets and baskets of incriminating evidence. [Note Later posts indicate this more akin to “Bad PR” as opposed to actual incriminating evidence Sorry for confusion]

    As far as feeling different yeah I feel a lot different I just escaped from a cult! At first I was scared that something bad might happen to me because what if LRH was right if so I would pull in an illness or die or some mumbo jumbo. [Like when you found out about OT3 materials early supposed death by pneumonia] but I’m actually doing a lot better now. I’m about to go to college and start a job that pays more than $0.30 an hour and I’m happy, way happier than when I was in the cult. I get see family, go have fun, and live life! So no, nothing bad has happened, only good stuff so I’m proof that the tech is false! Sorry for the long answers but I hoped I answered all your questions also I would really like to make a YouTube channel speaking about my experiences so if you or anyone else would be interested in helping me with project let me know

    Anyone want to thank me for posting this, Message me.
    If you want to complain about the article, message CultBuster1990
    Any other faggotry, post it here.
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  3. anon8109 Member

    I liked this a lot DSA, good questions and great answers.

    Also, please follow through on YT channel, and while you're at it, add your name to the >1000 ex-members list when you're ready to publicly speak against the Scientology enterprise's abuses.

    Finally, the following video always gives me a little shiver in the spine:

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  4. love it and im adding my name now
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  5. funny thing about this picture is I was probly on my phone looking at whyweprotest this was around the point i decided i wasnt a scientologist i was just afraid to leave
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  6. This is great news.
  7. ZeroC Member

    Congrats on getting out and waking up. Glad to hear you are doing well and welcome aboard.

    Also when and how did you get that first copy of Dianetics?
  8. Anonymous Member

    If this is not a troll, it is fucking awesome.
  9. Anon1942 Member

    Welcome back and good luck. Freedom of speach, thought and choice is what life is about.
  10. thanks and my mom bought the book from the vally veiw mall in dallas and i just picked it up and starting reading it one day
  11. TinyDancer Member

    Excellent news, CB1990, and welcome to wwp. How long ago was that photo taken?
  12. ZeroC Member

    Interesting, did you mum know anything about it before hand? You said no family memembers were/are in the cult. Also please advise when this happened?

    I'd like to believe that the cult has lost an influx of new members ever since 2008, so your own point of getting involved on the time-track would be of interest to me.
  13. thanks and it was taken somtime around december heres a link to the thread i found it on
  14. subgenius Member

    if this ain't a troll coolest blow evah and doesn't afraid of anything
    you the man dog
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  15. No a friend of mine who i didnt know at the time and who wont talk to me now since im "not in good terms with the org" sold my mom the book after a stress test. he told her it would help her with a illness that shes on phyc drugs for he also gave her a bunch cchr stuff and what not but she never even read the book she went into the org once or twice but they wouldnt service her because of her phyc history.
  16. thanks man the youtube channels coming soon watch this thread and ill post the channel on here when its ready
  17. i read dianetics around april 2009 joined staff august 18 2009 and i left just alittle over a month ago im lucky i didnt wast as much time in the cult as many others have and i did learn one thing how easy it is to get suckered in to a cult if your in the wrong place at the wrong time
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  18. ZeroC Member

    Excellent, thanks for that. I look forward to seeing moar of you around here. I'm off drinking now so will save my questions for another time. All the best.
  19. Anonloire Member

    Absolutely fascinating to read, thank you cb1990 for the thread link. From this it's clear that the Co$ is nothing but a self-profiting business, with almost nazi views on who can and can't progess to their view of perfection (with reference to their harsh treatment of your mom's condition).

    Bunch of blood-sucking parasites who prey on the influenced and vulnerable.
  20. xenubarb Member

    I lol that we got a piccie of you while in. You should get that blown up to poster size for your wall. It must be getting harder to keep the younger people in and under control. You know kids...tell 'em not to look and what's the first thing they run out and do? Those darn internets make it hard to hold a cult together, eh?
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  21. Thank you anonloire please post the link anywhere you feel I want people to know the truth before they get suckered in like me or worst they can wind up like lisa mcpherson
  22. roflmao!!! I should of listened to my ethics officer now that i know the other side of the story i'll probley catch pneumonia and die DAMN YOU XENU!!!!!!!
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  23. If l con hubbard only knew the internet would blow up the way it did he should have used his ot abilitys
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  24. RightOn Member

  25. thanks and yeah i added my name yesterday and I just looked at the list and i am on there already so it's official my names Joseph cunningham if theres any dallas trolls out there im speaking out and there nothing you can do about it
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  26. Rheinländer Member

    Welcome out and have a great time. Nice to read this. And thank you for your great courage. Now you are at the list of win. ;) I hope we don't need her next year...
  27. thanks and please everybody feel free to post a link to this thread to anywhere it will be seen peace love and unity to all its thanks to people like all of you that make the truth availiable to people like me and give us a chance a true freedom so again thank you all
  28. Anonymous Member

    *sniff* Somebody give this man some cake!
  30. Miranda Member


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  31. You should'a got some cake from the Great American Cookies next to your Dianetics cart lol!
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Well done on getting out cultbuster1990 and welcome to WWP.
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  33. Thanks
  34. DeathHamster Member

    A successful Body Router is one who routes himself out!
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  35. so i guess i was doing it right
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  36. Yet another cult member leaves and becomes a critic. The list grows.

    Number of anons who leave chanology to join Scientology = 0
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